Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Daily Commodities


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Two weeks later on a Sunday morning, the martial training grounds.

Lu Ze and Lu Li quietly practiced every morning. Lu Li’s movement technique was soft and looked ethereal. It was silent but extremely fast. Her palms seemed soft but actually contained immense power.

Lu Ze’s movement technique was even more effective. He would only move when he needed to.

The two figures crisscrossed. Most of the time, it was Lu Li attacking and Lu Ze dodging. Only rarely would Lu Ze tap on Lu Li’s body. Every time he tapped, her attacks would be interrupted. When this happened, she would close her eyes and think for a moment before continuing her attacks.

Half an hour later, Lu Li was covered in sweat. Her loose martial arts robes were drenched and closely stuck to her body, revealing the curves.

“We’ll finish here today, you seem very tired.” Lu Ze smiled and dodged a palm.

Lu Li nodded and wiped the sweat from her head before sitting down, “How was it today?”

“You’ve improved from before… actually you have quite a lot lately. It’s all due to big brother.” Lu Ze sat next to her and smiled.

Lu Li moved her lips. She didn’t want to admit it but it was indeed because of this guy that she improved so much.

Her foundational movement technique and palm technique were just one step from perfection.

However, this step was like a huge ravine. One needed fortune, insight and mind state. Even prodigies might not be able to reach perfection.

Then, Lu Li waved back the strands of hair stuck to her forehead and smiled, “Then how does brother want Li to repay him?”

Lu Ze looked at her signature smile and quickly shook his head, saying seriously, “Are you joking? Brothers should be the ones helping their sisters.”

Who knew what this evil-hearted person was thinking?

What if she saw dad and told him that he wanted to put her in 18 positions. That wouldn’t be very good.

Lu Li rolled her eyes at him, “How are you preparing for the graduation trial?”

Lu Li knew that she could no longer force out Lu Ze’s full power. Even she didn’t know how strong Lu Ze was.

“I’m okay, level eight.” Lu Ze smiled.

Lu Li looked at Lu Ze in shock, “It seems that a level three cultivation serum is quite potent. In that case, brother, you’re on the same level as me? Your battle power…”

She stared at Lu Ze, “With your four small state perfections, you would rarely face a match in martial warrior state, right?”

“Hehe, I keep a low profile…” Lu Ze laughed.

He didn’t have just four small state perfections.

His skin, muscle, tendon, bone, marrow, five viscera, and six bowels were all at perfection. Today, he was confident that he would refine the 12 main meridians and nearby meridians to perfection too. By then, he would be a level nine martial warrior and would only need to refine the Ren and Du meridians to perfection.

Even he didn’t know how strong he was right now, but he didn’t fear ordinary level one spirit martial states!

Lu Li saw how prideful Lu Ze was and couldn’t resist laughing. She got up and rushed Lu Ze, “Hurry up and shower. After your shower, eat breakfast and then go cultivate! There’s only one week left. Our parents have high hopes for you.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed as he got up helplessly, “Yes yes yes…”

After the shower, Lu Ze and Lu Li returned home. Lu Wen and Fu Shuya left early due to things in the company, so breakfast was left on the table. The two quickly finished their food.

Lu Li asked, “By the way, I’m going out shopping with Alice today. Is there anything you want me to buy?”

Lu Ze felt dazed, “Buy?”

As a cultivation madman, he really didn’t lack anything, did he?

He did lack a girlfriend, however, that couldn’t be bought.

Wait, there were robot girlfriends in this era. They’re almost exactly like a real human and would play with you all day long, and not get jealous nor angry at you. The sales for them were astounding.

Girls could also buy robot boyfriends.

It’s said that due to this, marriage rates plummeted and the population aged seriously. Then, the federation made laws before curbing this phenomenon.

However, robot partners were still the best selling daily commodity on the market.

“…Your face looks so lewd!” Lu Li’s eyes were cold.

“Not at all!” Lu Ze complained.

How was buying daily commodities lewd?!

Eventually, Lu Ze shook his head, “Never mind, there is nothing I want.”

Although he was curious about this strange commodity, as a transmigrator, if he bought this, it would be too embarra.s.sing.

Lu Ze gave up this enticing idea.

Lu Li glanced strangely at Lu Ze before leaving.

Lu Ze touched his face. Was his expression really that lewd before?

Lu Ze shook his head and then went back to sitting on his bed. He took out ten faint red orbs before starting his cultivation.

The orbs turned into scorching energy as soon as they entered his mouth and started to refine the meridians within his body with the 12 main ones. They didn’t even leave out the most tiny parts.

More than 90% of the meridians were glamorous and looked like rubies.

With every refinement, there were waves of pain transmitted into his brain. However, Lu Ze’s face was calm. He didn’t react at all and kept refining.

He ate orbs again and again. When the sky turned orange again, Lu Ze finally opened his eyes.

He had finished the refinement for the 12 main meridians!

He breathed out some waste chi and walked to the bathroom, showering off the impurities inside his body. Then, he clenched his fist and showed a joyous smile.

His power had increased by a huge amount!

If he finished the refinement for the Ren and Du meridians, he would shoot through the sky.

Body refinement was the foundation of all martial arts. All future states would be related to the degree of body refinement. With his complete perfection refinement, he would become a prodigy of the human race. All sorts of girls would come to him and he would rise to the top.

This was quite exciting to think about.

However, he only fantasized a little. There were many people in the human race, prodigies of all sorts could appear. Even if there were none in the human race, there were other races in the universe.

The human race was just an ordinarily smart race in the vast universe.