Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 296 - Let’s Turn Off the Lights

Chapter 296 - Let’s Turn Off the Lights

Chapter 296 Let’s Turn Off the Lights

Lu Ze agreed to Merlin’s terms. Soon after, white flames surged out as the s.p.a.ce distorted, forming a few kilometers of large s.p.a.ce.

At the same time, a transparent barrier appeared where Lu Li and Alice were.

When everything was ready, Merlin smiled. “Come, let me see your latest improvement.”

He was extremely happy. He hadn’t beaten this kid for a long time. He missed that feeling.

Lu Ze smiled as well. “Okay.”

I will let you see what the speed of the wind is like.

Purple and green lights flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

Wings of wind and lightning!

Subsequently, Lu Ze’s wings flapped, and he disappeared. He then reappeared behind Merlin.

He held his right fist as a black light wrapped around it, releasing terrifying power. The air even became twisted.

Star crippling punch!

Lu Ze twisted his waist and punched toward the back of Merlin.

The dark ray flashed with a metallic color.


Lightning roars left some cracks on the entire small dimension.

Merlin: “???”

Feeling this powerful wave, Merlin became dazed. What was this? That was wings of wind and lightning and star crippling


These two divine arts were considered high-level divine arts.

How was it so easily learned? Even with one month in the dao enlightenment room, it couldn’t be this fast.

And, the kid’s power was clearly beyond 500 apertures of aperture opening state.

Without hesitation, white flames flashed as he opened his right hand. The flame turned to meet the black fist force.


In a terrifying clash, deep black color and white flames filled the entire s.p.a.ce.

Lu Li and Alice were protected by the barrier. Thus, they didn’t feel any powerful chi.

Even though they had reached the abstruse martial state, they still couldn’t see the battle.

Lu Li bit her lips. Lu Ze was already this powerful?

She had worked so hard in cultivation, but she felt she was further and further behind.

Meanwhile, Alice looked with admiration. “Senior schoolmate is so strong!”

She never doubted her talent. If she completely awoke her G.o.d art, she would not be weaker than Lu Ze. She never thought about being unable to catch up to Lu Ze.

Alice just purely felt happy for Lu Ze’s improvement.

After one clash, Lu Ze and Merlin separated.

Seeing he didn’t get an advantage from his attack, Lu Ze was planning to attack once more when Merlin quickly said, “Wait!”

Lu Ze looked at Merlin, feeling confused. “What? Uncle Merlin, is the test finished now?”

Merlin’s face stiffened for a moment before he said, “Wait, let me get this right…” Something was definitely quite wrong with the situation.

He tested, “That was the wings of wind and lightning and star crippling punch, right?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yeah, is there a problem?”

Merlin: “…”

The problem was huge. Merlin asked again, “Cough, Ze… you’ve mastered wings of lightning and wings of the wind, right?”

“Mhm, I’ve perfected those two, so I could go learn wings of wind and lightning.”

Then, Lu Ze frowned. “However, the most advanced speed type of divine art seems to be just the wings of wind and lightning.”

Merlin: “…”

Did this kid mean that wings of wind and lightning couldn’t satisfy him?

As a high-level official of the Federation, he knew about Yingying too and wasn’t surprised Lu Ze had the academic credits to buy divine arts.

Even he would take a long time to learn divine art.

Although he pretty much learned all the available divine arts, he still remembered how tough it was.

Yet, this kid learned two this quickly??

He didn’t know that Lu Ze learned green jade slash too.

Merlin looked at Lu Ze’s stupid face. This kid didn’t seem like a smart person.

Lu Ze took a step back in vigilance. “Uncle Merlin, please have some self-respect.”

Lu Li and Alice were a bit confused.

However, they knew that Lu Ze definitely did something to shock Merlin.

Lu Ze tentatively asked, “Uncle Merlin, did I pa.s.s your test? The reward…”

Merlin replied, “You pa.s.sed.”

He was a star level being. Naturally, he wasn’t going to go back on his words.

But thinking about how he was going to cook for the man stealing his daughter, Merlin felt bad.

Thus, he planned to beat Lu Ze up again. This kid was getting too c.o.c.ky. He needs education.

At this moment, Alice said, “Dad, since it’s done, can we leave?”

Merlin: “…”

He looked at Alice’s vigilant eyes, and his mouth spasmed.

His daughter was too smart and knew him too well.

He put away his G.o.d art and glared at Lu Ze before showing a gentle smile at Alice. “Let’s go back.”

Alice waved her hand to Lu Ze. “Senior schoolmate, I’m going back first.”

Then, she left the training grounds with Merlin.

Only Lu Ze and Lu Li remained. The atmosphere turned silent.

Lu Ze thought of what his mom had said and looked at Lu Li with a puzzled expression.

Did she feel pressured?

When Lu Ze looked over, Lu Li gazed back and smiled gently. “Why are you looking at me like this, brother? Are you trying to do something to me while there is no one in the training grounds?”

Lu Ze: “…”

He rolled his eyes. “Don’t think too much. I just feel you’re not in the best mood, so I’m curious.”

Lu Li felt dazed for a moment before she answered, “Lu Ze, we haven’t sparred for a long time. Can you spar with me?”

Lu Ze remembered that they used to be sparring partners.

She used to take care of him when she was stronger.

Then, he looked strangely at her. Did she feel pressured because he became so much stronger?

No way.

He nodded. “Let me see how strong Li is

now.”Lu Li agreed and smiled.

“Then, let’s turn off the lights first.”


What has sparring got to do with turning off the lights?

Lu Li smiled brighter after seeing the shock on Lu Ze’s face. She said softly, “My G.o.d art is darkness G.o.d art. I’m the strongest in the dark. If you want to see my power, then it’s better to turn off the lights.”

After a moment, she said with surprise, “Was brother thinking about something strange?” “How was that possible?”

To prove himself, he turned off the lights.

Only a sliver of starlight shone through the window.