Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 297 - You Have Me Here

Chapter 297 - You Have Me Here

Chapter 297 You Have Me Here

In the dark training grounds, Lu Ze and Lu Li stood opposite each other.

Lu Ze smiled at Lu Li. “Okay, Li, let’s begin.”

Despite the area being very dark, it didn’t affect martial artists of Lu Ze’s caliber at all.

Even without mental force, he could even see in the dark with just his eyes.

At this moment, Lu Li smiled. “Brother, I’m going to attack then.”

Afterward, Lu Li’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Lu Ze felt a little bit surprised.

Even with his current eyes, he couldn’t see where Lu Li went.

Interesting. This darkness G.o.d art was quite powerful. Suddenly, a white palm appeared in the darkness. It was shrouded in black mist and headed toward Lu Ze’s back.

Lu Ze turned around and tapped on her palm, saying, “Li, you still revealed your chi.”


Then, the darkness grew darker. Even the starlight was covered.

Lu Ze looked around and felt this was interesting. Her G.o.d art wasn’t bad indeed.

At this time, dark mist br.i.m.m.i.n.g with darkness headed toward Lu Ze’s ligaments.

He tapped his feet and dodged with abstruse martial state power and speed.

The darkness seemed to have become Lu Ze’s enemy. He felt like he was sinking in the mud every time he moved.

From time to time, there were dark mists that turned to arrows and attacked Lu Ze. Lu Li also launched an attack against Lu Ze in the dark.

However, Lu Ze’s combat techniques weren’t bad. He dodged Lu Li’s attack casually and said, “Li, is this your level?”

When Lu Li saw Lu Ze’s smirking face, she bit her lips. Her eyes grew even darker, and a few black figures formed, attacking Lu Ze at the same time.


Interesting, but the chi was too chaotic, and they were much weaker than the main body.

Despite so, Lu Ze could tell that Lu Li worked hard on the usage of darkness G.o.d art.

Lu Ze patted the clones away and blocked Lu Li’s attack. “Your improvement is quite big. You’ve been working really hard this time, right? You are much stronger than I am when I did the graduation trials.”

Lu Li grinned.

After a few hundred attacks, Lu Li collapsed on the ground panting.

Lu Ze looked at the drenched Lu Li and sat next to her.

He didn’t say anything.

The darkness receded and starlight shone through the area once again.

The sound of Lu Li’s heavy breathing became very distinct in the dark silent training grounds.

Moments later, Lu Ze smiled. “During this time, mom and dad have been very worried. Be careful not to overwork yourself and make them worry.”

Lu Li felt a bit stunned due to his words. She pouted her lips. “I’m fine… I’m just working hard on cultivation. My talent isn’t good. I have to work hard.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Even without his...o...b.., her talent was already much stronger than most people. Now that she had awakened a G.o.d art and had his red orbs, she was definitely a prodigy among prodigies.

Did her heart not ache when she said such things?

He glanced at her pulsating chest.

Mhm, there was probably too much fat stored there, so she can’t feel her conscience.

With his hands on his head, Lu Ze lay down next to Lu Li. He smiled. “Don’t worry, you have me here. You won’t be weaker than anyone else.”

As soon as he said this, Lu Li couldn’t resist laughing

The moment she laughed, Lu Li restrained herself.

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked at Lu Li in confusion. Seeing the expression on her face, he was planning to speak when Lu Li interrupted. “I didn’t laugh. You heard it incorrectly. You’re not allowed to ask, or I will tell dad what you said to me.”

Lu Ze: “???”

What did he say?

Anyways, it was best that he didn’t ask.

Otherwise, dad would probably break his leg.


With dad’s current power, he probably can’t break his leg even if he let him.

This was great.

Lu Li thought of something and said, “Where is that doll?”

Lu Ze took out the panda plus.h.i.+e he hung around his chest.

“It’s still fine. Do you really want to switch?”

He protected this even on the battlefield on the 25th planet.

Who knows what she would do if she knew this doll was broken?

Lu Li didn’t answer. She took Lu Ze’s doll and then took out hers from her robes. “Take it.”

Lu Ze took it and became dazed. There seemed to be sweat on it.

He glanced at her strangely. She’s not wearing this on her body, right?

Lu Ze wore it under Lu Li’s gaze.

Seeing this, Lu Li showed a happy expression. She then looked at her doll. The blood was gone. It looked exactly the same when she gave it to Lu Ze.

He protected it well.

Lu Li happily wore the doll. “Okay, let’s go back, or dad would be worried.”

Lu Ze just realized it now. With their dad’s personality, he really would think he was doing something to Lu Li. The two walked outside.

Back at home, Lu Ze cleaned himself and went to his room.

The next morning, Lu Ze opened his eyes and heard Alice’s energetic voice. “Li Li, we’re going to cla.s.s!”

Lu Ze couldn’t resist laughing. The version of Alice who cried last time felt like a dream.

Indeed, it was more suitable for her to smile.

He came to Lu Li’s room and knocked. “Can I come in?”

Lu Li was changing her clothes while Alice rolled around on the bed, smiling as she watched.

Alice was just about to talk when Lu Li said, “Wait, I’m changing clothes!”

Moments later, the door opened, and Alice looked at Lu Ze with a bright smile. “Good morning, senior schoolmate!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Good morning, Alice.”

Lu Li then groaned. “What are you doing here so early in the morning?” She was startled by the knock on the door.

Lu Ze replied with a smile, “To give you guys the light orbs. I’m about to go back to school.”

Alice was shocked. “This soon?”

Lu Li also looked at him.

Lu Ze nodded.

Then, Lu Ze gave several red orbs, which had acc.u.mulated up to aperture opening state, to them and told them what level of energy they were.

Alice smiled at Lu Ze. “After a while, my mother will be able to wake up. This is all thanks to you, senior schoolmate.”

Lu Li narrowed her eyes. She forgot to ask what was the relations.h.i.+p between Lu Ze and that short-haired senior schoolmate.She hadn’t even solved Alice yet, and there was another enemy already.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Alice, you’ve always been cooking so much delicious food for me. I am very grateful to you. It’s great if aunty can recover.”

Alice smiled. “I will always cook for senior schoolmate.”

Then, she waved her hand to Lu Ze. “Senior schoolmate, we’re going to school then.”

Lu Li smiled gently at Lu Ze and left the room.

Lu Ze touched his chin.

Alice’s words seemed like a confession of love?

Was that true?