Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 323 - This Is Real Jungling!

Chapter 323 - This Is Real Jungling!

Chapter 323 This Is Real Jungling!

Back on planet Venus, it was already afternoon. Lu Ze and Lin Ling returned to their dorms directly.

With improved power, Lu Ze wanted to go test the overlord-level bosses.

He kept note of the four overlords, rabbit boss, and Lu Ze 2.

Since he was quite strong now, it was time to get revenge!

Lu Ze used another purple orb to consolidate his learnings in the dao enlightenment room.

Soon, the night time had arrived. When Lu Ze woke up from his learnings, the room was already dark.

He got up from the bed and took out Alice’s food first. One only had the power to fight after he was full. After dinner, Lu Ze went back to his room and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Inside, the pocket hunting dimension, a roar could suddenly be heard.

Lu Ze smiled at this but didn’t move. He was planning to play it big this time.

Indeed, with one roar, more roars followed.

In a few seconds, Lu Ze felt three powerful chi coming over. Purple and green lights flashed in his eyes. He expanded his wings of wind and lightning and rose up to the sky.

Tens of kilometers away, three big figures were continuously approaching. Eventually, only a few kilometers remained between them and Lu Ze. Their eyes looked ferocious as they bared their fangs, gleaming with cold light.

It was a blue cat, gray cat, and an anaconda with black and purple stripes.

They released their 300 to 400 apertures power. Air ripples shot in all directions. It was like a tide sweeping across the whole area.


They approached Lu Ze as though they saw something particularly attractive.

Lu Ze looked calmly at the three beasts. A green light then flashed in his eyes. Instantly, a vibrant wind blade formed on his left side.

Green jade slas.h.!.+

Afterward, it turned into a green flow of light and cut through the beasts.


The light sliced through the three beasts and then disappeared in the air.

At this point, the beasts stopped roaring. Subsequently, their heads left their necks as blood gushed out. Their momentum brought them forward until they finally fell heavily on the ground, creating several shallow pits on the land.

They turned to dust, leaving behind all sorts of orbs.



In the distance, two more roars could be heard. Lu Ze glanced over and proceeded to calmly collect the orbs.

He grinned while collecting them. This was real jungling! He was no longer the noob jungler who was constantly chased by a large wave of beasts.

Now, he had near mortal evolution state power!

Lu Ze went up into the sky once more and placed his hands behind his back. His smile was collected, and he waited calmly like a grandmaster.

He was waiting for this wave of beasts to die.

Five minutes later, three beasts at the aperture opening state with 400 apertures charged over.

Again, the green jade slash sliced across. Naturally, the three beasts instantly died.

Three minutes later…


Three blue bird bosses came over rapidly.


On the left, two warhorse bosses appeared and charged at Lu Ze with destructive lightning. Roar!!

On the right, another two warhorses neared.

In front, there were two gray lizards as well.

Other than these G.o.d art beasts, tens of other powerful beasts were coming over.

Every place they pa.s.sed by, a terrifying chi swept across. The weaker animals from the surrounding few hundred kilometers all scurried away.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He flapped his wings and charged at the beast tide led by the blue bird boss.

He would kill the easiest ones right away!


The blue bird bosses flapped their wings, and six few hundred-meter tall tornadoes swept toward him. As they moved, the tornadoes gained more force, growing bigger and stronger by the minute. Soon, the gra.s.s was ground into dust while the soil was sucked up from the ground.

At the same time, countless wind blades shot out in all directions.

Behind them, more than ten formidable beasts were roaring and charging up their powerful attacks.

Green jade slas.h.!.+

Three green jade slash appeared before Lu Ze as he waved his hand. “Go.”

These went around the tornadoes and cut through the neck of the blue bird boss. Crisp blue blood poured out as the six tornadoes exploded. Wind blades shot out even more.

Afterward, a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and the sharp wind blades turned into a soft breeze when they brushed past his face.

In terms of just wind G.o.d art, Lu Ze was weaker than the blue bird boss, but he used divine art.

After killing the three bosses, the green jade slash didn’t disappear. Lu Ze waved his hand, and they once again turned into a beautiful life-reaping scythe, attacking the beasts that were charging up attacks.

Beast blood flew into the air. Right then, the beasts stopped roaring.

Several huge bodies fell down to the earth.

After a moment of silence, the beasts roared even louder.

The beasts from the other directions saw the blood, and their blood boiled.

At this time, Lu Ze glanced at the bodies turning to dust and then at the beasts. Lightning and wind glimmered under his eyes.

You were chasing me so happily before. Today, I’ll come to play with you!

He instantly appeared before the beast tide. Rumble!!

The lightning shocked the world as the leading two warhorses formed two few hundred-meter long lightning spears. Upon their roars, the lightning spears shot toward Lu Ze.

Behind them, more than ten other attacks charged at Lu Ze as well.

Compared to the wind of the blue bird boss, the lightning spear was clearly stronger. Even he could feel a sliver of pressure.

But that was just a sliver.

Green jade slas.h.!.+

One, two, three…Four green jade slashes appeared.


The green jade slashes created beautiful arcs in the air and sliced toward the warhorses before they could even react. Facing this many powerful attacks, Lu Ze walked casually among them with his wings of wind and lightning.

Speed allowed you to do anything!

Screech! The warhorse had much stronger defenses than the blue birds, but they didn’t have physical G.o.d art.

Wounds appeared at their necks as blood gushed out. Their violent chi was soon disappearing

The remaining two green jade slash slaughtered the beasts that were firing behind the two warhorses. They all died together.

When Lu Ze looked at the remaining two waves, Lu Ze grinned, revealing an evil smile.