Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 302 - You Again! Lu Ze 2!

Chapter 302 - You Again! Lu Ze 2!

Chapter 302 You Again! Lu Ze 2!

The black spirit force giant claw that had a ferocious chi struck toward Lu Ze.

The surrounding air was shaken by the spirit force claw and even the sunlight was blocked by the giant claw from where Lu Ze was at. It was as if the sky was falling and the strong pressure crushed Lu Ze’s bones, thereby making a cracking sound.

So strong? Lu Ze didn’t have time to think, the wings of wind and lightning was quickly activated, and he immediately disappeared.

The gigantic black cat that was happily hiding away from the black spirit force claw with Lu Ze wasn’t fast enough. It was directly smacked to the ground


A terrible explosion resounded, and over a dozen kilometers was covered by the black spirit light. The beasts in the air also stopped in their tracks and looked at the explosion in fear-they didn’t dare to advance.

Lu Ze was thrown several kilometers away due to the shockwaves before he managed to stop.

When the black spirit light dissipated, there was a deep hole left on the ground with an area of a few square kilometers, and a mutilated corpse was slowly turning into ashes.

Lu Ze let out a breath of cold air.



How horrifying!

This is a little too strong, right?

It managed to kill the gigantic black cat, who possessed the regeneration G.o.d art and physical G.o.d art, with just one smack? This chap was a super meaty s.h.i.+eld with more than 400 apertures!

He wondered how the dead gigantic black cat thought about this.

Cats and tigers belonged to the same family, why did they have a fratricidal?

Lu Ze didn’t have time to sigh. He was on his guard and looked at the black tiger boss suspended in the sky.

The black tiger boss was simply too strong.

If it was him who got smacked just now, he would probably be flattened, huh?


The black tiger boss was further infuriated. It was clearly the type that wouldn’t give in.

It saw that Lu Ze had dodged the attack and roared in a low voice. Its body disappeared on the spot and appeared before Lu Ze. A black light flickered on its huge claw and produced wild winds as it swiped toward Lu Ze’s direction.

The terrifying power contained in the huge claw gave Lu Ze gooseb.u.mps, and the wings of wind and lightning flapped behind him. He disappeared in an instant, avoiding the attack of the black giant tiger.

The moment his body appeared, all sorts of horrifying attacks shot toward his direction from a distance away.

The other beasts weren’t watching the show, but they didn’t dare to run to the battlefield.

After all, with the black tiger boss around, they might get injured—that gigantic black cat was an example.

However, this didn’t stop them from launching long-range attacks.

Lu Ze frowned and disappeared once again, avoiding dozens of attacks.

When he appeared once more, the black tiger boss had already reacted and opened its mouth wide open as it launched a giant black energy ball of over 10 meters in his direction.


Did these beasts become elites?

Weren’t they supposed to attack each other? Why were they actually working so well together?

He was just a weak, pitiful, and helpless child!

Lu Ze’s body moved in a flash once again and dodged the energy ball, which turned into a black stream of light and blasted a black panther that didn’t manage to escape.

The black panther didn’t even have time to shriek and was turned into ashes.

Lu Ze took this chance to land on the ground and picked up the orb that was dropped by the dying beast just now.

The situation wasn’t in his favor at this moment, and he had already prepared himself to die on the spot. However, before dying, Lu Ze would never give up on a single orb!

Unfortunately, the fierce beasts, who were currently fighting each other, would not drop any orb; otherwise, he would be able to take advantage of that.

When the shockwaves dissipated, Lu Ze felt a terrifying power coming from behind. Accordingly, he used the wings of wind and lightning once more to dodge.

He didn’t consider fleeing at full speed. However, he could already feel more and more chi nearing.

There were even quite a number of G.o.d art beasts.

Lu Ze felt aggrieved.

He just came in and didn’t do anything yet, alright?

Why were these beasts acting as if he had done something heinous?

Was this spread from the word of mouth? From the moment the blue bird saw him, it began to call out to its friends, and everyone planned on getting rid of him?

Until now, Lu Ze had no idea what exactly happened.



A roar came from afar once again, and Lu Ze dodged the black tiger boss’ attack again. He saw three blue birds from the corner of his eyes, two warhorse bosses and a gray giant lizard boss were approaching.

Ferocious light was flickering in their gigantic beast eyes as they looked at Lu Ze with murderous intent.

Lu Ze: “…”

He breathed slowly and tried to calm down his breathing, beads of perspiration were already forming on his forehead. When he killed the blue bird, he had already used up half of his energy. After that, he killed over a dozen beasts that surrounded him and even fled so long from the black tiger boss.

His body was nearly emptied.

But he couldn’t take this lying down!

Why did he become so popular all of a sudden?

Were all the beasts interested in his incorruptible body?

