Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 325 - There’s No Use in Finding Trouble With Him

Chapter 325 - There’s No Use in Finding Trouble With Him

Chapter 325 There’s No Use in Finding Trouble With Him

The gray light was extremely fast. Soon, it stopped a few kilometers away from Lu Ze.

An athletic build and sharp four claws emitting gray mist, as well as golden powerful eyes—it was the gray half-dragon overlord!

Just by hovering in the air, Lu Ze could feel considerable pressure from the powerful chi.

What would come would eventually come. Lu Ze was ready for the arrival of the overlords.

He planned to test if his star crippling punch was useful against powerful overlords.

At least, he could instantly kill black tigers. Its defense should be at the mortal evolution state.

Perhaps, he could kill a half-dragon today!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze clenched his right fist.

At this moment, the dragon clearly sensed Lu Ze’s chi. It lifted its golden eyes, and both their gazes clashed.

Lu Ze grinned after seeing the emotionless eyes of the dragon.

Underestimating me? Subsequently, his wings of wind and lightning expanded. At the same time, he instantly disappeared.

He then reappeared above the dragon’s head. A black light flowed, and terrifying power spread across the area.

Star crippling punch!

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He twisted his waist and waved his arms before hitting hard.


The black fist force tore through the air. In turn, the air rolled like boiling water and

irregular waves, sweeping across the field.



Only when the fist force arrived did the dragon’s calm eyes move.

It lifted its claw as its powerful spirit force turned into a gray claw, meeting Lu Ze’s fist force head-on.


All the beasts rus.h.i.+ng over immediately stopped and looked fearful. They didn’t dare to go forward anymore.

At this moment, the gray and black spirit light swept across the surrounding tens of kilometers.

The concussive force pushed Lu Ze backward a few hundred meters. He sweated while his chest palpitated heavily.

After using a full-powered star crippling punch twice, Lu Ze nearly exhausted half of his energy. However, he didn’t have the mind to care at this point.

He stared straight at the dragon figure with a tense expression.

Soon, the spirit light dissipated, revealing the unscathed body of the gray dragon.

Lu Ze: “…”

Suddenly, the atmosphere turned silent.

The dragon wasn’t injured at all?

Lu Ze’s wings of wind and lightning flapped. He instantly darted toward the distance.

I’m sorry boss, I was wrong.

I’ll leave now.

Indeed, he was too c.o.c.ky.

With his current power, he dared to fight an overlord.


After flying more than ten kilometers away, a dominant roar occurred behind him.

Lu Ze felt a powerful pressure ramming him down.

He looked up, and a gray spirit claw that was a few hundred meters wide grabbed at him.

He then flashed as he pa.s.sed through the cracks between the claws. With just the powerful spirit force, his chest felt heavy.

Lu Ze bit his lips and suppressed the discomfort as he used his wings of wind and lightning with full power.

When it saw Lu Ze dodge its attack, the dragon roared and chased after him. After sensing the approaching chi, Lu Ze’s heart felt cold.

Speed had been his strength, and yet, he was slower than the gray dragon.

His wings of wind and lightning divine art had reached perfection. In order to gain an immense improvement, his only choice was to improve on his wind and lightning G.o.d art.

This was already a limitation.

Speed types of divine art were extremely rare among the human race. The wings of wind and lightning was a very high-level divine art.

There were better ones, indeed. Lu Ze had seen divine arts related to light G.o.d art, but he didn’t have light G.o.d art after all.


At this moment, several beasts came over to surround him. There were G.o.d art beasts and ordinary aperture opening state beasts.

When they saw Lu Ze flying over, they all roared and used their G.o.d arts simultaneously.


More than a hundred terrifying attacks came by. At the forefront of this, Lu Ze could feel the ma.s.sive pressure.

He narrowed his eyes. Accordingly, he dodged the attacks.

Instantly, Lu Ze pa.s.sed through the barrage of attacks. He looked at the beasts before him. Sensing the approaching terrifying power behind him, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with hideousness.

How dare you block my way!

Green jade slas.h.!.+

His body sped across the sky as six green jade slashes appeared next to him. They created a beautiful arc in the air and cut through the beasts.

Lu Ze looked back at their bodies in pity.

They were all light orbs…

His mouth twitched.

He was going to remember this!


Lu Ze only stopped for an instant, but the gray dragon was already less than ten kilometers away from Lu Ze.

His face instantly stiffened as he charged his wings of wind and lightning.

Why did this boss have to chase him?

He felt that some problems didn’t have to be resolved with attacks.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and have a conversation instead?

Afterward, Lu Ze saw the huge sky-covering claw fall upon him once more. Again, he dodged through the cracks.


The claw landed heavily on the ground, blowing out an extremely deep ditch.

After glancing at it, he flew forward with all his force.

These bosses loved abusing noobs!

In just a few tens of seconds, they had managed to fly for more than a few hundred kilometers. Right now, the dragon was only one kilometer away from Lu Ze.

Lu Ze could even feel its scorching breath.

The closer it was, the harder it would be for Lu Ze to dodge its attacks.

After dodging the claw twice and another gray energy cannon, Lu Ze was sweating profusely.

It seemed that he was going to be wiped out again today.

While thinking about this, Lu Ze’s eyes went fierce.

Since he couldn’t get away, then he wouldn’t!

Even if he was going to die, it would be a feisty one!


Just when Lu Ze was about to stop and resist, terrifying shockwaves occurred from afar.

Along with it, vibrant spirit light and terrifying shock waves could be observed.

Lu Ze’s eyes widened at this. This chi was the same as the gray dragon. It was a beast at the overlord level!

Were they fighting?

The gray dragon behind Lu Ze paused for a moment and looked toward the direction of the battle.

When the pressure eased a bit, Lu Ze quickly gave up fighting for his life and dashed off.He hoped that the gray dragon would join the fun. However, it came after him instead.

Due to this, Lu Ze’s emotion was tangled. Why didn’t you go fight people of your own size?

Why chase this weak and helpless noob!

He bit his teeth and had a bold idea.

Although he might not be able to live, he could still try.

The battle wasn’t far, just a few hundred kilometers away.

Now that he gained some distance, Lu Ze felt he could still try running a few hundred kilometers.

If he ran in other directions, he would be caught soon. Hence, he might as well go join the fun.