Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 326 - Rabbit Boss, Where Is Your Pride?

Chapter 326 - Rabbit Boss, Where Is Your Pride?

Chapter 326 Rabbit Boss, Where Is Your Pride?

Lu Ze changed directions and headed toward the battlefield. At the same time, the gray half-dragon roared and followed while sending out terrifying attacks from time to time.

Soon, the battle was getting more and more intense. The roaring sounds became louder and louder. At this moment, Lu Ze could feel a number of terrifying chi.

Among them, there was one coming from an old friend!

He narrowed his eyes.


The sound of a collision occurred once again. Lu Ze was only tens of kilometers away from the battlefield.

The shockwave brushed past him. Then, his black spirit force barrier appeared to block it.

Behind him, the gray dragon was just a few hundred meters away from him. Every time it attacked, Lu Ze felt he was treading on the border of death.

When the waves and spirit light cleared, he could finally see the situation within tens of kilometers ahead.

There were three large figures surrounding a small figure in the air. Out of the three large figures, one was a 30-meter tall warhorse. It was covered in black armor containing purple lightning runes. Above its head was a pair of purple crystal dragon horns. This was the warhorse overlord.

The other figure was a large blue bird with four pairs of wings which were jade crystal in color. This was the blue bird overlord.

Subsequently, there was also a black tiger that was larger than the ordinary ones. It was flas.h.i.+ng with black crystal color. This was the black tiger overlord.

Counting the gray half-dragon overlord behind him, the four overlords of this map had all arrived and gathered in one location.

The person, who the three overlords were ganging up on, was Lu Ze 2.

The three overlords roared and used their G.o.d arts, painting the sky with their respective own colors. Meanwhile, Lu Ze 2 calmly glanced at the overlords with a smirk on his face.

One could tell he wasn’t worried at all.

Lu Ze was very shocked at this scene, but what surprised him more was the gray dragon behind him.

It turned to look at Lu Ze, who was before him, and Lu Ze 2, who was surrounded by his pals. His originally domineering eyes revealed a dazed expression.

Wait! Things didn’t seem to be right.

Why was there another two-legged beast there?

What was he chasing just then?

The other three overlords and Lu Ze 2 also noticed the presence of Lu Ze and the gray dragon. The three overlords looked dazedly between the two figures of Lu Ze.

Though possessing an intelligent mind, they still could not process the scene before them. Their brains could not help but crash and be stuck in reboot mode.

When Lu Ze 2 saw Lu Ze, no ripples on his expression could be detected-his grin remained intact.

Lu Ze felt uncomfortable watching this. He wouldn’t smile so disgustingly.

Afterward, another white light dashed from the distance. Soon, this white light appeared on the battlefield, revealing its actual form.

White furry body with a sharp horn and a small circle of yellow hair at the top-it was the rabbit boss!

Upon seeing the rabbit, Lu Ze grinned.

In his impression, these four overlords had been hunting the rabbit boss. With the rabbit boss and Lu Ze 2 here, the situation would only get more chaotic.

At that moment, he would be able to escape.

But then, the next scene made his eyes bulge.

The rabbit boss looked at the two figures of Lu Ze. Then, it proceeded to surround Lu Ze 2.

At the same time, the four overlords didn’t hunt the rabbit boss, huh?

Lu Ze: “???”

This didn’t seem right. Weren’t you guys fighting to the death just a few days ago?

Why do you seem like good friends now? Rabbit boss, where is your pride?

Don’t be a coward!

Finally, a trace of emotion emerged from the eyes of Lu Ze 2.


Upon the yell of the rabbit boss, the battle began once again.

With such a scene, Lu Ze finally realized the terror brought by the overlords. The sky darkened. Simultaneously, lightning flashed as dark clouds appeared.

This scene was extremely familiar to Lu Ze.

It was the rune that the rabbit boss devoured last time. The rune back then contained lightning divine art.

The divine art brought about the rise of the rabbit boss.

Currently, the surrounding tens of kilometers turned dark under the clouds.

This time, the range was smaller, but the lightning snakes which were slithering in the thunder clouds gave Lu Ze a terrifying feeling

He probably couldn’t even take one lightning.

Right now, his power had at least reached the level one of the mortal evolution state. On the other hand, the rabbit boss probably broke through level two of the mortal evolution state after devouring that divine art.

However, that wasn’t the end. Roar!!

The black tiger overlord roared as black crystal covered it. Thereafter, an extremely dominant chi came out. This made Lu Ze sweat cold.

This overlord knew divine art too!

When Lu Ze saw the divine art, he became surprised. Its divine art was similar to his 1st s.h.i.+eld.

This divine art wasn’t something the 1st s.h.i.+eld could compare with.

As it turned out, the chi of this fella was only a little bit weaker than the rabbit boss.


At this moment, the blue bird overlord screamed as well. Its body became ethereal after a jade-like wind surrounded it.

It was another divine art!

Lu Ze’s mouth could not help twitching. He then looked at the lightning warhorse. Without a doubt, this guy probably knew divine art too, right?

Indeed, with a whine, the horse flashed with lightning as a lightning spear spanning twenty meters materialized.

Even though it stood still in the air, its chi managed to twist the s.p.a.ce even more.

It was the same lightning spear as the ordinary lightning warhorse, but one was formed with G.o.d art while the other was formed with divine art.

The overlord on the first map didn’t know divine art, so why was the overlord on the second map this strong?

He thought he would soon be able to kill these guys, but it seemed he still needed some time.

Subsequently, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. Since they all knew divine art, then would they drop divine art runes after killing them?

He had killed more than hundreds of ordinary G.o.d art beasts. Other than the first time he killed a heavily injured black tiger which dropped a low-level divine art rune, he never got one again.

He didn’t know whether the drop rate was scarily low or the black tiger was just a special case. Perhaps, it was the overlord’s child?

Or maybe it was because the difference between their powers was so great that time, so the pocket hunting dimension rewarded him with a gift?

From the looks of it, their divine arts were probably not weaker than the star crippling punch. Even if it was weaker, it should be at least on par with the green jade slash.

While thinking about this, Lu Ze almost jumped. If he got all these divine arts, then he would probably become invincible.

Wait! Since these three overlords had divine arts, there was no reason why the gray dragon wouldn’t have one, right?


Lu Ze stiffly turned around. He saw the gray dragon dart its eyes from the battlefield to him.

Lu Ze: “…”

Suddenly, the atmosphere was awkward.Lu Ze said, “Um, boss, why don’t you go help your friends? I’ll stay here. I won’t run!”

Naturally, he still failed at persuasion. Soon, the gray mist surged. Then, the gray dragon charged toward him.

He couldn’t tell what divine art it had, but it seemed weaker than the other three beasts.


At the same time, a deafening sound of collision occurred. Its intensity was enough to shock the world.

Consequently, purple, black, blue and a green light flashed.

Even with just the shockwave, Lu Ze could barely stand still. At the same time, it became difficult for him to dodge the gray dragon.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth as he punched with his right fist enveloped by dark rays toward the spirit claw that was about to flatten him.