Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 291 - What Happens when the One Acting Cool Gets Eaten?

Chapter 291 - What Happens when the One Acting Cool Gets Eaten?

Chapter 291 What Happens when the One Acting Cool Gets Eaten?

On the barren lands of this planet, sword marks covered the entire soil. Green flames adhered to the stones and burned while emitting a corrosive chi.

The green flames covered the whole region of the sky.

At the border of the flames, a black ray surged, turning into a pillar of light. Accompanied by a thunderous sound, it struck through the flames.

Seeing the flames disperse, Lu Ze put away his punch calmly.

Everyone else looked calm. This level of self-destruction couldn’t hurt them from afar.

The only trouble was the green flame. It had a strong corrosive effect.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce warped behind them, and three figures wearing black robes appeared.

They were shrouded in darkness, and only two green specks of light flashed. They had green mist surrounding their palms which struck toward Lu Ze, Lin Ling, and Li Qingyun.

When their hands were about to touch Lu Ze and the others, the chi of the entire team was completely released. Margaret’s sword cut toward the black hand reaching for Lin Ling.

At the same time, Lin Ling’s spear appeared. Her eyes flashed as she angled the spear at the hand.

On the other hand, Li Qingyun’s white mist wrapped around the black hand reaching for him. Eldon’s sword flashed and slashed toward the hand.

Meanwhile, Margaret’s and Eldon’s other hands, which were covered with powerful spirit force and G.o.d art, struck toward the black figure on Lu Ze’s side.

Lu Ze also turned around. His right hand flowed with a black light and collided with the black hand.


An extremely terrifying chi erupted, which swept the surrounding tens of kilometers. The land cracked due to the aftermath, and hurricanes were formed.

The blue sky was painted in a myriad of colors. After the clash, the figures were pushed backward, standing a few hundred meters apart.

Lu Ze looked at the three figures. They were wearing hooded robes. The hood was tattered and looked as though it was made with bad quality.

He frowned. No matter what race they were, weren’t they a bit poor to be wearing such tattered clothes?

Margaret asked coldly, “Who are you guys?’

Li Qingyun and Eldon stepped forward, protecting Lu Ze and Lin Ling behind them.

The three turned their heads. Then, the middle one let out a deep laugh.

“Hahaha. Your talents are good, but soon, you will be mine.”

The one on the right said, “Life is too weak, become a part of us and live for millions, hundreds of millions of years, or even eternity.”

The one on the left said, “You guys should feel happy… after all, only monarchs, rulers and emperors can be immortal. This is our blessing.”

Their chi rose, and a green mist spurred from their bodies, dyeing the skies green.

This was a human territory. They weren’t dumb. These five humans are quite strong. It would take some time to deal with them. If something happens, things wouldn’t be good.

Lu Ze raised a brow after observing the enemies.

These three guys were quite strong. The chi of the one in the center was nearly 600 apertures. The ones on the side were around 500 and 400 apertures.

No wonder the b.l.o.o.d.y Night pirates were annihilated.

Seeing this, Lu Ze even felt a little happy deep inside.

It seems it was time to show off!

At this moment, he should be the one saying, ‘I’ll take him on and then wear his battle armor to fight that middle one.’

That way, his seniors would be very shocked.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze prepared himself and said, “Don’t worry, senior schoolmates…”

Just when Lu Ze was planning to act cool, the sky dimmed in an instant.

Lu Ze’s complexion changed. What happened now?

Both Lu Ze and the rest, as well as the three black-robed beings, looked at the sky with vigilance.

The blue sky sunk into darkness while the stars dimmed down, and the starlight also disappeared.

At the same time, the shape of a face emerged behind the three black figures. Only the mouth can be distinctively seen on this face. Starlight gathered on the dimmed skies once more.

This scene was the entry of a powerful boss.

Lu Ze looked at the familiar round face. It didn’t have other features, but even if it turned to dust, Lu Ze could tell this was the mouth that had been stealing the delicious food from him!

It’s you! Ying Aotian!

The big mouth opened and bit toward the three beings wearing black robes.

When they turned around and saw a huge mouth facing them, their green lights s.h.i.+vered. What was this?

They wanted to run but found they couldn’t move no matter what.

Thus, they could only watch as they were eaten by this round face.

Then, the round face frowned. The little mouth grunted, and the crisp voice of a little girl could be heard. “This tastes bad…”

Before she could finish, the round face disappeared, and the sky became clear again. Lu Ze heard Yingying’s familiar voice, and his face changed. She was his life’s enemy indeed! He was planning to act cool!

Yet, his target was just eaten by her like that.

What could he do?

Meanwhile, Lin Ling looked at the disappearing round face with some worry. Would Yingying’s stomach go wrong after eating random things like these?

She suppressed down her worry and planned to go back and teach Yingying not to eat bad food.

The three seniors looked at this scene, feeling stunned.

Those three were very strong, and they weren’t confident. They were planning to use their trump cards. Yet, what was this?

That round face formed with starlight just ate these three enemies?

Which pa.s.sing by G.o.d was this?

Margaret asked with uncertainty, “Did we see that type of starlight somewhere?”

Li Qingyun replied with uncertainty as well, “It seemed to happen not long ago, in the Dawn System.”

Eldon’s mouth spasmed. “How can it be? It didn’t have the chi like last time, and… it seems to be a little kid speaking?”

Margaret: “…”

Li Qingyun: “…” What kind of kid will do things like this?

Lu Ze and Lin Ling snuck a glance at the three seniors and then looked at each other.

Should they conform to the crowd and agree?

Moments later, Margaret thought of something and looked at Lu Ze. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, what did you want to say?”.

Lu Ze: “…”

He smiled stiffly. “Nothing…”

How dare Yingying eat the person he needed to act cool? He was going to remember this and give her less food!

Ning Dali looked outside the s.h.i.+p and realized that somehow the stars dimmed down in this region.

All the light of the stars seemed to have been sucked away. His face changed. “What’s going on?” He looked at the personnel. “Has the news been sent out?”

The worker looked outside at the eerie scene and sweated. He then said shakily, “It’s sent out.”

At this moment, the screen recovered, and the scene before them baffled them.

The five prodigies were still there, but those three guys were gone.

What happened to those three monsters with black robes?

How did they disappear?

They couldn’t have been eaten, right?