Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 295 - Good Thing I Learned Acting Skills

Chapter 295 - Good Thing I Learned Acting Skills

Chapter 295 Good Thing I Learned Acting Skills

Inside his room, Lu Ze looked at Fu Shuya in a daze.

Lu Li was quite charming when he was chatting with her.

Fu Shuya became silent for a while. Then, with complicated eyes, she said, “During these few months, that girl has been working very hard for cultivation. She didn’t rest at all. Originally, she was hard-working but not to this level.”

After a pause, she continued, “I can tell she is under a lot of pressure. I don’t know what exactly it is. Uncle Merlin and Alice probably can’t help her too. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be like this. I’m scared it will be bad for her if she goes on like this. If you have the chance, ask her about it and talk to her.”

Lu Ze frowned at her words. “Li feels pressured?”

Why would she feel pressured?

With her talent and the red orbs he gave her, the only person who could compete with her at school is Alice, right?

They can get into Federal University for sure, so why would she still feel pressured?

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He fell into contemplation.

Let me think.

After a moment, his eyes lit up. Was it because she was always with Alice? Did she feel Alice is more talented than her because of that?

Alice’s source flame is the top G.o.d art in the entire universe after all.

However, Lu Li has G.o.d art too. Alice’s source flame isn’t completely awakened. The difference should be huge.

Lu Ze thought for a while, and he still could not figure it out, so he gave up thinking. He would just ask her when he had the chance.

He smiled at Fu Shuya. “Don’t worry, mother. Leave it to me.”

Fu Shuya smiled and touched Lu Ze’s face. “Go, boy!”

Then, she went downstairs. Lu Ze followed too.

He planned to go check out Lu Li’s and Alice’s cultivation.

Lu Ze came before the training grounds and opened the door.

Inside, Lu Ze saw there was a huge pale egg in the center.

Lu Ze had seen this before. This was uncle Merlin’s expansive dimension.

He used to be severely beaten up in there for an entire month.

Thinking about this matter, Lu Ze felt sad.

But in that month, his power skyrocketed.

Without Merlin’s teachings, his life would have been in danger on the 25th planet.

He stared at the big egg. The big egg slowly turned into pale flames and was sucked into a region.

There stood a golden-haired handsome middle-aged man. His palm sucked in all the flames.

This man was Merlin.

As the egg disappeared, Lu Li and Alice appeared.

Seeing Lu Ze, their eyes lit up.

Subsequently, Lu Li stayed calm while Alice showed an angelic smile and ran up to Lu Ze, saying excitedly, “Senior schoolmate, you didn’t even tell me you were coming back! I could have prepared food for you!”

“Have you eaten yet?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Mhm, mother already cooked for me.”

When she heard his reply, Alice smiled. “Aunty always wanted to learn cooking, so she could surprise senior schoolmate. Her cooking is amazing now.”

Lu Ze smiled. “She complimented that you taught her well.”

Alice looked down in embarra.s.sment. “I was doing what I should.”

Merlin held his chest.

Ouch, my heart hurts. My cute daughter is leaving me. He needed to teach Lu Ze, this kid, a good lesson!

Lu Ze felt an evil gaze directed at him, and he immediately knew where it was from.

It must be this uncle Merlin!

When Lu Li saw Lu Ze chatting so happily with Alice, she went up and grabbed Lu Ze’s hand. “Brother, welcome back.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Alice: “…”

Lu Ze looked at Lu Li’s gentle smile in disbelief.

No way!

My sister isn’t this clingy! What is she thinking?

Is she trying to set him up?

Alice’s eyes flashed. She felt a little unsatisfied.

She hadn’t even held hands with Lu Ze yet.

Lu Li soon released his hands and smiled. “Have you seen mom and dad yet? They miss you a lot.”

Lu Ze nodded and then looked at the two. “How are your cultivation?” Merlin said pridefully, “They are both abstruse martial state level two. At the same time, they are also perfect spirit bodies. Their combat powers are near core martial state.”

He smiled. “With my teachings, their powers after a year will definitely surpa.s.s yours at that time.”

Lu Ze looked at the two in surprise. “That’s very strong indeed.”

It had only been two months. There was still a year left. Their powers at the graduation trials should be able to reach aperture opening state. Perhaps, those two will be like Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. They will become the strongest two female young dukes of the new generation.

By then, they would definitely shock the entire Federation.

Alice then smiled at Lu Ze. “How about it senior schoolmate? I’m not weak anymore.”

On the other hand, Lu Li looked firmly at him. “I will catch up to you.”

Lu Ze smiled. “You two were much stronger than me at that time.”

The stronger they were, the happier Lu Ze will be. However, it was unlikely that the two could surpa.s.s him. After all, they got their orbs from him.

Merlin smiled at him. It was time to beat this kid up.

He said seriously, “Cough! Catch-up ends here. Kid, I haven’t seen you for two months. Let me test your power.”

Lu Ze immediately looked at Merlin with vigilance.

Experience told him this old man wanted to beat him up.

What a joke! Was he going to fall for it so easily this time?

He smiled. “Uncle Merlin, you know, I just finished a mission and had an extremely intense fight. I was planning to get a good rest.”

Merlin wasn’t surprised at all with his answer. He nodded and said with regret, “I was planning to personally cook spirit food for you if your power was up to my standard. You know, I taught Alice. She’s very talented, but she lacks some experience…”

Merlin shook his head and planned to leave. “But now, what a pity…” Lu Ze: “!!!”

He looked at Merlin in disbelief.

Such a cruel heart!

Enticing him with food??

He coughed and said, “Uncle Merlin is my first teacher. Now that I’m back, of course, I need to let my teacher know my progress. Although I’m very tired now, for teacher Merlin, I can still fight!”

Merlin looked at Lu Ze worriedly. “Really? You don’t have to force yourself.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I am willing!”

Then, he tested. “Um… the specific conditions are?”

If it was too high, he would act that he was heavily injured. Lu Li: “…” Alice: “…”

Lu Li sighed. ‘Stupid Lu Ze, he was beyond help!’

Alice’s eyes lit up. It seemed food had a greater influence on Lu Ze than she had imagined

She had some bold ideas.

Merlin smiled. “Aperture opening state with 400 apertures and I’ll cook you a dish. Aperture opening state with 500 apertures and I’ll cook you an entire table.”

He felt no matter how talented this kid was, even with a month of dao enlightenment room cultivation, there was no way he would reach aperture opening state with 500 apertures.

Using a dish to get a chance to bash this kid up. This was h.e.l.la worth it!

Merlin felt great.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up too.

Aperture opening state with 500 apertures and he would get a table of spirit food?

This was too good.

He quickly controlled his face and maintained a serious expression, trying hard not to laugh.Then, he acted like he was distraught.

Eventually, he gritted his teeth and nodded at Merlin. “In that case, uncle Merlin must not use power greater than aperture opening state with 500 apertures.”

Merlin was extremely happy, seeing that Lu Ze fell for the bait. He still looked at Lu Ze with a worried expression. “Are you sure you don’t need to rest?”

He showed extreme concern for his student.

Merlin sneered-he read some acting books! Lu Ze nodded firmly. “Don’t worry! Teacher, I can do it!”

Merlin sighed. “You’re so obstinate… in that case, let’s begin.”

Lu Li and Alice: “…”