Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 292 - How About We Try Being Together Too?

Chapter 292 - How About We Try Being Together Too?

Chapter 292 How About We Try Being Together Too?

When Margaret heard him, she looked at Lu Ze in confusion but didn’t say much.

After some silence, Lu Ze said, “Senior schoolmate, should we report this back to the school and see if there are any more pirates or those strange beings?”

Li Qingyun nodded at him. “Lu Ze is right. According to the situation just then, the b.l.o.o.d.y Night pirates were already controlled. We just don’t know what race that was.”

Eldon nodded as well. “We’ll report this once we get back. They were eaten too quickly. We weren’t able to get any information. It appears that they don’t seem to be too friendly.”

Thinking how the powerful monsters were eaten in a blink, Eldon felt scared.

Margaret nodded at this point. “Mhm, we’ll contact commander Ning first and then see if we missed anyone.”

Margaret used a holographic communication. Subsequently, Ning Dali’s worried face appeared in the sky.

“Margaret, where are those three monsters?”

Margaret felt stunned at his question. She then asked in confusion, “You didn’t see it?”

Ning Dali shook his head. “For some reason, the screen stopped working.” Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at each other in surprise. From Dawn System to this place, the distance was nearly 10,000 light-years. Yingying should still be at Dawn System. How did she come and eat the three black-robed monsters?

A cosmic realm state being is too powerful. No wonder when she lost control, her chi could cover the entire Milky Way galaxy and even further.

That probably wasn’t Yingying’s limit, but they couldn’t say this.

Margaret said, “Commander Ning’s mission is just to deal with the b.l.o.o.d.y Night pirates, right? I will tell the school about the three black-robed monsters.”

“You saw what happened before the sky went dark, right?”

Ning Dali quickly nodded and smiled. “Your powers are amazing. Those pirates were worth nothing in your hands.”

Since they didn’t want him to care about the black robes, he wouldn’t.

He didn’t want to anyway. He was just a core martial state. That was strong in the Ning Kang system but nothing in the entire Federation.

Caring too much would cost his life.

Those b.l.o.o.d.y Night pirates had self-destructed. He could give a resolution to the victims.

Of course, there will still be punishments, but this was the best ending.

Hence, he felt much better now.

Margaret didn’t care about the compliments. She had heard this all too much on her missions.

The others had the same sentiments.

Margaret continued, “Since commander Ning has seen it all, then please cooperate with us to search for anything we missed out.”

Ning Dali nodded. “Okay.”

The five began searching in this area.

With Lin Ling’s G.o.d art and Ning Dali’s technology, the search was quite fast.

A few hours later, the entire area has been searched thoroughly, and there were no pirates who escaped. The five completely destroyed the s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p, which Lu Ze sliced, before returning to their flying s.h.i.+p and getting back on the wars.h.i.+p.

Inside the wars.h.i.+p, as soon as Lu Ze and the others got off, Ning Dali greeted them with a smile on his face.

“I was so lucky to have your help.”

If it weren’t for the five of them, those 11 aperture opening state pirates wouldn’t be so easy to deal with. Even if he could, those three black robes were very dangerous.

He wasn’t strong, but he had some keen eyes. From the clash, he could tell those three were stronger than the pirates.

Up until now, Ning Dali believed that the three black-robed monsters were killed by the five. He looked at their powers in a new light.

They were indeed the pinnacle prodigies of the human race.

Margaret smiled. “You’re too polite, commander Ning.”

Li Qingyun said plainly, “Please confirm that we’ve finished the mission.”

This guy had a rather normal att.i.tude to the team, but for those weaker people, he had a cold att.i.tude.

Eldon smiled. “I believe commander Ning is in a rush to get back too, isn’t it?”

Ning Dali didn’t mind their att.i.tudes and nodded. “Sure, we’ll go back now!”

They used warp jump to return to the Ning Kang system and came to the ruling planet.

Ning Dali confirmed their completion of the mission, and the Dawn Network went into the verification phase.

As long as the verification was complete, they would get the mission rewards.

After sending Lu Ze and his team off, Ning Dali left the building immediately. He had his own things to deal with.

With this, the five smiled.

Eldon grinned. “This mission was full of twists and turns, but we have earned a huge reward! 10 million academic credits, everyone can get 2 million.”

Li Qingyun also showed a smile. “It’s because we’re lucky to get this mission.”

Margaret stretched her back. Her beautiful curves made Eldon unable to resist looking over. Then, she smiled. “Qingyun is right. Normally, these missions would at most reward half the amount. We’re lucky to be able to get this mission.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling didn’t feel much. They had too many academic credits that 2 million didn’t seem a lot.

Lu Ze sighed. He was once a wealthy man, but he was only wealthy for a few days. After buying a divine art, he was immediately poor.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. She also had 100 million academic credits. He wondered how much she had left.

Should he ask her to be his sugar mommy?

As soon as this idea came out, Lu Ze killed it.


Lin Ling felt a little alarmed from Lu Ze’s look. She frowned. “What’s wrong?”


Margaret then said, “Okay, let’s go back.” When Lu Ze heard her words, he said, “Um, senior schoolmate, you guys go back first, I’m going back home.” “Go home?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, my home is 800 light-years away from here.”

Margaret asked, “Are you going back alone?” On the side, Lin Ling said, “I’m going back too.”

Eldon looked strangely at the two. “Your homes are located in the same place?”

Lin Ling said, “The same solar system.”


The three nodded in some strange enlightenment.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling: “…”

He was certain that these people were thinking of something strange.

Margaret smiled. “Then, we’ll go back first. We’ll send you the academic credits reward.”

Eldon nodded. “We won’t disturb you guys.”

Li Qingyun also nodded.

This had happened so many times that Lin Ling became powerless to explain it anymore.

The group bid their farewells. Afterward, Lu Ze and Lin Ling flew to the s.p.a.ce station.

Margaret looked at them and sighed. “It’s really good to be young. Good to have an evenly matched partner.”

Eldon grinned at her words. “Margaret, are you jealous? Seeing how we’re in our last year of university, why don’t we try being together?”

Li Qingyun sneered. “Eldon, you are a student of Emperor Capital Academy. What are you doing here? p.i.s.s off!”

“What’s this got to do with school? Do you think I can’t beat your head right away!”


Two eyes widened, and Margaret glanced at them, thinking they seemed to be dumb people. “Are you guys still going back? And, don’t even think about it, both of you. You’re both weaker than me. Hurry up and cultivate first.”

Hearing this, their eyes lit up.

Cultivate first?

That meant they had a chance? The two glanced at each other, and there was more compet.i.tion in their eyes.