Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 303 - Arranged by the Boss of the Universe

Chapter 303 - Arranged by the Boss of the Universe

Chapter 303 Arranged by the Boss of the Universe

Early the next morning, the warm sunlight shone through the window of the room. Lu Ze knitted his brows slightly and slowly opened his eyes.

He stood up and stretched.

He finished absorbing the G.o.d art orb last night. In turn, his G.o.d art had become stronger.

At this point, Lu Ze found that some of the secrets contained in the G.o.d art orb had merged with what he had.

This was a good thing.

This meant that his G.o.d art had made great progress, and when the G.o.d art orbs no longer have an effect on him, he could consider hunting the overlords.

After that, Lu Ze went to wash up.

After was.h.i.+ng up, he went downstairs, and there was someone knocking on the door.

Lu Ze opened the door and found Lin Ling standing outside. He was surprised. “Why are you so early?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes at his question. “I wanted to see if there are any changes to Yingying after she used your orb yesterday.”

When Lu Ze heard her answer, he smiled. “Since that’s the case, let’s head over first, then.”

Did she really need to be so worried?

Nevertheless, Lu Ze didn’t tease her.

Two of them flew in the direction of Nangong Jing’s home.

Lu Ze knocked on Nangong Jing’s door, and the door was opened very quickly, but the person who opened it was Qiuyue Hesha.

Lu Ze looked strangely at Qiuyue Hesha—this person and Nangong Jing clearly hated each other but still kept visiting each other’s homes.

Lu Ze saw her at Nangong Jing’s place quite a number of times already.

He didn’t even know whether these two people’s relations.h.i.+p was good or bad. He really didn’t understand these women.

After Qiuyue Hesha saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling, she curled her lips upwards and smiled gently. “Hey, little brother Lu Ze, Lin Ling, what are you guys doing here?”

Then, her gaze swept over both of them, and she grinned. “Tsk tsk, little brother Lu Ze, you’ve got no game. Both of you were left alone, yet there is no progress.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He looked at Qiuyue Hesha in disbelief.

This woman and that drunkard were actually blood sisters who lost contact for years, right?

When this woman wasn’t around yesterday, the drunkard also gave him a look of disdain the moment they met. Now, this woman was doing the same, huh?

These two people colluded, didn’t they?

Lin Ling said helplessly, “Big sister Hesha, stop joking.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and stopped teasing them. “Come on in, the violent mother dragon left the house as she had something to attend to and will be back soon.”

She turned around and went back into the living room. Then, leaned against the sofa lazily, her slender and fair right arm resting on the sofa armrest as she propped her face up and smiled. “You guys just came back? I heard that you guys encountered three strange foreigners during the mission? Then, Yingying ate them up?” Lu Ze recalled those three black-robed monsters and nodded. Subsequently, he told her about the mission.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled faintly after listening to what happened, and a cold murderous intent flashed in her eyes. “There are thousands of races in the universe, and the human race is unable to recognize all of them. Seems like they accidentally came here through the natural wormhole.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling were taken aback. “Natural wormhole?”

These two people knew about the natural wormhole.

The stars in the universe had a small chance of forming natural wormholes.

However, natural wormholes and the s.p.a.cecraft’s curvature channel were different; the natural wormhole was connected to a random location in the universe.

It could be connected within the Milky Way, or it could also be connected to somewhere 10 billion light-years away, or even to the void universe.

Natural wormholes were unstable and could only remain for a short period of time, but the Milky Way wasn’t small, after all. There were occasional occurrences of this, which was one of the reasons for the federal disaster.

The appearance of natural wormholes was entirely up to luck, sometimes they did not appear for more than a decade, or they appeared but no living creatures went over. Sometimes, they may even appear a few times a year.

Just like earthquakes during the earth erathe boss of the universe arranged them very clearly.

Eight hundred years ago, an oversized natural wormhole appeared in the Federation and two galaxy-cla.s.s strong foreigners came. Those two foreigners caused chaos in the Federation, and in order to kill those two galaxy-cla.s.s strong foreigners, Tianlong sage took over and fell at that time.

Even so, they didn’t expect the three foreigners to be able to travel through the natural wormhole. They initially thought that they were smuggled through the federal border.

Qiuyue Hesha saw that Lu Ze and Lin Ling were a bit stunned and smiled. “The higher-levels had already sent people over to investigate. If it was a natural wormhole, then there should only be those three foreigners who came over. You guys don’t have to worry too much. This doesn’t happen very often, after all.”

Both of them nodded and didn’t think much about it any further.

At this moment, Nangong Jing opened the door and entered.

When she saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling in the living room, she smiled. “You guys are here.”

Lu Ze nodded. “En.”

Lin Ling said, “Big sister Jing, how’s Yingying?”

