Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 284 - Annihilation Mission

Chapter 284 - Annihilation Mission

Chapter 284 Annihilation Mission

Early the next morning, Lu Ze opened his eyes. He had finished a night of cultivation.

Today, he had a cla.s.s in the morning. After one month, he decided to attend his cla.s.s.

After all, he only seemed to have one cla.s.s in the morning…

Cough, he said he wasn’t going to skip cla.s.s…

But that was an external factor, he couldn’t do anything about it!

Coming out, Lu Ze knocked on Lin Ling’s door.

Soon, Yingying popped her head out. When she saw Lu Ze, her eyes lit up. “Lu Ze!”

Lu Ze smiled and pinched Yingying’s face. “Where is sister Lin Ling?”

Lin Ling’s voice could soon be heard. “Lu Ze? Come in.”

For some reason, Lu Ze felt that she gritted her teeth when she spoke.

He became confused. He didn’t bully her, did


When he went in, he saw Lin Ling preparing breakfast for Yingying. Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

He came just at the right time. He had food now!

He happily sat with Yingying.

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Grandpa Lu, should I pour some food for you?”

Lu Ze opened his eyes in disbelief. Lin Ling was so nice today.

He nodded. “Yes!”

Lin Ling: “…”

A moment of silence later, Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze. “Go away!”

Then, she poured food for Yingying and ignored Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was helpless. Compared to Yingying, he had no human rights. He looked at Lin Ling in confusion. “You seem to be angry?”.

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze. “You didn’t look at the forums, did you?” “Forums? I rarely look at that.” Lin Ling smiled. “Nothing.”

At this moment, someone knocked on Lin Ling’s door again.

She smiled. “I’ll go open the door.”

Lu Ze nodded. For some reason, he saw an intense killing intent from Lin Ling’s smile.

Who made her angry?

The door opened, and Ye Mu’s voice came out. “Lin Ling? You and Ze are back indeed. I went to knock on Ze’s door, but no one responded. I said he would definitely be at your place. Are you guys living together now… argh” Before Ye Mu could finish, he howled in pain and made a big splash in the lake. Lu Ze recalled that this guy couldn’t control his mouth last time too.

Right now, he didn’t care about it and focused on s.n.a.t.c.hing the food from Yingying’s mouth.

However, he couldn’t beat her to it. She was the big demon king.

Lu Ze was very disappointed.

At this moment, Lin Ling brought Ian, Xuan Yuqi, and the rest inside. Lastly, the drenched Ye Mu entered the room as well.

Seeing Lu Ze, Ian’s eyes flashed, and he groaned. “Ze, you didn’t even tell us you went to solitary cultivation. We thought something happened to you guys.”

Lu Ze saw that for some reason Ian’s face was red again.

He smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t think of it at the time.”

Xavier scratched his head. “Ze, someone said in the forums that you’ve stayed in the dao enlightenment room for a month. You guys are famous now. Some people don’t believe it though. Many people are waiting for you to challenge the martial trial tower for the second time.”

People could challenge the martial trial tower three times a month.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling only went in there once and disappeared.

Now that they were out, all the martial arts students of the Dawn System were waiting for their new results.

Lu Ze became dazed. He didn’t think about challenging the martial trial tower again. With his current academic credits, even if he did it, he wouldn’t get enough academic credits to buy a stronger divine art.

As for the academic credits from the total ranking, he didn’t need that.

Most importantly, he didn’t need a divine art for now.

Although he could use academic credits to buy resources, he didn’t need it since he had the red orbs.

He even had his own battle armor, so he truly didn’t need the academic credits much at all now.

Lu Ze had decided to accept a mission and visit home first.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled. “I don’t plan to challenge the martial trial tower now.”


Everyone’s eyes widened.

Those were academic credits! Lu Ze didn’t want to partic.i.p.ate? Ye Mu’s spirit force was unsealed by Lin Ling. He dried his clothes and said with pity, “Why not?”

