Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 270 - Decision

Chapter 270 - Decision

Chapter 270 Decision

After hearing Nangong Jing’s words, Lu Ze replied, “I’m rather lacking in attack right now, so I need an offense type of divine art.”

Nangong Jing paused and said, “Your usage of strength and other G.o.d arts is indeed unreasonable in some areas. But our G.o.d arts are different. I can’t teach you about other types of G.o.d art. However, I can teach you about strength G.o.d art.”

Lu Ze asked curiously, “Teacher Nangong, how powerful is your strength G.o.d art?”

Nangong Jing smiled due to his question. “23-fold.”

Lu Ze: “….”

This strong?!

He looked at Nangong Jing in disbelief.

The higher the amplification, the greater pressure it had on the body…

His face changed. She really was a female T-rex.

Her body was much stronger than his.

Nangong Jing explained, “My battle blood G.o.d art is a very powerful body G.o.d art. It can refine the body, so my body isn’t weak.”

Lu Ze found it a little bit unexpected. It was extremely hard to tolerate a 23-fold strength G.o.d art without body G.o.d art. Nangong Jing continued, “There are all sorts of G.o.d arts. Strength G.o.d art is a very powerful type of G.o.d art, but there are weaknesses. When it comes to elemental-type G.o.d arts, you don’t have to worry about the backlash as long as you have enough power and mastery, but the strength G.o.d art is different. The strength G.o.d art comes from your body. If your body isn’t strong enough, then even if you have high-level mastery of it, you can’t unleash great power. However, if you have body G.o.d art to go with it, it would be much better.” “Several of the divine arts of body G.o.d art needed to be used in conjunction with strength G.o.d art. For example, the star crippling punch I’m learning can be cultivated with just body G.o.d art, but the effects are far weaker from using it with strength G.o.d art.”

Lu Ze listened intently.

“The mastery of G.o.d art is severely important in the cultivation of divine art. If you didn’t master your G.o.d art very well, the divine art wouldn’t be very strong.”

“For instance, when it comes to your wings of the wind, if you could completely master it, it should double your speed. However, if you don’t have enough mastery over the wind G.o.d art, then you won’t be able to reach this level.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Indeed, with the wings of the wind, my speed has doubled, but I feel that I’m pretty much at the limit.”

In fact, the more he cultivated the wings of the wind, the lesser the increase in speed.

Nangong Jing smiled. “There are strong and weak divine arts. The magnitude of increase for every G.o.d art is not uniform. For offense-type of divine arts, like star crippling punch, the highest increase is ten times. This is one of the top divine arts the human race has acquired. It’s said some powerful divine arts can increase by a hundred or a thousand times.”

Lu Ze’s eyes widened. “That strong?”

Hundreds and thousands of times amplification would make one practically invincible!

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “It’s not that simple. If you don’t learn your G.o.d art enough, you won’t be able to reach it no matter how high the ceiling for your divine art is. Plus, even if your G.o.d art mastery can keep up, the consumption might not be able to keep up. For body-type divine art, your body needs to be strong enough to support a hundred or thousand times amplification. If not, your body will be crippled first.” “However, from the looks of it, your mastery of wind G.o.d art has surpa.s.sed the limit of wings of the wind. There will be an improvement in your cultivation of wings of wind and lightning.”

Lu Ze nodded.

“Speaking of which, you should be able to grasp it by now. Choosing divine art depends on your consumption of power. If it’s body divine art, then you need to consider the power of your body. Otherwise, even if you learn the divine art, you wouldn’t be able to use it.”

Lu Ze fell into contemplation after hearing this.

He was planning to buy a fire clone, but it was a good thing he listened to Nangong Jing.

Fire clone is strong, but his fire G.o.d art was the weakest among his G.o.d arts right now.

It couldn’t even compare with his lightning G.o.d art. After all, he had been devouring lightning G.o.d art orbs.

His lightning G.o.d art was almost catching up to wind G.o.d art.

His strongest G.o.d art was ist body G.o.d art, but he learned this from the black tiger boss.

Lu Ze looked at the G.o.d art orbs he got yesterday.

One wind, one lightning, one ist body G.o.d art, and three regeneration.

If he digested these, his regeneration G.o.d art would be the strongest. Next would be ist body G.o.d art and strength G.o.d art. Then, it would be wind and lightning G.o.d art. The last would be fire G.o.d art. The regeneration G.o.d art would increase his body’s power up to a certain level. The body and strength G.o.d arts were powerful, but they were only suitable for short bursts and not appropriate for long-term use.

Lu Ze had 100 million academic credits. With the 20% discount, he would have 1.25 million academic credits.

He had made up his mind to buy a divine art related to wind and lightning G.o.d art. Subsequently, he would buy the star crippling punch.

Star crippling punch would be his trump card.

If it was a normal battle, he would use wind and lightning G.o.d art and the relevant divine arts.

If he had academic credits left, he would consider buying other things.

After making up his mind, Lu Ze relaxed.

Seeing this, Nangong Jing smiled. “You’ve made up your mind?”

