Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 294 - This Is Definitely the Worst Slander in History!

Chapter 294 - This Is Definitely the Worst Slander in History!

Chapter 294 This Is Definitely the Worst Slander in History!

The mansion district was very calm under the night sky.

Lu Ze quietly landed before his home.

When he turned to scan the area from the yard to the mansion up to the training grounds, he couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.

It was just a short two months, but he had been through life and death situations several times.

The lights in the mansion and the training grounds were both switched on. He looked at the direction of the training ground. It was probably uncle Merlin training Lu Li and Alice.

In that case, his parents should be at home.

With that thought, Lu Ze smiled. He should see his mom first, or he might receive a beating.

Upon the moment Lu Ze landed, Merlin, who was teaching the two girls, suddenly paused.

Alice looked at Merlin in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong, father?”

Merlin shook his head and smiled. “Nothing, let’s continue.”

Lu Ze was back?

Was he here for Lu Li’s and Alice’s cultivation resources?

It was a good thing the kid remembered, or he would have spoken to him about this.

During this period, the progress of the two girls decelerated—it got slower and slower.

Although it could be considered fast compared to other people, it still made him a little dissatisfied.


This kid seemed to be quite famous in the Federation. What was his power like now?

As his first teacher, Merlin felt he had the responsibility to test Lu Ze. Of course, this definitely didn’t have anything to do with Alice being so happy when she heard the kid was coming back.

Definitely not!

While Merlin was submerged in his thoughts, Lu Li and Alice could not help but notice the various changes in his expressions. They chose not to comment on it any further.

When Lu Ze opened the door, he saw Lu Wen sitting on the couch, looking at his computer, while Fu Shuya was chatting with her friends. She seemed to be very happy.

The two had heard the sound of the door opening, but they could only attribute it to Merlin finis.h.i.+ng with the training early. They turned their heads in surprise.

Did their cultivation practice end this quickly today?

However, when they saw Lu Ze walk inside, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya became dazed for a moment.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Um, I’m back.”

The atmosphere turned a little strange. Did he do something wrong, or was it that his parents couldn’t even recognize him?

No way.

Hearing this, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya finally reacted.

Fu Shuya’s eyes went red. She then jumped to hug Lu Ze.

“Good boy, how did you come back suddenly?”

She rubbed Lu Ze’s hair and smiled. “If I knew you were coming back earlier, we would’ve waited for you for dinner. I’ve been studying cooking with Alice, and my cooking skills have improved greatly!”

Lu Ze felt relieved. He almost thought that he had read the situation incorrectly.

Before he could speak, Fu Shuya said, “I’ll go cook your favorite dish for you.”

Then, she happily ran to the kitchen.

Lu Wen was a little jealous. Why was there a disparity in treatment between him and the son?

He was quite happy Lu Ze was back before, but he would like to take it back at this point.

Lu Wen put down his computer and said, “You’re back.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

Lu Wen stared at Lu Ze for a moment and said, “On the battlefield… dad was proud of


Due to his words, Lu Ze smiled in embarra.s.sment. “I was just doing what I could.”

This old man didn’t compliment him like this on the phone. Now, he knew how to compliment people, huh?

Not bad, at least there was progress.

Then, Lu Wen glared at Lu Ze. “Don’t smile, you don’t know how worried your mom was!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Dad, you’ve said that.”

Lu Wen opened his mouth and then patted Lu Ze on the shoulder. “You’re old now. You should have your own decisions. Just don’t regret them.”

Lu Ze nodded seriously.

Subsequently, Lu Wen’s handsome face revealed a lewd smile. “Tell me about it, you’re quite famous in school now, right? Do you have any girls you like? Why don’t you bring one back for us?”

Lu Ze was speechless. “You still haven’t given


This guy always wanted to find a girlfriend for him. Every time he wanted to talk about this, Lu Ze quickly hung up.

Dad was very hard working for Li.

Were fathers a control freak when it comes to their daughters?

Uncle Merlin was like this too.

Lu Wen glared at him. “I’m saying this for your benefit. It’s time you find a girlfriend.”

Then, his eyes lit up. “That short-haired girl from the battlefield is quite pretty. She seems quite close to you.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He finally understood Nangong Jing’s terror now.

He was only 18.

Why? Seeing how Lu Ze was not responding, Lu Wen spoke again. “And Alice, although Merlin rejected it once, I still believe you can do it.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He could already imagine Merlin smiling at him amicably.

Half an hour later, Lu Wen said to the lifeless Lu Ze, “Let me tell you about how I chased your mom… puff…”

Lu Ze listened expressionlessly about how the two started out up until now.

At this moment, Fu Shuya came back and subjugated Lu Wen.

She glared at Lu Wen with a red face and then smiled at Lu Ze. “Good boy, go eat dinner, it’s ready.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he smiled. “Mother is the most beautiful woman in the world…”

Mother was indeed the savior!

Lu Ze put down his chopsticks, feeling satisfied.

The familiar taste. It was amazing!

Fu Shuya smiled. “How is it? Is it nice?”

Lu Ze quickly nodded. “Congratulations on your improvement, mother! Your food is number one in the world!”

Fu Shuya smiled and said, “Don’t compliment me. Alice taught me well. She can cook much better than I can.”

Then, she looked at Lu Ze with a complicated expression. “By the way, Alice sent you cooked food?”

Lu Ze nodded at her question. “Yes.”

Fu Shuya retained her complicated expression. Alice was a good child, she really liked her. But if possible, she would want Lu Li to be with Lu Ze.

She glared at Lu Ze and said, “Come, boy, I have something to tell you.”

Subsequently, Fu Shuya went upstairs.

Lu Ze followed in confusion.

Lu Wen wanted to go up too but was glared at by Fu Shuya, so he sat back down pitifully.

Lu Ze felt this was very interesting. His dad was a rather famous businessman on planet Lan Jiang. He was an autocrat outside.

However, at home, he was always subjugated by mother.

Upstairs, Fu Shuya took Lu Ze to his room.

Lu Ze saw how it was clean and tidy. Clearly, Fu Shuya cleaned it up for him.

Fu Shuya smiled. “How long are you planning to stay at home?”

Lu Ze said, “I’m going back tomorrow.”

“This quick?”

“Yes, it’s pretty busy at school.”

Fu Shuya nodded and didn’t say much.

Then, she touched Lu Ze’s face and said, “My good boy has grown up…”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “Mom, you said I’ve grown up. Don’t touch my face like that. That is for little kids…”


Fu Shuya glared at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze immediately said sycophantically, “… Um? Does it feel nice? If not, I’ll relax it a bit more?”

Fu Shuya laughed and rubbed Lu Ze’s hair. Then, she looked at Lu Ze with a complicated expression once more. “You have become better and better now and more and more liked by girls.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. Really?

He was a proud lone wolf!

This was definitely the biggest slander in history, but he didn’t dare to resist.

Fu Shuya said, “I want to talk to you about Li.”

Lu Ze became dazed. “Li? What about her?”