Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 301 - It Was Time to Display His Real Skills!

Chapter 301 - It Was Time to Display His Real Skills!

Chapter 301 It Was Time to Display His Real Skills!


The violent forces fluctuated in the air, turning into wild winds, and dispersed in all corners with the sound of thunderous collisions.

The wings of the blue bird boss were over a hundred meters long. Lu Ze’s body appeared very tiny in front of it.

However, when these two collided, Lu Ze, who was like the size of an ant, tore open the blue bird’s defense with an aggressive strength from his fist. He bombarded the bird’s stiff beak with overbearing punches until cracks appeared and fresh blood began to flow.

Lu Ze’s gaze was cold. The wings of wind and lightning was activated again, and he appeared behind the blue bird’s blood hole where fresh blood was pouring out.

The third punch!


The blue bird whose head was beaten up so badly that it hadn’t come to its senses felt a domineering force rus.h.i.+ng through its body, tearing open its internal organs.

The frightening force caused its giant body to slam to the ground, leaving a deep hole on the messy ground. Lu Ze looked at the hole on the ground without any expression. In the hole was the dying blue bird.

He sighed and couldn’t help but smack his lips.

He thought that he could deal with the blue bird using two punches, he didn’t expect that he needed to use three.

It was a miscalculation.

The truth had revealed that just having confidence wasn’t enough.

The whole hunting process merely took three punches and a very short while, but Lu Ze felt strong energy coming from all around him at this moment.

His brows were raised slightly as he looked at the blue bird slowly turning into ashes in the hole.

He obviously had to take the spoils before leaving

After a few breaths, the blue bird’s corpse had completely turned into ashes, leaving only an orb and a G.o.d art gla.s.s ball.

Lu Ze happily picked up the orb and G.o.d art gla.s.s ball.




The originally vague roars became clear at this moment, and the aura, which was constantly coming closer in all directions, stirred in the air—the s.p.a.ce became slightly constrained.

Lu Ze furrowed his brows. He looked at the sky afar, and he could roughly see a number of beasts’ shadows.

What’s happening here? There shouldn’t be so many strong beasts appearing, right?

Are they here to send the blue bird off?

The beasts on this map want to be good friends at a time like this?

This doesn’t make any sense.

The wings of wind and lightning flapped. Lu Ze was flying in the sky once again with a frown.

Did he seem to be surrounded?

There weren’t any G.o.d art beasts, but there were dozens of aperture opening state beasts who were close to 200 to 300 apertures, even 400 apertures.

Logically speaking, with so many powerful beasts, the area should be quite s.p.a.cious and the after-effects of the fight with the blue bird wouldn’t travel so far, right?

Why were these beasts gathering here?

Although Lu Ze was very curious, it wasn’t the right time to be a curious baby.

He watched as the beasts came over to surround him, and his gaze turned icy. Did the guts of these beasts freeze in the freezer for a long time? Why were they so brave?

There wasn’t even a single G.o.d art beast. Who gave them the courage to surround him, huh?

Seems like it was time to display his real skills!

After a short while, the beasts were only a few kilometers away from Lu Ze.

There were the black leopard, giant cat, python, antelopes, and various powerful beasts.

Their eyes were red and ferocious, the light of G.o.d art was s.h.i.+ning from their bodies as they stared at Lu Ze.


The distance of a few kilometers was nothing to these beasts, and they launched their attacks as they roared.

Wind blade, thunder spears, spirit force light pillar, energy ball, and more—all sorts of attacks were launched toward Lu Ze.

Other than the powerful attacks, s.p.a.ce was distorted, and energy waves were rolling. The air was oppressive like it was the end of the word.

Lu Ze’s black hair was dancing in the wild winds. He looked at the attacks coming toward him from all directions, and his mouth twitched.

Oh my G.o.d! So strong?

The star crippling punch at full force could release an attack of over 500 apertures but this sort of attack could only be done 4 times. Even though he was slightly stronger now, 5 times would be the limit.

He had already used it thrice and had used up half of the energy in his body. He was still slowly recovering at this moment.

Other than the star crippling punch, his strongest attack was the green jade slash, and its attack power hasn’t reached 400 apertures yet. This sort of attack could already be a threat to him.

Of course, if Lu Ze fled right now, it would be easy by relying on his wings of wind and lightning.

At such a time, should he choose fear or be a real man for five seconds?

Was this question very difficult?

Lu Ze’s face turned frosty, and he scoffed coldly. The wings of wind and lightning flapped behind him, immediately turning into a stream of light as he pa.s.sed by all the attacks and found a route to charge out.

These big bosses were stronger-he fled, he fled!

As the saying goes, ‘Where there is life, there is hope.’

As a cool and emotionless game player, Lu Ze obviously chose to wait until they split up and take them down one by one.

