Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 285 - Bloody Night

Chapter 285 - Bloody Night

Chapter 285 b.l.o.o.d.y Night

In the mission introduction, this s.p.a.ce pirate group was called b.l.o.o.d.y Night. They had two wars.h.i.+ps bought on planet Chaos and had a total number of around five hundred.

The strongest was their captain. His power was around aperture opening state with 360 apertures. This meant that he opened all his basic apertures and had a chance to break through to the mortal evolution state.

Other than the captain, there were also ten aperture opening states. Lu Ze ignored those below aperture opening state. Unless it was prodigies like Lu Ze, ordinary core martial state individuals didn’t pose a great threat to aperture opening states.

This pirate group was a rather famous group in the dark forces of the Federation.

They weren’t from the military nor the federal official. It’s quite a decent power to have 11 aperture opening states.

Of course, they were famous for not leaving anyone alive after their robbery. They were severely ferocious.

And, the captain is very self-aware. He would never attack those solar systems with guarding militaries. He wouldn’t even attack those large s.p.a.ce travel routes. They would place their targets on single transporter s.h.i.+ps.

By being careful and ruthless, they had lived quite well up until now.

This time, they seemed to be injured during a robbery incident and left some marks.

The combat force of the internal defense force wasn’t as good as the military, and their high-level combat forces were rather busy. Thus, they sought help from students of the Dawn System.

This could improve their combat powers and solve some internal problems.

The reward for this mission wasn’t low. They had 11 aperture opening states. Those who finished the mission could receive 10 million academic credits.

However, if you wanted to accept the mission, you would need to be approved. After all, they had to consider the safety of students.

Lu Ze looked at the mission and frowned. Seeing his expression, Lin Ling asked, “What’s wrong? Is there some problem with this mission?”

Lu Ze shook his head and said, “I’m just thinking why their name is so excellent?”

The names he chose were numbers. Why couldn’t he think of such excellent names?

Lin Ling: “…”

She glared at Lu Ze. He was so serious that she thought something happened.

Feeling Lin Ling’s murderous gaze, Lu Ze coughed. “This mission isn’t bad, and it’s close to the Telun system, so let’s choose this.”

Lin Ling smiled. “You want to go home?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, do you want to follow along and visit my home?” Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “No, in that case, I will go visit great-grandpa at home.” She couldn’t go see Lu Ze’s family. It would be too embarra.s.sing. Then, Lin Ling frowned. “Can we accept this mission? Our martial trial ranking isn’t very high.”

The approval is usually based on the martial trial ranking. This was the direct view of one’s combat power.

Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s rankings weren’t high.

Lu Ze scratched his head and grinned. “Let’s try applying first. If it doesn’t get approved, we’ll go bring up our ranking in the martial trial tower or ask teacher Nangong for help.”

Lu Ze was too high profile already. He didn’t want to overdo it.

He didn’t forget that he was on the White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List.

Lin Ling smiled. “Alright.”

Thus, Lu Ze and Lin Ling both accepted the mission.

The approval process was very quick. Moments later, the results came. They were both approved.

Other than them, there were three more people. Their eyes widened as they glanced at each other.

Lu Ze smiled. “I didn’t expect to do a mission with senior schoolmate Margaret this quickly.”

There were five people in this mission. Other than Lu Ze and Lin Ling, as well as senior schoolmate Margaret, there were two senior schoolmates partic.i.p.ating, Eldon and Li Qingyun.

They were ranked top three on the overall ranking. Their combat power was clearly around 300 apertures.

They thought they needed to ask for help to get approved. It turned out there were three powerhouses there. No wonder they were chosen.

Lin Ling smiled. “Back on the 25th planet, we couldn’t join the battlefield of senior schoolmate Margaret. Yet in one short month, we’re going to be doing missions with them.”

Lu Ze grinned. “I wonder if senior schoolmate Margaret would be scared hearing this news?”

Yingying blinked and looked at the two in confusion “Sister Lin Ling and Lu Ze, you guys are going out again?” Lu Ze patted Yingying’s head. “Mhm, we have something to do. Can you go to sister Jing or Hesha for these few days?”

Yingying said bitterly, “You guys are going out again.”

They just came back yesterday, and they were going out again tomorrow.

But it was a good thing that sister Jing and Hesha were still at home. She would go find them!

Lin Ling rubbed Yingying’s head. “When sister comes back, I’ll cook you good food.” Yingying’s eyes lit up hopefully. “Really?” Lin Ling smiled and nodded. “Mhm.” At this moment, a knocking sound occurred.

Lu Ze opened it and found a young man the same age as them standing there. Seeing Lu Ze come out, he smiled. “Lu Ze, your package is here.”

He took out a small box for Lu Ze.

Lu Ze immediately knew this was Alice’s food. He took the box and smiled. “Thank you.” The man shook his head. “It’s my job, I’m going.”

Then, he left.

Lu Ze took the box back to the living room. Lin Ling and Yingying looked curiously at him.

“Ze, what is this?”

Lu Ze glanced at the curious Yingying, and his mouth twitched.

If this guy knew he had spirit food, it would be split off immediately.

But, she didn’t seem to be in a good mood, and he was about to go home…

Thinking about this, Lu Ze resisted the pain and said, “This is spirit food sent over by my junior schoolmate.”

Lin Ling’s eyes moved, and she smiled. “So it’s the one who cooked the food for you last time? She’s so nice to you and sends you over cooked food?”

Lu Ze smiled pridefully. “Yeah, Alice is very cute! You ate her food last time too?”


Lin Ling became dazed. This was her first time hearing the name of Lu Ze’s junior schoolmate, but she seemed to have heard of this name before?

Seeing this, Lu Ze remembered that uncle Merlin was a star state. Alice seemed to know Nangong Jing from a young age. They’re probably from the same circle.

Lu Ze smiled. “Perhaps, you’ve seen each other at a young age. I’ll take you to see her next time. Teacher Nangong knows Alice.”

“Sister Jing knows her?”

Lin Ling smiled at Lu Ze. “In that case, introduce me next time.”

Lu Ze nodded, and then, he turned around and saw the hopeful look of Yingying.

He squatted down helplessly and pinched Yingying’s face. “You little foodie!”

Lin Ling: “…”

Yingying was like this all due to him.Then, Lu Ze opened the box. It was a storage ring inside. Inside were all sorts of spirit food.

Lu Ze took out a table and smiled. “Let’s eat first. Then, we’ll prepare.”

Lin Ling nodded while Yingying was already seated.

After lunch, Lu Ze gave half of the remaining food to Yingying. Immediately, Yingying felt better.

Then, Lu Ze and Lin Ling contacted Nangong Jing, informing her that they accepted a mission. Hearing that they were going with Margaret and the other seniors, she told Lu Ze to follow those three.

They were the most excellent students among the fourth years. This was rather comforting.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling didn’t mind.

Then, Lin Ling took Yingying back, and Lu Ze went upstairs to cultivate.