“You guys can go up and take a look.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling nodded and went upstairs.

In the room where Yingying was staying, there were still stars scattered around, and she was crouching on her bed, asleep.

Lu Ze was somewhat speechless when he saw the saliva on the corners of this little girl’s lips—just how much saliva does this little girl have, huh?

At this moment, Lin Ling was uncertain. “These stars seemed brighter than yesterday, right?”

Lu Ze took a look and realized that the stars around Yingying did appear slightly brighter. He wasn’t sure, but it might be because of the red orbs.

But if it works, then it’s obviously a good thing.

Lu Ze smiled at this. “I’ll feed Yingying some more.”

Lin Ling nodded. “En.”

Then, Lu Ze fed Yingying a few more red orbs that were of a higher grade than yesterday. He even fed her an aperture opening state one.

After swallowing the aperture opening state red orb, Yingying’s little round face became calm.

When Lu Ze finished feeding her, he and Lin Ling returned to the living room.

Nangong Jing was leaning against the sofa, drinking, and when she saw them, she stood up. “Let’s go and cultivate.”

She had mentioned yesterday that she would be teaching them in the morning.

When Qiuyue Hesha heard her words, she laughed. “Personal lessons again? I’ll join


Then, the four of them entered the virtual reality and began cultivating.

In the afternoon, after four of them cultivated, they had lunch together before Lu Ze and Lin Ling returned to the dormitory.

Lu Ze went back into his room, sat cross-legged on the bed, and began cultivating on his own.

In the morning, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha mainly taught them some combat skills, as well as some points to take note of for G.o.d arts. Also, in the afternoon, Lu Ze planned on absorbing red orbs to enhance his cultivation and physical strength. As for night time, it was used for digesting the G.o.d art orb.

This way, he would be able to improve in every aspect.

At night.

The sky gradually became gloomy. Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes, and the red light under his eyes flashed.

He got out of bed, stretched his body, and revealed a satisfied smile.

Now, he could get red orbs of a higher grade and improved much faster than before.

In just one afternoon, his spirit force cultivation had increased by one aperture.

This was related to the quality of red orb that Lu Ze used and also related to his perfect spirit body.

For those martial artists, who were not spirit bodies, it was not difficult to get through 360 basic apertures, but it would take time, and the difficulty of breaking through the extension aperture was even greater.

But as for Lu Ze, who possessed a perfect spirit body, he didn’t have any issues with this aspect at all. He just needed to take note of the spirit force.

If Lu Ze gets the red orb after that, he would improve even faster.

Even just by cultivating with this grade of red orb normally, Lu Ze could already enhance his spirit force cultivation to perfection in less than three years, then advance to the realm of metamorphosis.

This was simply lightning speed.

If others knew about this, it would definitely shock the entire Federation.

One must know that the Thousand Shadow Young Duke previously spent six years to advance from basic apertures to the aperture opening state.

This speed was several times faster than his!

Even Nangong Jing and the others didn’t have this cultivation speed. Lu Ze did the math and became very pleased with himself.

I’m actually so talented?’

‘This is bad. It seems like I’m becoming c.o.c.ky.’

‘No, no, I must get quickly into the pocket hunting dimension and be taught well by the big bosses.’


Before entering the pocket hunting dimension, he planned on eating first.

He pulled out the delicious food that he stored after giving a portion to Yingying and gulped them down. After was.h.i.+ng up, Lu Ze sat cross-legged again, closed his eyes, and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

The moment Lu Ze entered, he used the chi stealth technique.

What happened yesterday was too hurtful, so he didn’t want to be surrounded and attacked again today.

He didn’t even dare to release his mental power. He just settled on using his eyes to search for prey.

Soon, he found a direction, tapped the ground with his toe, and disappeared, starting his hunting journey.


A few hours later, somewhere in the vast expanse of gra.s.sland, a terrible explosion occurred.Black and purple lights flashed, and the shockwaves spread over ten kilometers, carrying a domineering chi.

Very soon, the shockwaves dissipated, and Lu Ze looked coldly at the purple-colored black panther slowly turning into ashes and heaved a sigh of relief.

In order to prevent what happened yesterday from happening again, Lu Ze chose to explode using his full strength.

He used the fastest speed of the wings of wind and lightning, coupled with the star crippling punch. This purple-colored black panther’s chi was around 400 apertures of the aperture opening state, and it didn’t even have time to shriek before it died.

Lu Ze picked up the orb on the ground and didn’t stop, he immediately disappeared.

He was hunting secretly in the ring of ferocious beasts, the situation was quite dangerous.

However, running once he was done—this was thrilling!

After that, he would rest for a period of time and wait until he recovered what he had expended before hunting once more. He would be merciless and kill with a single attack!