Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 298 - Why Can You Touch Yingying?

Chapter 298 - Why Can You Touch Yingying?

Chapter 298 Why Can You Touch Yingying?

Lu Li and Alice went to school while Lu Wen and Fu Shuya went to work. Naturally, Lu Ze went back to his room to cultivate.

At lunchtime, he went downstairs and saw that Merlin had prepared a table of spirit food.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. This was amazing.

When Merlin saw Lu Ze come downstairs, he said stiffly, “Come, this is mortal evolution level spirit food. I’ve dealt with it. It’s suitable for you now.” Seeing Merlin’s face, Lu Ze felt it was funny.

Clearly, uncle Merlin didn’t want to cook for him, but he had to. It must have felt pretty bad.

But even so, Lu Ze still felt touched.

He smiled at him. “Thank you, uncle Merlin.”

With stiffness in his voice, Merlin replied, “No need to thank me.”

Next time, he would raise the bar for the kid!

He didn’t believe he would lose every time!

After lunch, Merlin looked at Lu Ze and said, “Kid, you’re getting strong quite fast, but you also need to build a solid foundation. Be careful when you partic.i.p.ate in missions.”

After Lu Ze heard his words, he nodded. “Mhm, don’t worry, I will. Thank you for worrying.”

Merlin sneered. “I’m worried that if you die, something will happen to Alice.”

Lu Ze smiled. Alice’s condition was very good now. With all the light orbs he left, even if she couldn’t completely awaken, it would be hard for her to end up in danger.

Merlin stood up. “Pack your own things, I’m going first.”

Then, he left and went out of the room.

Lu Ze looked at the empty plates and cleaned them up. Subsequently, he received Lin Ling’s message.

Lin Ling’s flying s.h.i.+p had set off. It would soon arrive on planet Lan Jiang. Then, the two would go back to school together.

Lu Ze stretched out first before leaving through the door.

It would probably be holidays before he can come back here.

Lu Ze recalled the terror of being surrounded by people at the security checks, so he took out his face mask and wore it.

At the s.p.a.ce station, Lu Ze met up with Lin Ling. She also wore a face mask.

Lu Ze laughed. She clearly forgot to wear a mask yesterday.

The two bought the tickets to the Dawn System and soon made it onto the s.h.i.+p.

The two went into the room which was similar to last time.

Once inside, Lin Ling felt relieved and took off her mask.

Lu Ze said with a smile, “You went off yesterday without wearing a mask too?”

Lin Ling seemed to have remembered something annoying. “Hmph! There were guys saying things about me behind my back. Did they really think I can’t hear it?”

Lu Ze raised a brow.

She was pretty and the strongest female prodigy among the new students. It would be normal for people to like her.

But clearly, she taught the person a lesson.

Lu Ze smiled. “It seems we need to remember next time.”

Lin Ling nodded and sat on the bed. Her eyes rolled, and she joked, “Did that little junior schoolmate cook for you again?”

In response, Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “If you’re so curious, why didn’t you come with me?”

Lin Ling stopped talking at this point.

Lu Ze then asked, “Is elder Lin happy with your progress?”

Lin Ling said pridefully, “Of course, look at who I am.”

“Haha, you still can’t beat me.”

“Lu Ze!” Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze.

She didn’t know what drug this guy fed his grandpa. When she went back, he even asked why she didn’t bring this guy back to their home.

Why would she do that?

Seeing that he seemed to be the cause of Lin Ling’s anger, Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, I’ll stop. Cultivate.”


Four days later, Lu Ze and Lin Ling went back to school.

This time they spent a total of eight days for the mission. This was quite long.

The mission verification had long been finished. Everyone got 2 million academic credits into their account. Currently, Lu Ze’s academic credits acc.u.mulated 12 million.

They didn’t go straight back to the dorms. Instead, they stopped at Nangong Jing’s home first.

Yingying was still sleeping there, and they were worried about her.

Lu Ze knocked on the door.

The door opened immediately, and Lu Ze and Lin Ling walked in.

The inside of the house was filled with wine bottles and scattered clothes. It was as though a hurricane visited the room.

Nangong Jing wore casual clothes and sat on the couch with a wine bottle. Her pretty face still had some redness.

Qiuyue Hesha sat on the side too.

After seeing the two come in, Nangong Jing grinned. “You’re both back?”

Then, she showed a smile. “You two have been alone for that many days, and yet, you two didn’t do ‘it?”

She shook her head at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze: “…”

He immediately retorted, “Haha, you’re already 30, and you’re still being rushed to get married. Do you have the right to talk about me…”

Before Lu Ze could finish, the alcoholic appeared in front of his face. The smell of wine mixed with a light body fragrance entered his nose, and then, he felt a familiar pain on his forehead.

Lu Ze: “???”

He then covered his painful forehead. “A man argues but doesn’t fight. You’re cheating!”


Nangong Jing said pridefully, “I’m a woman.”

Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing in disbelief. “Wha… what?! You’re actually a woman??”

Nangong Jing: “…” Lin Ling: “…”

Nangong Jing’s smile disappeared. Meanwhile, Lin Ling left this troubled land.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s body became stiff.

He wanted to beat himself up. Why did he speak the truth?

He felt his neck being locked, and then, severe pain emerged on his forehead. “Argh!… Teacher Nangong, I’m sorry!”

Lu Ze was going to remember this.

Nangong Jing let go of Lu Ze satisfyingly and then smiled at the other two. “You two don’t need to worry. Yingying is fine, let’s go have a look at her first.”

Lu Ze used regeneration G.o.d art to recover the lump on his forehead and went upstairs with Lin Ling.

Yingying was lying nicely on the bed. Her little body emanated faint starlight, which filled the dark room.

Yingying’s two hands were clenched into fists and sticking out a bit from the blanket. She still had drool on the side of her mouth.

Her chi seemed to contain this warm feeling. On the side, the three were surrounded by starlight. Their moods even felt calm.

Lin Ling smiled softly. “She seems fine.” Nangong Jing grinned. “I told you it was fine. We just don’t know much about the star spirit race. We don’t know when this sleep would end. Would it be like two thousand years


Lu Ze and Lin Ling smiled helplessly.

Subsequently, Lu Ze looked at Yingying’s round face and couldn’t resist poking it. Yingying immediately shrugged her neck.Seeing this, Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze. “What are you doing? You’re bullying her when she’s asleep.

Nangong Jing’s shocked voice could be heard at this time. “How can this be? How come you can touch Yingying?”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling: “???”

They saw how Nangong Jing look at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Lu Ze then asked in confusion, “Why, can’t you guys touch her?”

“We can’t! When Yingying just fell asleep, we could still touch her. However, after the appearance of the starlight, we couldn’t anymore!”

Lin Ling pointed her finger out and attempted to touch Yingying’s face. What shocked Lu Ze and Lin Ling was that Lin Ling’s finger pa.s.sed through Yingying as though there was nothing.

Now, even Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze in shock.