Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 313 - What Sin Have They Committed?

Chapter 313 - What Sin Have They Committed?

Chapter 313 What Sin Have They Committed?




Lin Ling had fought with the void beast for nearly half an hour. With the battle armor, Lin Ling could use strength G.o.d art for a long period of time.

Nevertheless, her chi gradually became unstable.

Lin Ling’s G.o.d art was a non-stable power, whereas the void beast’s power was stable and constant.

However, because Lin Ling was stronger than the void beast, the void beast ended up covered in wounds. Black blood was constantly pouring out.



Currently, its chi also became chaotic.

The victor could almost be decided at the scene.

Lin Ling and the void beast stared deadly at each other.

“Hyah!” Lin Ling roared, and her chi grew stronger.

Afterward, she disappeared from the spot and instantly appeared above the head of the void beast. Her spear flashed with silver color and pierced through the eyes of the enemy.


Black spirit light surged on the body of the beast. It then opened its big mouth.


The void beast spewed a ball of chaotic energy, which was nearly 100 meters in diameter.

Runes flashed in Lin Ling’s eyes, and she changed the direction of her attack. She aimed at the weakness of the energy.


Lin Ling’s sharp spear ray tore through the void beast’s chaotic energy and pierced through the void beast’s mouth.

The spear ray entered its body and tore it non-stop.


The void beast wailed and struggled in the air. Its claws moved without rest, shooting out chaotic energy in all directions.

The spear ray exploded in its body. It experienced extreme pain.

Lin Ling distanced herself from the beast a few kilometers away. She was sweating as she panted.

Overexerting her power made her body suffer dire consequences. Her organs were gravely hurting.

If she wasn’t standing with her powerful will, she would be on the ground right now, but she didn’t want to lose.

If she couldn’t even beat a beast at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures, then how could she beat Lu Ze, that idiot?!

She can’t lose!

Her spirit eyes glanced coldly at the beast. That attack just now only heavily injured the beast. She needed to do something more to kill it.

She resisted the pain and bit her lips. The runes flashed in her eyes once more.

Lu Ze saw her actions and sighed speechlessly. If he went to help now, she would probably kill him.

He could only watch silently.

At the same time, he looked into the distance and narrowed his eyes.

Two more deafening growls could be heard from the distance.

When everyone heard the sound, their expressions changed. With some concern, Jian Wen said, “More void beasts are here?”

Just then, his phone rang. When he answered it, a projection of a young a.s.sistant emerged. “Professor Jian, the two beasts at the aperture opening state with 600 apertures are heading toward your location!”

Everyone: “…”

‘We have already heard the roar! You are telling us this just now?’

Wasn’t it a bit too late??

The a.s.sistant also felt embarra.s.sed at the moment.

All the other people were sent to lead the Gula in all the places. Only two young people remained in the surveillance room.

Seeing such a pretty girl fight a beast, they became stunned. How could they still keep watch of other void beasts?

They could only recall their supposed duties when they heard the roaring sounds.

After all, they were only scientists. They hadn’t even been on the battlefield. How could they act like soldiers?

When they realized their mistake, they panicked. However, it was not too late right now.

‘What crime did he commit to get such r.e.t.a.r.ded teammates?’ Jian Wen thought. Why not just let the void beast appear in front of their faces and then remind them?

Lu Ze smiled at them. “It’s okay. Leave those two to me.”

Two beasts at the aperture opening state with 600 apertures were not a challenge to him.

When they heard his words, Jian Wen and the rest became dazed. They turned to look at him. “Lu Ze, those are two beasts at the aperture opening state with 600 apertures. Are you certain you will be fine?”

They were not even certain if he was a young duke. Naturally, they would be concerned.

Lu Ze nodded at them with a smile. “It’s fine, so don’t worry.”

Subsequently, he looked at Lin Ling who was about to attack again. “Those beasts need some time to get here. We should watch Lin Ling’s battle first.”

After everyone heard his words, they fell silent and turned to glance at Lin Ling whose chi was surging once more. They could not help but feel uncertain about the situation.

Meanwhile, the Gula people heard two more roars, and the beat of their hearts skipped again. More demons were coming??

They might be weak, but even they could tell that even if the female war G.o.d could beat the demon, it would still be difficult. If two more came, could they still be saved?

All their eyes became worried as they looked at Lu Ze and the others.

Accordingly, the men hugged the women while the women hugged the children.

They could only pray right now. After all, they were weak and couldn’t control their own fate.

They could only rest all their hopes on the G.o.d.

In the air, Lin Ling also heard the other two roars from the distance. Her chi kept condensing, and her force was rising.

She didn’t need to think much with Lu Ze on the side. All she needed to do was kill the void beast.

At this moment, the void beast stopped wailing. Its spirit light turned dim, but after hearing the roars, it roared in excitement too.

Lin Ling bit her lips and used her strength G.o.d art again, resisting the severe pain.

Then, she disappeared from her spot once more. A spear ray formed on her spear. The spirit light turned into a hundred meter long silver-white long spear and headed toward the void beast.



Sensing the lethal threat, the void beast’s entire black light turned into strands of mist, which circulated around it.

Afterward, it formed into an energy ball with a diameter of tens of meters that shot out and greeted Lin Ling’s spirit spear.


The two clashed.

The silver and gray lights shone brighter than the sun as the force swept in all directions. The land was already ravaged, and now, the overturned soil was turned to dust.

The force created ripples on Lu Ze’s barrier. It lasted for half a minute before stopping completely.

The Gula people saw the ripples. As such, they retreated further, fearing the barrier would break, and they would disappear like the ground before them.

Lu Ze watched closely. If Lin Ling was in danger, he would help her immediately.

Would she be touched and offer to marry herself?

The scene cleared up soon. Lin Ling’s white face was covered in blood, but her eyes were still firm.

Her hands were shaking as blood trickled down the spear onto the ground. Her chest palpitated quickly, and then, she coughed out blood. Nevertheless, her eyes remained on the void beast.The void beast was covered in wounds—both large and small. Its blood gushed out non-stop like a dirty waterfall.

Its eyes became dull while its chi became extremely faint. Eventually, its life was slowly dissipating

Then, its huge body crashed down heavily from the air, creating a huge ditch.

Lu Ze smiled at this scene.

Not bad. She was a noob, but she was better than before.

The eyes of Jian Wen and the others widened as they looked at Lin Ling in disbelief.

This young girl who was only a freshman really killed a beast at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures by herself!

There was an extremely high chance that she would become a female young duke on par with the two young dukes who were the pride of the human race!