Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Plan Succeeds!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Walking out of the bathroom, Lu Ze went downstairs. He saw Lu Li carrying all sorts of bags with Alice following behind her.

“Senior schoolmate…” Alice waved her hand at Lu Ze with a cute smile, “Cute little junior schoolmate chef reporting in. Did you like the surprise?”

During this period of time, Lu Ze would go to Lu Li’s cla.s.s every day after school, so he would often see Alice. The two slowly became more familiar with each other.

Lu Ze found that this blue-haired young girl was extremely innocent, unlike Lu Li.

“Little chef?” Lu Ze felt confused as he looked at Alice, “You’re here to cook today?”

Lu Li said, “Mum and dad are busy today, so they won’t be coming back. The maid is going home too. Alice was on this side of town, so she said that she would come to cook for us.”

Lu Ze heard this and his eyes lit up immediately. He showed Alice a grateful look.

He had just tried Lu Li’s terror cooking. If it was just the two of them at home today, they would definitely be ordering out.

However, Alice came to cook for them. She was indeed Li’s best friend.

He had actually benefited from Li!

“Hehe… senior schoolmate has been working very hard. There’s only ordinary ferocious beast material so we can only eat ordinary cooking,” Alice said with embarra.s.sment.

“No, that’s very good already!” Lu Ze raised his thumb to Alice, “Compared to the two of us, who don’t know how to cook at all, Alice, you’re like a savior!”

Lu Li barred her lips but didn’t argue. She knew how terrifying her food was.

Alice put her hands on her waist and showed a confident smile, “Then you just wait, senior schoolmate. It will definitely make you happy!”

Then, she started to take the food she bought into the kitchen.

Lu Li had wanted to follow her in, but thought about it and stepped back. Last time, giving Lu Ze her cooking was only her acting up. Never mind this time.

Seeing Lu Li not intending to go in, Lu Ze’s tense body relaxed.

So scary!

Lu Li started to unpack the things that they bought.

Martial artists usually had very good skin, so Lu Li and Alice didn’t by the makeup which girls usually bought. They only bought some clothes and jewelry.

Lu Ze glanced a few times before moving away his eyes with disinterest.

Pfft, girls.

If it was him, he would definitely buy all sorts of tech products, computers, and robots.

That was the romance of men.

Then, Lu Ze took out the computer and started looking at news related to the graduation trial

News of Federal University coming to see the graduation trial was all over the Telun system net.

Due to this, some other famous universities also sent a few people over. The entire system followed this year’s graduation trial rather intently. There was headline news about it every day.

However, Lu Ze searched for a long time but found nothing specific about the trial. At this moment, an enticing aroma seeped out from the kitchen. He shut the computer and glanced at the kitchen.

He must admit, she was indeed a spirit chef.

It was just ordinary beast meat and there were no precious spirit herbs, and yet she could make such delicacies.

Just smelling the aroma, Lu Ze could already feel the plea from his stomach.

Lu Ze and Lu Li were already seated at the dinner table, preparing for the food.

Alice brought out plates of colorful dishes and they soon filled the entire table. Then, she cleaned up the kitchen and sat down too.

Alice rested her face on her hands and looked at Lu Ze, who was almost drooling, and then at Lu Li, before saying, “Okay, let’s eat.”

With the chef’s permission, Lu Ze couldn’t wait to eat a golden red sweet and sour rib any longer.

Immediately, this indescribable feeling exploded in his mouth. Sweet and sour mixed with beast meat. It was so good that he almost cried.

He seemed to have seen heaven!

Did she add some drug to this?!

Lu Li looked at Lu Ze’s face and barred her lips. Was it that good? She just didn’t use any effort. If she used any effort, she would easily be able to cook anything. How could she lose to Alice?

Thinking about this, she grabbed the planet Lan Jiang’s specialty, red heart bamboo, and nibbled.

Then, her face froze. She showed an expression of defeat.

This flavor, Lu Li felt that she would never be able to reach it even if she spent her entire lifetime in the kitchen.

Seeing the expressions of satisfaction on the two’s faces, Alice showed a happy smile.

As a chef, the happiest thing was to see other people enjoy her cooking.

She picked up her chopsticks and tasted, but soon, she frowned, “The ingredients were limited and my skills aren’t good enough. I didn’t make anything very outstanding.”

“This isn’t good?” Lu Ze was stunned. He saw sunlight and beaches. He even suspected that this dish was drugged. How could she not be happy with such a dish?

“Not good.” Alice shook her head, “It’s not s.h.i.+ning. Food that doesn’t s.h.i.+ne isn’t good food!”

“Sh… s.h.i.+ne?!” Lu Ze looked at Alice speechlessly. Did she read too many novels?

“Monster meat mixed with spirit herbs will occasionally flash with light. This maximizes the potency of the food,” Alice explained.

Lu Ze and Lu Li both nodded.

They didn’t understand, but it seemed quite amazing.

“By the way, senior schoolmate, can you try to bring some food ingredients back from planet Nan Feng? If you do, I would be able to cook real spirit food for Li and you.”

Lu Ze was shocked. He was drooling inside his mouth already. This was already so amazing, and she said that it could get even get better?

This isn’t good… He felt that he would get addicted.

He nodded without hesitation, “No problem, what materials do you need? Even if I search the entirety of planet Nan Feng, I will find them for you!”

For food, he would do anything!

Alice heard this and smiled, “Then let’s add each other online. I’ll go back and think about it and then send you the materials I need.”

“Sure, no problem!” Lu Ze smiled and exchanged contacts with Alice.

Alice looked at Lu Ze’s contact and raised her lips.

Plan succeeded!

Then, she looked up and said, “By the way, if I have questions about cultivation, can I ask you, senior schoolmate?”

“Sure.” Lu Ze nodded.

Alice was cooking good food for them, of course Lu Ze wouldn’t mind helping her with a few cultivation problems.

Hearing their conversation from the side, Lu Li was completely stunned. What was this?!