Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 311 - Create a Fable on the Way

Chapter 311 - Create a Fable on the Way

Chapter 311 Create a Fable on the Way

When tens of thousands of Gula people heard the first portion of the announcement, they could not help but panic. However, after hearing the entirety of it, their eyes suddenly revealed a fanatical expression.

War G.o.d?

It sounded very powerful.

Since the G.o.d told them that war G.o.d could destroy the demons, they naturally chose to believe it.

At this moment, the tall bulky Gula at the very front of the tribe roared to his tribesmen. Accordingly, everyone sped up again.

They just needed to wait for a while for salvation.

Li and Lucy looked at their teacher speechlessly. Li said, “Teacher, don’t you feel that was embarra.s.sing?”.

Chris smiled at her question. “However, the Federation won’t intervene with the progression of a civilization. For a primitive race that doesn’t know much about the universe, a G.o.d is probably the quickest way.” “In addition, compared to them, are we not considered G.o.ds? We can live for a long period of time, we are powerful, and we can do things they can never do. From their perspectives, we are G.o.ds. A part of the fairy tales on Earth came this way too. We are just saving a civilization while creating a fable on the way.”

When Li and Lucy heard his explanation, they no longer felt entangled, so they remained silent.

At this time, the Gula people sped up but compared to them, this speed was still very slow.

Ten minutes later.


Right now, a deafening sound came from the extreme north.

Despite being so far, that roar still made the Gula people’s hearts beat fast.

They looked toward the north in terror.

What beast roar was that?

How come it was so terrifying?

At this point, the warm voice of Chris could be heard once more. “Did you hear it? That’s the roar of the demon, but don’t worry. Soon, it will be annihilated.”

This comforted the spirits of the Gula people a little.

Despite so, some people became confused.

That roar was extremely terrifying. Moreover, they could feel the pressure from the north getting denser. It was like they were facing a bottomless abyss. That terror made them feel lost.

Chris, Li, and Lucy looked in the north direction, feeling worried. The void beast seemed interested in them. That would only result in destruction. This beast was probably only a few hundred kilometers away.

It took the Gula people a few days to travel such distance, but for a being at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures, only a few minutes would be needed.

Chris called Jian Wen. “Old Jian, are you guys here yet? If not, I’m going to be fed to the void beast.”

Jian Wen immediately answered, “One minute!”

After a pause, he added, “At most, two minutes!”

Chris: “…”

Li: “…”

Lucy: “…”

One minute was equivalent to a distance of hundreds of kilometers for a void beast.

At this moment, all the Gula people could feel a terrifying force coming from the back, their bodies went cold, even running proved to be difficult.

The three people felt somewhat helpless. After all, the strongest Gula warriors had only reached the spirit martial state. An abstruse martial state being only appeared in legends.

The civilization was still in the stone ages.

Suddenly, the chi of Chris surged. He used it to isolate the chi of the void beast. Only then did the Gula people recover from their fear.

After such a scene, the people looked at the three with deeper fanatical expressions.

The demon’s terrifying attack were all stopped by the G.o.d.

They were indeed G.o.ds!

Their previous fears were quickly dispelled, and they began to run vigorously. Soon, all the Gula people widened their eyes because another two mounts of the G.o.ds appeared!

At a glance, one looked fierce and st.u.r.dy.

Their eyes flashed with fervor.

Did the war G.o.d arrive? Seeing the two flying s.h.i.+ps, Chris felt relieved.

He looked at the time—59 seconds. It wasn’t one minute yet, and the void beast was only 200 kilometers away.

At the side, Li and Lucy smiled. They survived today!

The two s.h.i.+ps stopped beside the s.h.i.+p of Chris. Subsequently, the shuttle opened. Jian Wen and a few scientists got off from the first s.h.i.+p. Meanwhile, Lu Ze and Lin Ling alighted from the other s.h.i.+p.

As soon as the pa.s.sengers came out, Chris smiled and hugged Jian Wen.

“Old Jian, it’s not even a minute yet. It seems you have times of not being punctual.”

Jian Wen patted his shoulder. “I don’t want you to die. What can I do? I could only rush here.”

Chris laughed. “Hahaha, I knew it!”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling: “…”

At this moment, Chris looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling. When he noticed how young they were, he became dumbfounded.

Even Li and Lucy were stunned.

After a moment of silence, Chris asked, “Why are these two war G.o.ds so young?”

These scientists devoted their entire time to research. Naturally, they would not have the luxury to pay any attention to the popular news from the outside. Even Lu Ze’s reputation would be unknown to them. After all, he only partic.i.p.ated in the martial trial tower after the war on the 25th planet.

Furthermore, in the following months, Lu Ze seemed to have disappeared off the face of the universe. He had to keep a low profile. Hence, it was natural for the scientists to not recognize him.

Still, both Lu Ze and Lin Ling felt dazed due to the question.

Lu Ze: “… what?”

Lin Ling: “…” What did this professor call them? Li and Lucy covered their faces in shame.

Even Jian Wen and the others became speechless.

Chris reacted at this moment. He coughed and explained, “The Gula people are a primitive civilization. The best way to intervene is to be considered as a G.o.d…”

Subsequently, he explained to the two that he had introduced them to the Gula people as war G.o.ds.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up!

Oh s.h.i.+t!

I can be a G.o.d??


Let me think!

As a war G.o.d, what can I say to appear cool?

‘Among the heavens and earth, I reign supreme?’

‘I can grab the stars and moons with my hand. There are no such beings like me in this world?’


Lin Ling rubbed her head. She could already imagine what this guy was thinking.

She glared at Lu Ze and said nothing. Sensing this, Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. What was she doing? Interrupting his soliloquy?

Lin Ling sighed. “Ze, let me have this void beast.”

Lu Ze frowned at her request. “Will you be fine? This beast is rather strong.”

Lin Ling’s strength was not bad. Her power was around the aperture opening state with 400 apertures. Due to using Lu Ze’s...o...b.., her combat power should have improved but not more than 10 apertures.

He was worried Lin Ling would not be a match.

Lin Ling remained firm. “I want to try. If it doesn’t work, I will use the battle armor.”

Lu Ze smiled at her. “Fine, go then. If you can’t beat it, i’ll help you beat it up.” Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Who said I can’t beat it?! I definitely can! Don’t underestimate

me!”Lu Ze rubbed his head. “Okay, Ms. Lin Ling is very strong! How can a mere void beast be a match for you?” Hearing that Lin Ling was going to face a void beast at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures by herself, Jian Wen and the rest frowned.

Jian Wen asked worriedly, “Lu Ze and Lin Ling, shouldn’t you be attacking together? This beast is strong. Don’t be overconfident.”

Lu Ze smiled. “I believe her, so it’s fine. I’m here. Please don’t worry. I won’t bring you guys trouble.”

Lin Ling: “. When Lin Ling heard Lu Ze’s words, she felt a bit happy.

Lin Ling: “Then, I will leave the rest to you.”

Lu Ze nodded at her and showed a smile. “Wait for the void beast to approach before you attack.”

He alone was enough to protect the Gula people and scientists. If the two fought near Lu Ze, he could intervene if Lin Ling was in danger.

Lin Ling nodded.