Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 312 - Is This Young Duke a Young Boy?

Chapter 312 - Is This Young Duke a Young Boy?

Chapter 312 Is This Young Duke a Young Boy?


The sound of the roar could be heard once more, creating shock waves.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as an enormous wind barrier encircled the Gula people and the scientists.

Based on the aftermath, using the wind G.o.d art should be enough. Still, the Gula people became worried and anxious despite not feeling the powerful chi of the void beast.

On the other hand, Jian Wen and the scientists looked at Lin Ling with some concern.

After all, Lin Ling was just a freshman. She was a prodigy of Federal University. Perhaps, she might even be a prodigy at a young duke level, but the opponent was a beast at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures.

How many young duke level prodigies had such power at this age? But seeing how Lu Ze easily stopped the powerful chi of the void beast and how calm he was, they chose to trust Lin Ling.

The casual energy Lu Ze released made them s.h.i.+ver.

At the same time, they were quite shocked. Did a powerful prodigy appear in the Federation?

After this matter was over, they would search for information about Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

The rise of every young duke was always accompanied by wars or major incidents. Every young duke was the idol of the youths of the Federation. It should not be difficult to gather information regarding them.

At this moment, the void beast neared. The remaining distance was only tens of kilometers away.

These beasts lived in the chaotic void s.p.a.ce, and their looks were very random.

The void beast right now was over a thousand meters long. It had a hideous head covered with sharp white bone spikes. Its b.l.o.o.d.y eyes flashed with a murderous light while its mouth was full of sharp fangs.

There was a dense black scale around its body. Gray bone spikes also grew from its neck to its tail. It had three pairs of sharp claws.

It emitted a chaotic dark chi.

As aperture opening state individuals, Jian Wen and the scientists just frowned seriously, but those Gula people on the ground only saw such a terrifying beast for the first time. They s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably. Some timid ones didn’t even dare to look into the sky.

Was this the demon that the G.o.d spoke of?

So huge!

It was terrifying indeed. They put their hopeful gaze toward Lu Ze and the others.

The G.o.d said only a war G.o.d could kill this demon.

Lin Ling raised a brow. “I’ll be off then.”

Her white storage ring flashed, and her personal armor flew toward her.

It flashed with blue runes. Lin Ling’s short hair fluttered in the wind as she held her long spear. Her force was domineering, and she really did look like a female war G.o.d.

Lin Ling charged toward the beast.

In comparison, her small body relatively appeared like an ant against the goliath appearance of the void beast.

The Gula people stared at Lin Ling with worry.

Was this small female really a war G.o.d?

She didn’t even look as strong as their females.

The void beast stared murderously at Lin Ling. It could feel Lin Ling’s power.


A murky gray energy ball formed in its mouth. It instantly expanded to ten meters in diameter and shot toward Lin Ling.


In each location where the energy ball pa.s.sed by, the air became twisted and waves were formed.

A complex rune formed in Lin Ling’s eyes as she frowned.

This was Linxi Treasure Manual’s divine art.

It could buff her spirit eye G.o.d art and see weaknesses more clearly.

Subsequently, she used strength G.o.d art and aimed a sharp silver spear ray at the energy ball.


Thunderous sounds occurred after the collision. The surrounding tens of kilometers were covered with the gray energy, accompanied by a speck of silver that pierced the darkness. It wasn’t very strong, but it was extremely condensed.

The waves expanded until it came in contact with Lu Ze’s wind barrier, producing a sliver of ripple.

The Gula people heard this horrifying sound. When they saw the surroundings turn dark, they became paralyzed at the ground, unable to make a sound.

So terrifying!

In their original world view, this was a scene that would never appear. They couldn’t even dream about this.

When the light dispersed, a huge ditch that was a few kilometers in radius appeared.

Outside the barrier, the lush green gra.s.s turned into a crumbling land.

This scene made the Gula people feel even more terrified.

If it wasn’t for this green barrier, would they be the same as the land before them?

When they looked up, that white female war G.o.d fought the demon once more.

Immediately, their admiration intensified.

Too strong! She was indeed a war G.o.d!

Seeing that the war G.o.d was so powerful, their hearts felt appeased.

When Lin Ling blocked the attack so easily, Jian Wen and the scientists became shocked.

The level of this young girl was probably the same as those two prodigies who became the pride of the humans, right?

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha became young dukes when they were soph.o.m.ores. With this young girl’s power, perhaps, she could become a young duke by then too?

Then they looked at the calm-faced Lu Ze.

That young girl asked Lu Ze if she could attack. This meant that this youth was stronger than her, wasn’t it?

Was this youth a young duke already?

They didn’t know that Lu Ze’s power was indeed at the mortal evolution state, but he wasn’t a young duke yet.

Lin Ling’s performance made Jian Wen and the rest elevate Lu Ze’s status to a new height.

Even such a prodigy asked for Lu Ze’s approval. Clearly, Lu Ze was much stronger than her. Otherwise, such a prodigy wouldn’t subordinate herself.

Naturally, he did not know what the others were thinking about.

Lu Ze just kept on watching the battle. He sighed, the specialized battle armor was a huge improvement to combat power.

was a

Lin Ling’s combat power was originally only 400 apertures, but with the armor, it reached beyond 500.

This increase was quite absurd. But then, Lu Ze remembered that this armor cost a fortune to create.

Lu Ze hadn’t even used his armor once. Now that he thought about it, it was a waste.

But with his power, he didn’t need to use it.It seemed he was too strong. People couldn’t even force out his trump card. Life was really lonely.

Lu Ze looked up in the air, and this made Jian Wen and the rest more certain that this guy was probably really a young duke.

A first-year young duke… this was unprecedented in Federal history!

It seemed that they were too immersed in research that they missed out on something this big. They must go find Lu Ze’s young duke appointment ceremony.

Lu Ze sensed their gaze and touched his face. “What’s wrong, Doctor Jian?”.

Did he accidentally become more handsome to the point that even technical geeks were attracted to him?

It was his sin to be this talented and handsome. Lu Ze sighed.

Jian Wen and the others shook their heads in response. “No, nothing.” Young dukes needed to be respected. Strictly speaking, a young duke’s status was higher than their status.