Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 283 - Brother Is Coming Back?

Chapter 283 - Brother Is Coming Back?

Chapter 283 Brother Is Coming Back?

Lu Ze inserted his mental force into the storage ring and immediately felt this connection with the battle armor.

He didn’t know what theory it worked on, but it didn’t matter to him.

All that matter was it was useable.

His mental force moved slightly and pieces of battle armor flew out from the storage ring and attached to Lu Ze’s body.

Subsequently, he looked at the armor on him. It was completely black filled with purple and green runes.

These were the patterns of lightning and wind rune golds.

The runes looked very complex.

He stretched his body and found that the armor suited him very well. It was probably made based on his measurements.

He opened his hands. A green wind spun on his left hand while lightning sparkled on his right hand.

After carefully sensing it, Lu Ze found that his G.o.d art became easier to use after using the elemental metal on the battle armor.

The power of his G.o.d art seemed to have been amplified too.

This would reduce consumption and increase power.

Lu Ze grinned and was very happy.

The armor was handsome and practical.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha. They also wore their armors.

Lin Ling’s armor was white with marks of blue runes. Nangong Jing’s armor was golden and had black runes. Qiuyue Hesha’s was pink and had golden runes.

The armors stuck close to their bodies, showcasing how great their figures were.

They also checked the functions of the armor happily.

Moments later, they put their armor away.

Nangong Jing took out a bottle and drank it before laughing. “The rewards brought over by Yingying is amazing. With my current power and this armor, I can take a few harder missions. I’m confident I can break through to planetary state before the East Realm gathering!”

Qiuyue Hesha rubbed Yingying and smiled. “What a coincidence, I’m confident too.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling smiled. “Congratulations, teacher Nangong and Qiuyue.”

Planetary warriors were different from ordinary warriors.

In the entire universe, only planetary states were considered real martial artists.

Nangong Jing patted Lu Ze’s shoulder and grinned. “The starting point of the two of you was higher than ours. Perhaps, you two have hopes of surpa.s.sing us.” They didn’t get a month of dao enlightenment room and personalized armor as soon as they entered school.

With their power, they could accept more missions and gain academic credits faster. Perhaps, one mission would give then a million academic credits. Then, they wouldn’t lack resources and would, thus, improve faster.

Yingying blinked her eyes and said pitifully, “Sister Lin Ling, I’m hungry!”

Everyone: “…”

Lin Ling pinched Yingying’s face. “I’ll go cook.” Then, she walked to the kitchen.

After dinner, it was evening already. Lu Ze and Lin Ling took Yingying back to their dorms.

After bidding Lin Ling and Yingying goodbye, Lu Ze went back to his dorm that he hadn’t visited for a month.

It seemed familiar yet strange. He stretched his back and went upstairs.

After cleaning himself, Lu Ze took out his phone.

He told Lu Li and Alice he was going into solitary cultivation. Alice said the food was on the way. He wondered if it had arrived.

Lu Ze looked at the records of the Dawn Network. There was indeed someone delivering here, but because Lu Ze wasn’t at home, it was placed in the collection room.

If Lu Ze wanted it, it could be delivered at any time.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up and chose to let it be delivered tomorrow.

Then, he opened the group chat.

Lu Ze: I finished solitary cultivation! I’m very strong now! Huge improvement!

Lu Ze wanted to share this joy with them.

On planet Lan Jiang, Lu Li who just finished training with Alice, went back to her room. She showered and sat on the bed to cultivate before even resting.

Her brother went into the dao enlightenment room. After what brother and uncle Merlin told her, she knew how precious it was.

Even uncle Merlin was surprised at the one-month duration in the dao enlightenment room.

Brother was progressing so quickly. She was very happy and proud, but the pressure on her became great too.

Brother gave her this many high-level energy, she had to become stronger. She didn’t want to be always under the protection of her brother. She wanted to stand by his side.

She looked at her phone, as usual, hoping he would message.

Seeing the message, Lu Li’s eyes lit up.

Her brother was out of solitary cultivation!

She smiled and then replied.

Every time, Alice would learn the spirit chef technique after the cultivation training with Lu Li. Her power rose rapidly, and she could cook better food now.

Likewise, Alice also checked her phone for messages.

When she saw Lu Ze’s message, her face brightened up. She was about to respond when she heard Merlin’s voice. “Alice, dad has prepared the spirit chef cla.s.s for today, are you ready?”

Although he knew Alice was learning spirit chef skills to cook for that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he was still very happy to teach cooking to his daughter every day. Alice said, “Dad, wait a moment!”

She ran back to her room.

She didn’t want her dad to see her messages with senior schoolmate.

Soon, Lu Li and Alice responded.

Lu Li: Lu Ze did you come to show off?

Alice: Congratulations, senior schoolmate! Soon you will be young duke, right?

Lu Ze smiled. He could almost imagine Lu Li typing with annoyance and Alice smiling.

Lu Ze: I actually have something I want to ask you guys. The orbs are almost out, right? I’ve preserved a large batch. I’ll send it over some time soon.

He saved a lot of orbs for them, but it had been two months. Theoretically, they should be near abstruse martial state, right?

Their combat powers were probably at the high level of the abstruse martial state.

At this level, using those low-level orbs

ould be very consuming. It wouldn’t last long.


He was planning to get a mission close to the Telun system and then go back and give them the orbs.

Lu Li and Alice felt stunned. They didn’t know how to respond.

They knew how useful the orbs were, and they were indeed almost out, but they were scared Lu Ze didn’t have enough.

Lu Li: Lu Ze, did you really keep them? Don’t lie to me or you’re over!

Alice: Senior schoolmate isn’t going to give us your own share, right?

Lu Ze became dazed and then smiled. “My power has increased, and so I’ve been producing more orbs. It’s enough for you two, don’t worry.

Lu Li and Alice felt relieved.

Lu Li: Are you coming back?

Alice: You’re coming back, senior schoolmate?

Lu Ze: Mhm, I’ll take a mission in a few days to go back and visit dad and the others. I’ll bring the orbs to you guys on the way.

Lu Li and Alice smiled. Lu Ze said on the way, but they didn’t believe so.

Lu Li: Mhm, I’ll go tell our parents soon. They will be very happy. They keep talking about you lately.

Lu Ze smiled. From memory, this was the first time he had left home for so long.Then, the three chatted about some things. Later on, Lu Li and Alice said they were going to cultivate.

Lu Ze put his phone away and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

As soon as he closed his eyes, Lu Ze had to open them again. He was killed by a boss right away once more! But with his increase in power, he earned a lot.

Moments later, the pain eased, and he began cultivating.

He used a purple orb to begin revising the battle with Lin Ling. He a.n.a.lyzed every attack and block to formulate his technique.

Three hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes and breathed.

These three hours made Lu Ze understand fighting techniques better. If he had another practice, it would be easy to master it. After a short break, Lu Ze used another purple orb and started learning about the confusions he had from the enlightenments in the dao enlightenment room.

After the explanations from Nangong Jing, Lu Ze felt that his star crippling punch could improve a bit more but that would require time to build upon.