Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Died So Much That I’m Almost Used To It


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Luckily, he wasn’t too far away from the rabbit hole before. When Lu Ze arrived outside the hole, the dogs were only ten meters away from him.

Lu Ze bent over and charged in without hesitation. Those dogs would need to crouch to go in. He should be able to shake them off then.

Lu Ze dashed forward in the tunnel for quite some distance.

Low growls could be heard in the tunnel behind him. The huge dogs clearly didn’t give up. They chased Lu Ze relentlessly.

Lu Ze suddenly stopped at the corner.

He came up with a bold idea. The dogs were huge and it wasn’t easy for them to move in the tunnel; it was even harder for them to turn. Perhaps he could kill them.

He needed to put this thought into practice. He patiently waited for the dogs to come.

Soon, a hideous dog’s head appeared at the corner. Lu Ze went up and punched.

The powerful force from the punch shook the air.

Seeing the fist, the dog immediately opened its huge mouth and bit at Lu Ze’s fist.

Seeing the rows of sharp teeth, Lu Ze quickly took back his hand. He didn’t expect the dogs to react so much faster than the rabbits.

The instant Lu Ze took back his fist, a dark ball of energy formed in the dog’s mouth and shot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze definitely didn’t expect this. In this narrow tunnel, he couldn’t even dodge!

Feeling the intense energy that was radiating from the ball, a while glow started to emit from around Lu Ze. He punched the energy ball with both fists.


The white and black colors met, which resulted in an explosion. The concussive airflow was bound by the tunnel and shot out from the two sides.

Lu Ze was pushed away by the backlash and could feel a heaviness on his chest. A sliver of blood seeped out of his mouth.

He didn’t expect this black dog to know a spirit force attack!

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to actualize his bold idea. For now, he needed to focus on running.

Lu Ze turned to run. If he went into the s.p.a.cious area, he would be able to easily run into another tunnel.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze slightly grinned. His plan was sound!

With a few turns, Lu Ze soon arrived at the s.p.a.cious cave that the rabbits rested at.

However, the rabbits here were all dead. Lu Ze raised his lip and charged out the small tunnel.

However, Lu Ze’s smile soon faded.

The supposedly empty rabbit hole was filled with more than a hundred rabbits.

As though attracted by the sounds in the tunnel, Lu Ze immediately felt more than a hundred pairs of eyes on him.

Lu Ze was completely stunned.

“Who am I? Where am I? Why am I being watched by so many rabbits?

“This script isn’t right.

“Weren’t the rabbits in here all dead?

“Why did so many appear out of nowhere in such a short time?!”

There was still the sound of dogs coming from behind him.

Lu Ze’s face was expressionless but in his heart, he felt despair.

There were rabbits ahead and dogs behind. The heavens really wanted to annihilate him!

However, Lu Ze wasn’t going to sit and wait. He was no match for the dogs, but he could try and fight his way out of the rabbits.

Thus, Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as he charged forwards.

The rabbits saw this and also roared before charging towards him furiously.

The rabbits had great jumping capabilities. Other than from behind, there were rabbits in all directions. Lu Ze didn’t even have the s.p.a.ce to dodge and was flooded by rabbits.

He used his powers to the maximum and fought rabbit claws head-on. He punched and the rabbits that charged up flew back with an even faster speed, turning to dust in the air.

Ordinary rabbits couldn’t even take one hit from Lu Ze.

When super huge rabbits appeared, the situation changed. Although they were no match for Lu Ze, they could slightly take Lu Ze’s attacks.

If they managed to stop Lu Ze’s attack, the rabbits behind would stretch their evil claws to his body.

Clanks sounded non stop.

Ordinary rabbits couldn’t break his defenses but the super huge rabbits could. Soon, there was blood all over Lu Ze’s body.

At this moment, there was a low growl.

A huge dog ran in!

Seeing this, the rabbits immediately stopped their attacks and raised their long rabbit ears. They stared at the dog that came in.

When a few more dogs came in, the rabbits timidly left from other tunnels.

Lu Ze speechlessly looked at the dogs that surrounded him and the rabbits that kept running.

These rabbits were just too cowardly. These guys came to dominate your home. Even rabbits shouldn’t take this!

At least go and tell them that the honor of rabbits shall not be tarnished!

But clearly, the rabbits wouldn’t listen to Lu Ze. The cave soon emptied and only the four dogs and Lu Ze remained.

Thus, the incident of abusing the weak once again occurred in the rabbit cave.

The four black dogs made inhumane attacks at Lu Ze. Lu Ze resisted bravely but the dogs were too powerful and brutal.

After a fierce yet useless battle, Lu Ze’s blood splashed across the cave.

In the room, Lu Ze opened his eyes. The pain all over his body made his mouth spasm.

Those four huge dogs were cruel and their bodies were terrifying. Their claws and teeth were extremely sharp and they even knew how to use spirit force. He would have to run from one, much less four.

His body was almost split apart.

Moments later, the pain disappeared and Lu Ze sighed, “Today, I died again… just like usual.”

He felt that he was almost used to dying.

As soon as this thought popped up, Lu Ze shook his head. He must not have such thoughts.

Life was good.

He wasn’t going to think about it anymore. Cultivation! Cultivation!

Lu Ze looked at the large sum of light orbs floating in his mind. There were small and large red ones and small purple ones.

His eyes stopped for a while on the purple ones. Lu Ze eventually took out a large red one to cultivate.

The most important thing right now was his level. His martial techniques were already in perfection. He would increase his martial warrior state to perfection before seeing if he could use the purple light orbs to learn a G.o.d art like Nangong Jing.

After all, he knew nothing about G.o.d arts. Even if he used the purple orb, he wasn’t confident that he could learn a G.o.d art.