Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 290 - Can His Heart Get Some Rest?!

Chapter 290 - Can His Heart Get Some Rest?!

Chapter 290 Can His Heart Get Some Rest?!

Lu Ze and Lin Ling frowned when they heard Li Qingyun’s reply. It was the same with them too?

Eldon looked at the orderly lined up s.p.a.ce pirates behind Lu Ze and said with a strange expression, “I’ve long heard how junior likes to arrange blade demons neatly. I didn’t expect you still have this fetish.”

Lu Ze smiled with embarra.s.sment. “I’m used to it. It was an accident.”

On the other hand, Li Qingyun said, “There should be more than this, right? Where are the rest?”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “I killed them.”

Eldon and Li Qingyun looked at Lu Ze with surprise.

There should be more than two hundred people left, and Lu Ze just killed them. How fierce.

But they didn’t say much since it was s.p.a.ce pirates. They would do the same if necessary.

At this moment, these core martial states smiled in an eerie manner again and chanted, “Life is obscure, only death is eternal.”

Li Qingyun and Eldon heard the words and frowned. “What are they?”


Lu Ze shook his head. “It seems to be some secret technique or G.o.d art. The people I killed also turned to dust.”

Both the eyes of thee two narrowed. At this moment, the two heavily injured aperture opening states heard the voices of the core martial states and woke up.

They also looked at Lu Ze and the rest with an eerie smile.

Lin Ling said, “Let’s go check how senior schoolmate Margaret is.”

The group nodded at her words.

After all, Blood Night Demon Emperor was the captain. Did he know his men became like this or was he like this too?

In that case… things wouldn’t be so simple.

The four came to where Margaret and Blood Night Demon Emperor were fighting. Their battle was still in a stalemate, but Blood Night Demon Emperor’s foundation wasn’t as good as Margaret.

Margaret was the number one in the Federal University. She had a divine art as well.

The Blood Night Demon Emperor received quite some wounds.

Margaret’s face went cold, and she disappeared.

Blood Night Demon Emperor s.h.i.+fted his weapon to slice through behind him.

The few hundred-meter long blood sword ray cut into the ground.


The earth had tens of kilometers long crack, which emitted a faint blood chi.

This time, he wasn’t able to predict Margaret’s attack and missed her.

Behind him, a faint gray sword ray pierced into the blood mist and sliced open the battle armor, leaving a huge wound on his body.

Blood poured out from his back.

Margaret wanted to keep attacking, but a b.l.o.o.d.y light surged from all over Blood Night Demon Emperor’s body. Margaret paused from the shock. Then, his body disappeared in a blood mist and reappeared a few hundred meters away.

He didn’t run away and looked at Lu Ze and others. He grinned, showing the same eerie smile.

Lu Ze’s face changed. This guy was the same? “Hahaha, this pirate group is quite hated to draw a bunch of prodigies like you.”

Everyone frowned when they heard the words of the Blood Night Demon Emperor.

This pirate group?

This guy was indeed long dead like the others.

Margaret frowned and then looked at Lu Ze and the rest of the team. “What happened?”

Lu Ze stretched out and smiled. “These people seemed to have already died. The one controlling them is probably the undead race, but the person seems a little r.e.t.a.r.ded.”

Blood Night Demon Emperor’s smile stiffened. Then, he said plainly, “This will be it for now. We will meet again.”

“At last, I’ll give you a final present.”

Then, all the pirates’ eyes turned green, and their chi surged. Lu Ze’s face changed. “They’re going to self-destruct!”

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. He then grabbed Lin Ling as his wings of wind and lightning appeared. He flapped his wings and took Lin Ling away. The seniors left immediately at the same time.


A terrifying and deafening explosion occurred. The howling green fire spread in all directions with spirit force and chased after them.

Lu Ze frowned. A black light appeared on his fist as he punched out.

Star crippling punch!


A black fist force tore through s.p.a.ce and smashed the green fire away.

The fire fell to the ground. The ground managed to absorb it. Stones were slowly eroded due to the green fire.

Moments later, the fire finally was quenched.

Meanwhile, on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Ning Dali had been watching the situation nervously.

This concerned his future. Seeing Margaret fight evenly with Blood Night Demon Emperor and the other two not fearing these pirates, they finally relaxed.

But when they saw the hundreds of pirates smile eerily and say those things, everyone felt a chill.

“What… is going on?”

One person asked shakily.

Ning Dali frowned and looked at the screen.

This situation was beyond his expectations.

When they saw Lu Ze kill a pirate and the pirate turned to dust, the surveillance room sunk into silence.

Even Ning Dali’s lips quivered.

What was this?

Was this some strange cult?

Why did it happen in his territory?

The workers were pale-faced.

They had all served the military and seen quite some death, but such an eerie death wasn’t something martial artists or their level could witness.

“Would this be Lu Ze’s means?”

Everyone tried to make a guess.

Ning Dali glared. “Don’t say that! You saw his clips on the battlefield. He didn’t do this.”

He fell silent and said, “Send this clip to the mission department of the Dawn System and tell them to decide… what?!”

Ning Dali’s eyes bulged. Lu Ze killed all the pirates hiding in the s.h.i.+p, and yet, they all turned to dust.“Do… do I send it now?” The person looked at Ning Dali.

Ning Dali said, “Wait, let’s see what happens.” When they saw Li Qingyun and Eldon kill the aperture opening state pirates and capture one while Lu Ze brought back the captives, they cheered.

When the eerie smile appeared once more, all the s.p.a.ce pirates, including Blood Night Demon Emperor, all self-destructed!

This was so intense that Ning Dali and the others became worried.

When he saw Lu Ze punch the blast away with one fist, Ning Dali’s heart finally rested.

Yet at this moment, three figures wearing black cloaks appeared behind Lu Ze and the rest.

They were shrouded in green mist. At this moment, they stretched out their black palms toward Lu Ze and his team.

Can his heart get some rest?