Some senior schoolmates were starting to bet. He wanted to get first-hand info and earn big.

Lu Ze smiled. “Nothing, I’ve improved a lot lately. I need some time to settle.”

He then changed the subject. “How have you guys been this month?”

Lu Ze lent them 100,000 academic credits each. If they used it well, their progress wouldn’t be small.

Xuan Yuqi smiled. “We’re all in the top twenty among the first-year ranking list.” Tianyuan Qianhua smiled. “Our current power is at the primary stage of the core martial state!”

Although their cultivation level hadn’t reached the core martial state, the 100,000 academic credits were enough for them to buy stronger techniques. With their improvement in divine art, their combat power was finally at the core martial state.

They were definitely the top bunch among the new students.

Due to Lu Ze’s academic credits, they were famous in the martial arts faculty of the Dawn System.

Ye Mu revealed a lewd smile. “I’ve made huge progress toward becoming the dream of young girls.”

As soon as Ye Mu said this, Lin Ling looked coldly at him. He immediately shrunk down.

Lu Ze was speechless. This guy was getting c.o.c.ky?

He glanced at Ye Mu. “If you don’t progress enough, then your debt can be paid with high interest.”

Ye Mu’s face stiffened. “You can’t do that.”

This guy was definitely helping Lin Ling bully him. Xuan Yuqi frowned. “But, you guys have been famous lately as well. Perhaps, there will be an aperture opening state prodigy senior challenging you guys.” Quite some people were willing to be famous.

Once you’re famous, you would be remembered. Perhaps, your merit or your G.o.d art would be favored by some powerful being, and they would take you in as a disciple.

Those who dared to challenge Lu Ze and Lin Ling were all prodigies.

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s fine.”

With his current power, perhaps, even senior schoolmate Margaret was no match for him. He didn’t care if people challenged him.

Plus, they were leaving to do missions now.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. “How about we get a mission and go play outside?”

Lin Ling became stunned at his question, and then she nodded.

Their improvements were huge, but their combat power needed practical battle to be valuable. Otherwise, they would just be for show.

Tianyuan Qianhua smiled. “Missions are indeed a good choice. We just came back from missions. We each earned 10,000 academic credits.”

The six people smiled.

Lu Ze heard this, and his eyes lit up. “Really? Let’s go to cla.s.s first. On the way, tell us how you did the mission.”

Yingying finished eating now, and so they spoke as they walked to the cla.s.sroom.

The cla.s.s in the morning was about the language of the blade demon and core martial state. It wasn’t useful to Lu Ze and Lin Ling but beneficial to the other six. They were about to breakthrough to core martial state, so they listened intently.

Of course, people kept looking over when they saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling. The two were used to it and didn’t care.

The timidest out of them was Ian, including Jessica. The two of them felt embarra.s.sed.

And, Jessica actually hid behind Xavier. This made Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked strangely at Xavier.

This guy looked so innocent, but he was this quick?

After cla.s.s, Ye Mu and the rest went back to cultivate while Lu Ze and Lin Ling went to find missions.

The mission of Ye Mu’s group was a.s.sisting the defense army of another solar system to capture core martial state murderers. The award for the mission was 100,000. Even with their six core martial state power, there was some certain danger and even the risk of dying.Thus, one needed to choose missions carefully.

The two looked through the missions list.

There were protecting important people, capturing fugitives, finding spies, and even suppressing riots.

Lu Ze was curious why there would be riots.

People in the Federation didn’t need to worry about living, and it was extremely safe. All the dangers were well stopped by the defense army. Countless people sacrificed their lives for their safety, and yet, they still wanted to riot?

But this mission was too far. Lu Ze and Lin Ling planned to find one close to the Telun system.

Eventually, they chose the mission to annihilate a s.p.a.ce pirate 800 light-years outside of the Telun system.

There were several small and lifeless planets inside the Federation that were formed into chaos planets, which weren’t controlled by the Federation. Quite some s.p.a.ce pirates would stop over to steal some supplies.