Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 324 - No One Will Be Able to Make Him Move!

Chapter 324 - No One Will Be Able to Make Him Move!

Chapter 324 No One Will Be Able to Make Him Move!

The green jade slash sliced through the body of the last beast, making its blood gush out.

Lu Ze looked at the dust on the ground. The coldness slowly receded from his face.

Was he still the same as before? Naive!

Subsequently, he grinned. A large batch of orbs was harvested. Wow

He quickly landed and picked up the orbs before flying back to the air.

In the distance, the beast roars were getting more chaotic and violent.

There were more than tens of beasts and several more were gathering.

Lu Ze grinned at this. He had a trump card this time.


A minute later, a heaven shocking roar occurred. Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. A big guy came.

He looked at the metallic black figure, and his face slowly went cold.

Unlike other G.o.d art beasts, the black tiger boss was extremely powerful. Its defense was the most terrifying.

Lu Ze wasn’t weak, but as soon as this guy appeared, Lu Ze pretty much couldn’t harvest the other beasts.

Even if he used his full power, he could only occasionally kill weaker black tigers. By then, he would be exhausted and overrun by the other beasts.

Other than the extremely powerful bosses, his death in the previous times could be greatly attributed to the black tiger boss.

However, this time, it was going to be a different scenario.

He was going to see how powerful a star crippling punch with an experienced mastery was.

Lu Ze scanned around and saw at least a few hundred powerful beasts.

There was one black tiger, three lizards, three warhorses, and six blue birds.

Their powerful chi blew across like a hurricane. Even the sky seemed to have dimmed down.

Subsequently, he felt powerful pressure and took a deep breath. He clenched his fists tightly as a black color flashed in his eyes.

He was going to give them a surprise.

Soon, the beasts were approaching closer.

The fastest were the blue bird bosses. They made ear-piercing screams as they flapped out 12 whirlwinds toward Lu Ze.

At the same time, the warhorse roared, and three few hundred-meter long lightning spears shot toward Lu Ze.

The lizards opened their mouths and spewed out gray energy b.a.l.l.s.

Meanwhile, the black tiger boss rushed aggressively toward Lu Ze. Its huge claws flashed with black color while its chi was extremely dominant.

The hundreds of beasts behind shot out energy blasts in a crazy manner toward Lu Ze.

At this point, his eyes flashed with hideousness.

A black crystal s.h.i.+eld appeared over his body. His wings of wind and lightning emerged as well, and his right fist glowed with dark metallic color. Star crippling punch-cripple was the main word.

He ignored all the energy attacks and just stared at the black tiger’s body. Soon, his wings flapped, and he appeared right before the tiger. “Die!!” Lu Ze directed his punch toward it. Star crippling punch!! “Roar!”

The tiger’s claws were larger than Lu Ze. His fist seemed minuscule compared to it.

The two clashed.


Upon collision, a shocking explosion occurred.

Dark metallic rays flashed, and a shockwave spread in all directions.

The powerful shockwave broke through the attacks of other beasts as though they were bubbles, bursting with one touch.

The energy ball of the lizard and lightning spear of the warhorse lasted a while before eventually dissipating.

The whirlwind of the blue bird boss was simply blown apart.

In the wake of this aftermath, all beasts were bleeding, except the G.o.d art bosses. They wailed non-stop.

On the other hand, those beasts below aperture opening state with 200 apertures died on the spot.

In the center of the clash, Lu Ze’s fist penetrated the huge claw of the black tiger with immense power.

The fist force soon weakened after tearing through. However, it still had a terrifying power as it turned into a black beam of light, slamming against the tiger’s head.

Clearly, its head wasn’t much tougher than its claws. Although the fist force weakened, a b.l.o.o.d.y hole was still created in the end. Its internal organs were torn to a pulp by the fist force.

The tiger struggled to open its mouth, but it died before it could even let out a roar.

Its huge body crashed on the ground. Subsequently, the black rays dissipated while the shockwave calmed down.

Lu Ze panted slightly. A bead of sweat was on his forehead.

During this time, his spirit force cultivation level and the strength of his body increased. Still, using attacks at this level was still difficult. He could only use it a few times, and gradually, he would lose combat power.

But… the effects were amazing!

If it was before, he would have to fight to the point of exhaustion just to kill this guy. This time, however, he still had quite some power remaining

This was a huge improvement.

Other than the overlords, he was pretty much invincible.

Should he consider attacking overlords?

He could try.

There were a lot of beasts waiting for him to deal with. Wait… why was the current number wrong?

When Lu Ze looked around, almost half of the beasts were missing.

Why were they covered in wounds?

Lu Ze felt stunned at this moment. Eventually, he realized what happened.

Was he that strong now? Even the shockwaves were formidable.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

He saw that the remaining beasts appeared to be scared, seemingly wanting to flee.

He grinned at such a sight. They had great fun hunting him before. Now, they want to run?

Keep having fun over here! A green light flashed in his eyes. At the same time, six green jade slashes appeared.


When he waved his hand, beautiful arcs were made as they cut through the beasts.


Blood scattered in the air. The defenseless beasts all died.




Bodies continuously fell from the sky.

The earth was ravaged and filled with beast bodies. They soon turned to dust, leaving behind plenty of orbs.A bountiful harvest!

Now, he didn’t need to worry about orbs for a long time!

His G.o.d arts would also improve rapidly.

The distant beast roars could be heard once more. Lu Ze quickly dropped to the ground and picked up the orbs before flying back up.

Even if he died, even if overlords came, don’t even think about making him move!

Lu Ze smiled. Come baby~


At this time, an authoritative roar ensued. Subsequently, a gray stream came across, flying toward his direction. Lu Ze’s smile stiffened.