This doesn’t make any sense.

Other than the G.o.d art beast boss, there were more than a hundred strong beasts.

The huge beasts were suspended in the air and surrounded Lu Ze, even the sunlight was blocked.

With hundreds of beasts and a couple of G.o.d art beasts exuding a strong aura, even Lu Ze could feel the immense pressure.

He looked at these beasts that were looking at him ferociously, and he pursed his lips, a savage look flashed across his eyes.

He couldn’t run away and wouldn’t be able to fight those huge ones, so he decided to kill those small ones first!

Just when Lu Ze planned to ignore his consumption of energy and kill a number of beasts, a black figure appeared next to him.

Lu Ze took a glance and his entire body stiffened, cold sweat trickled down his back.

That was a handsome black-haired teenager.

The teenager was looking at Lu Ze with a faint smile, completely ignoring the aura of those strong beasts around them.

It’s you again! Lu Ze 2!

Lu Ze looked at Lu Ze 2 who suddenly appeared. He couldn’t figure out what the other wanted to do.

The appearance of Lu Ze 2 caused the originally tyrannical atmosphere to stagnate slightly.

Both the G.o.d art beasts and strong beasts widened their eyes and kept glancing back and forth between Lu Ze and Lu Ze 2.

“Roar…?” What’s happening? Two two-legged beasts? Wasn’t there only one such beast??

This wasn’t the same as what was agreed!

There was silence for a moment. Lu Ze furrowed his brows and looked at Lu Ze 2. “Who exactly are you?”

He planned on trying to communicate.

However, Lu Ze 2 didn’t say a word and continued looking at Lu Ze with a faint smile.

Then, he raised his right hand slightly, and a hazy white light appeared, turning into a small energy cl.u.s.ter. The energy cl.u.s.ter was densely packed like starlight revolving around his body. There were over hundreds of them, and the terrifying aura was overflowing from his body, causing Lu Ze to have gooseb.u.mps. This fella was definitely a werewolf! He was extremely strong!


At least, he wasn’t weaker than the rabbit boss. He might even be stronger than the rabbit boss!

So the question is… What does this fella plan on doing? Lu Ze was still deep in his thoughts when all of the energy cl.u.s.ters disappeared in the air.

Boom boom boom boom!!!

Then, horrifying explosions occurred, and the beasts and G.o.d art beasts that were around them exploded simultaneously.

At the same time, Lu Ze felt a sharp pain all over his body, and his thoughts succ.u.mbed to the darkness.

When his vision recovered, he was already in the familiar dormitory.

Lu Ze’s lips spasmed, and he was breaking out in cold sweat due to the pain; his entire body was aching with a rhythmic pain.

That Lu Ze 2 was too brutal, huh?!

Nevermind that he didn’t answer Lu Ze’s question, he didn’t even greet Lu Ze and simply blew him up when they both looked exactly the same.

Could it be that this fella’s conscience wouldn’t hurt at all?

Could it be that this fella wouldn’t feel like it happened to himself?

He will remember this!


That Lu Ze 2 was really strong.

He managed to kill so many strong beasts with just one move. His power must be at the mortal evolution state already.

Lu Ze lay in bed and knitted his brows, thinking back to the scene when hundreds of beasts worked together to attack him

Why did those beasts unite to attack him?

Those beasts were of different species and were all very strong. Usually, they would have a territory of their own, but they managed to gather so quickly—this was clearly premeditated. Lu Ze rubbed his temples and felt his head hurt.

There would always be wicked people trying to harm him.

What did he do wrong?

He was just an innocent child. Why must he receive such unfair treatment?

Just at this moment, Lu Ze suddenly recalled the incident when the rabbit boss mistook him for Lu Ze 2.

Wait a minute!

He had a bold guess.

Could it be that all these beasts mistook his ident.i.ty as well?

Or perhaps, Lu Ze 2 had stirred things up inside and became an arrogant figure. He was then besieged by the local tyrants, preparing to defy the natural order?

Lu Ze thought that this was a possibility too.

If it was true, then he was an innocent victim, right??

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He was dumbfounded.

Life was already so hard. Why did he have to suffer this injustice?

He silently noted down the enmity of all the beasts and planned to take revenge next time.At this moment, the pain had subsided.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and sat cross-legged.

Although he was chased out by the boss the moment he went in, he still reaped quite a bountiful harvest.

A blue bird boss and over a dozen of ferocious beasts-he was quite satisfied with this harvest.

With that thought, Lu Ze was no longer upset and felt very pleased with himself.

He didn’t think about the change in the pocket hunting dimension anymore and closed his eyes.

Cultivate, cultivate!

When he becomes stronger, he will let those bosses know the meaning of not discriminating against a poor young man!