Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 314 - Things Happened So Quickly

Chapter 314 - Things Happened So Quickly

Chapter 314 Things Happened So Quickly

In a certain region of planet Gula, an area of tens of kilometers ended up in shambles at the moment.

The soil was devoid of gra.s.s while the land was blackened. Tens of thousands of Gula people stood paralyzed inside the wind barrier.

On the scorched land, a deep ditch could be noticed. Inside was a hideous-looking void beast that was more than a thousand meters


Just then, it had lost its life force.

The world fell silent. All the Gula people raised their heads and looked at the white figure in the distant sky. Their eyes were filled with admiration.

Although the figure was covered in blood, their eyes still flashed with fervor.

They had seen with their own eyes how terrifying the demon was! Yet, this war G.o.d beheaded it.

All their worries were gone. They opened their mouths, planning to rejoice. Suddenly, two more roars could be heard from the distance.

The roars broke the silence in the air, causing the Gula people to hold back their previous excitement. Their newfound peace was now lost. They became worried once again. These roars sounded angry compared to the ones before.

The people looked up at the white figure and became anxious.

It seemed this female war G.o.d wouldn’t be able to fight anymore.

Were they going to die?

At this moment, a figure appeared next to the female war G.o.d, causing all the Gula people to blink their eyes.

They didn’t even see how the figure moved.


In the air, Lu Ze held Lin Ling who was about to fall. He smiled. “Not bad, you won.”

Her clear face had traces of wounds, and her body was covered in blood.

If it wasn’t for the battle armor blocking some of the attacks, she would end up in a more serious state right now.

Nevertheless, her efforts paid off, and she won.

Lin Ling felt relieved. She looked at Lu Ze with her dim eyes, which were still prideful despite her state. “Hmph! I’m very strong! Ze, wait for me! I will defeat you!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He rubbed his head speechlessly.

“Okay, you’re the best then. Go you!” Lu Ze raised his thumb.

Lin Ling: “…”

Suddenly, she coughed out a mouthful of blood.

This scared Lu Ze. Did he anger her too much? This wasn’t good.

Lin Ling calmed down her breathing and took out a vial flas.h.i.+ng with blue light and drank


Subsequently, her pale face started to recover. Her weakened chi stabilized at the same time.

Lu Ze stiffened for a moment then asked, “What serum is this?”

“Level four healing serum, 10,000 academic credits per vial.”

Upon explaining, Lin Ling could not help but feel a bit aggrieved. 10,000 academic credits disappeared in a blink.

When Lu Ze heard the words, a sudden realization came to him. “Oh, that’s what it is. I have regeneration G.o.d art, so I don’t need this.”

That way, he would save quite a lot of academic credits. Who wouldn’t get injured during a battle?

Lin Ling: “…”

Lin Ling almost spat out blood again.

This idiot made her more envious!

Just when Lin Ling wanted to bash this guy, the furious roars occurred once more.

Terrifying chi swept over the place. Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked up at the same time. Two void beasts appeared.

Jian Wen and the rest looked worried after seeing those terrifying figures.

Although Lu Ze a.s.sured them he would be fine, they hadn’t witnessed his actual power after all. How could they be certain he could handle the situation?

This was a matter of life and death.

Inside the barrier, the Gula people, who were trembling in fear, watched as the two even larger demons approached.

These two demons appeared to be stronger than the one before!

But that female war G.o.d can’t fight anymore. Was that male a war G.o.d too?

When Lin Ling saw the two beasts, she frowned slightly. “I’ll go to the side. I can’t interfere with your battle.”

She didn’t think Lu Ze would lose, but she felt it was best not to interrupt him.

Lu Ze grinned after hearing her words. “It is fine. It will be over soon. Don’t you want to see my power? Watch from here then.”

Afterward, coldness flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Both the two void beasts were tremendously unsightly. Their eyes burned with ferocity as they drew closer with their ma.s.sive mouths. A tyrannical chi could be felt.

Lin Ling sneered. “You said it yourself. Then, let me see how strong you are!”

Lu Ze never used his full power every time he fought her. Finally, she had the chance to see his real power. She became a little excited.

Right then, Jian Wen said, “Lin Ling shouldn’t be able to fight at this time, right? Is Lu Ze going to take on the two void beasts by himself?”

On the side, Chris said, “They probably have their own plan, but those two void beasts are at the aperture opening state with 600 apertures after all.”

For them, a void beast with 600 apertures was already extremely strong. If two first-year students could take them on, this would shock the entire Federation.

Accordingly, Lu Ze lifted his right hand as a green light flashed in his eyes. The wind element gathered before him, forming two hundred meters long green jade-like wind blades.

The wind blades were vibrant and beautiful. They floated before Lu Ze like works of art.

Soon, the void beasts were only ten kilometers away from Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Lu Ze waved his hand as the runes in his eyes flashed. “Go.”

The green jade slash instantly sliced toward the two void beasts.

The chi was condensed, and it didn’t even create a ripple in air. This signified Lu Ze’s deep mastery of wind G.o.d art.

The two void beasts sensed a lethal threat. They flashed with a gray spirit light and shot out a hundred-meter wide energy ball.

However, the green jade slash was too quick.

As soon as the energy ball was shot out, it was cut by the green jade slash. The green jade slash only dimmed a little and proceeded toward the mouths of the two void beasts.


Wind blades shot out from the void beasts in all directions. Large amounts of black blood poured onto the ground like rain.

Soon, another two thunderous sounds occurred. The energy ball finally exploded and tainted the sky black. The energy waves from the aftermath were much stronger than the ones during Lin Ling’s fight.


Two pitiful wails could be heard. However, after a while, it abruptly stopped.

As the light gradually dissipated, two lifeless bodies fell from the sky.


The two bodies crashed on the ground, leaving two deep ditches.

The air became silent for a moment.

Lin Ling: “…”

Jian Wen and the scientists: “…” Gula people: “…” All the people turned to look at the deep ditch on the ground and could not say anything at all.

This happened so fast that their minds were still blank.

Lu Ze grinned when he saw the two corpses on the ground. The coldness in his eyes was finally gone. “Over!”

His green jade slash had an explosive power of nearly 700 apertures. Furthermore, he chose to attack before the two could make their move. How could those two aperture opening state with only 600 apertures contend?