This way, it would definitely become easier to harvest.

This is called strategic diversion!

But remember this: I will return!!

With the wings of wind and lightning, Lu Ze’s speed was extremely fast. He managed to travel many kilometers in a short while, getting out of the beasts’ circle of siege.

However, this consumed quite a lot of his energy. Usually, Lu Ze wouldn’t do this unless he was fighting with the blue bird, but he didn’t have a choice now.

After Lu Ze fled, he hid among the bushes in order to recover.


More than a dozen powerful attacks collided, giving off a deafening explosion.

The violent waves of energy surged behind Lu Ze, and he couldn’t help but smack his lips.

If he didn’t flee right then, he would have become ashes by now.

At this moment, the powerful beasts then realized that Lu Ze had fled.

They turned around instantly, and their bloodshot eyes looked at Lu Ze’s direction as they chased after him.

When Lu Ze saw this, he raised his brows and didn’t really mind. These beasts weren’t intelligent, how could they catch up to him?

He used the wings of wind and lightning at full force, and his speed was over 600 apertures. Although it could only last for about 3 minutes, it was enough to shake these beasts off.

Just at this moment, Lu Ze’s expression changed once again.

He lifted his head and looked ahead, realizing that there was another wave of beasts’ aura in the air. Also, Lu Ze even felt a familiar G.o.d art beast’s aura.

Lu Ze: “???”

What’s happening here? All the powerful beasts shouldn’t be appearing in this area at the same time, right??

These beasts are all interested in him?

They even traveled so far just to look for him?


More than a dozen beasts charged over and opened their blood-filled mouths as they launched their attacks toward him.

Lu Ze turned his head and looked at the attacks coming at him. He used the wings of wind and lightning, and his body moved in a flash, dodging all the attacks.

Then, he could vaguely see the huge figure of a black tiger a few hundred kilometers away, and the countless figures of other beasts.

Lu Ze pursed his lips slightly; he didn’t know why, but he felt like he was being picked on.

A cold light flashed in his eyes, and he looked at the dozen beasts that wanted to continue to attack him.

d.a.m.n it!

If I don’t show you guys something, you guys will think I’m weak, huh??

Since you don’t want to let me go, let’s have a good time then!

Green jade slas.h.!.+ A green light flickered in Lu Ze’s eyes, and two bright green wind blades that were over a few meters long were formed.

Die, all of you!


A rune flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes and the green jade slash disappeared in the air. One of them cut into a giant black cat that had gray fog all around its body.

The aura of this giant cat was close to 400 apertures, it was very powerful. Moreover, its G.o.d art was the 1st regeneration G.o.d art and body G.o.d art. If Lu Ze didn’t use this move, he might not have any other way to defeat it.

However, this green jade slash wasn’t used to kill it, but to stall it.

The python which had the weakest aura was also slashed.


The python’s aura was merely around 200 apertures. It didn’t have time to defend against Lu Ze’s attack, so its head was cut off.

Its giant head was separated from its body and fell to the ground with fresh blood spewing everywhere, staining the sky red, and its body was still moving.


The other green jade slash was snapped off by a gigantic black cat’s claw.

The violent wind blade swept in all directions, adding a few wounds to the weaker beasts around them.


The gigantic black cat turned its head and looked at the python with its separated head and body slowly falling to the ground, and roared ferociously at Lu Ze.

This two-legged beast actually dared to resist!

It roared and pounced at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze looked at the gigantic black cat with a violent aura pouncing toward him, and his lips curved upwards.


When fighting, obviously attacking the crackling skin at the back was the way to go. This fella is so meaty, so he obviously chose to give up. His wings of wind and lightning flashed, and although it wasn’t the fastest speed, it was very hard for the gigantic black cat to catch up as it didn’t have a speed G.o.d art.

Lu Ze dodged the black cat’s attack and used the green jade slash at the same time to attack the weaker beast.


The beasts were clearly stunned and kept roaring in anger.

This doesn’t make sense—why were they angrier when he had withdrawn a little??

This shouldn’t happen!

And the strongest beast in this wave, the gigantic black cat, let out a louder roar of anger.

This two-legged beast was capable of killing its little brother, why doesn’t he come for me, then!

Happy times were always short.

After a short while, a deep and threatening roar interrupted Lu Ze’s happiness.

As a G.o.d art beast, the black tiger may not have a speed G.o.d art, but its power was stronger than the blue bird; its speed was comparable and was quite close to Lu Ze’s.

A menacing light flickered in its black pupils, and it let out an earth-shaking roar.

A black spirit force claw with a domineering aura formed over Lu Ze. The giant claw was over hundreds of square meters, and it smacked down toward Lu Ze like it was smacking a mosquito.