Lu Ze nodded. “I’m going to buy a divine art related to wind and lightning G.o.d art and then buy star crippling punch.”

Nangong Jing wasn’t surprised at his choice. This chap had a lot of G.o.d arts, and such were not weak, after all.

She smiled. “You have enough academic credits now.”

Then, Lu Ze opened the Dawn Network and discovered that his details had been changed.

His honor level reached level two, and he also had a 20% off stamp.

Lu Ze happily looked at this and saw Nangong Jing glaring at him.

Clearly, she didn’t have it. This made Lu Ze feel even better.

He opened the divine art section and bought the star crippling punch. It cost 60 million academic credits. 20% meant he could buy it at 48 million.

Only now Lu Ze realized how great the benefits old man Nangong gave him were. Just a divine art and it saved him 12 million academic credits.

Then, he looked at the fire clone. He really wanted this divine art, but his fire G.o.d art couldn’t keep up.

The clone would be taxing on his power, so it wasn’t really worth it now.

He looked away. With his academic credits earning speed, he would definitely be able to earn it at the mortal evolution state.

Then, Lu Ze chose a wind divine art called “Green Jade Slash.”

Green jade slash was weaker than star crippling punch, but its highest amplification was eightfold. This was enough for Lu Ze at this moment.

Green jade slash needed 53 million academic credits, but after the discount, it could be bought with only 42.4 million academic credits.

Right now, Lu Ze only had a little more than 10 million academic credits.

Lu Ze gasped at how fast he used up his academic credits. This really wasn’t enough.

During this time, the s.h.i.+p came back to planet Venus at Nangong Jing’s house.

Just when Lu Ze was planning to go back, Nangong Jing stopped him.

Nangong Jing smiled. “In the next two days, you and Lin Ling should come over during the day. If you have any cultivation problems, I will teach you guys.”

The old man wanted her to be alone with Lu Ze, but she wasn’t going to be that dumb. She would bring Lin Ling too.

Seeing how excited Nangong Jing was, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. She definitely wanted to beat him up.

He must show how powerful he is to this drunkard when he becomes stronger!

He nodded and smiled. “Okay.”

Seeing this, Nangong Jing smiled. “It’s only lunchtime, we’ll begin cultivation now.” “Wait, I hadn’t had lunch yet!!”

“Can you cook?”

“… No.”

“Great, I can’t as well. What are we eating then? Let’s not eat.”

She did seem right. Lu Ze became speechless. At this moment, Nangong Jing said, “How about having some alcohol?”

Seeing the sky turn dark, Lu Ze rubbed his head and flew back to his dorm lifelessly.

This afternoon, his forehead was bruised from her constant flicking.

Although it was painful, he gained a lot.

He learned quite a lot about cultivation and usage of strength G.o.d art.

Now, his body wouldn’t crack anymore when he uses eightfold strength G.o.d art.

It was just a little difficult focusing his power.

He just needed to practice more.

Lu Ze came to his dorm and saw Yingying squatting in the bamboo forest.

He was curious, so he looked over.

Suddenly, Yingying bit on the bamboo closest to her.

The bamboo seemed to have been sliced in the middle by something sharp. The top half slowly fell toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze: “???”

What was she doing?

Was she a panda?

He asked, “Yingying, what are you doing?” Yingying turned around and looked at Lu Ze with glimmering eyes. “Lu Ze, I’m hungry!”

When she saw Lu Ze, it was like she saw a food voucher. Super happy!

Lu Ze: “…”

She never ate before eating that time, right??

Why wasn’t she hungry before?? He rubbed Yingying’s head helplessly. “Where is Lin Ling?”

“Sister Lin Ling is in her room. There seems to be a power running to her room. Is she eating power?”

She didn’t know much about cultivation. She only needed to sleep to become strong. She didn’t even need cultivation.

He envied her.

Lu Ze smiled. “Then, let’s order food.”

“Order food?”

“Mhm, it’s really tasty.”

“Wow! I want it!!”

Lu Ze smiled. He was trained by Nangong Jing for an entire day and hadn’t consumed any food.

Ordering food was rather cheap, or perhaps, academic credits were valuable.

He only spent 500 academic credits to order a table full of aperture opening state spirit food.

The food was delivered rapidly.

In just half an hour, someone knocked on the door.

Lu Ze opened the door and saw a student standing outside. He smiled. “Fellow student Lu Ze, your food is here. Do I need to put it inside?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Thank you, you can just take it out. I’ll take it inside myself.”

The student nodded. “Sure.”

Then, he took out exquisite boxes from his storage ring. There were 11 dishes in total.

There wasn’t a lot in volume, but it was enough.

Seeing Lu Ze use wind G.o.d art to bring in the spirit food, the student’s eyes flashed with admiration.

He was a new student who just finished his cla.s.s in the morning. In the afternoon, he took on all sorts of missions. Then, he cultivated in the evening.

Despite so, he could only earn 20 academic credits a day. If he was lucky, he would earn


Lu Ze’s dinner cost half a month of his work.

They were both new students, but the difference was huge.

He smiled stiffly. “I’ll be off, Lu Ze.”

He turned around and changed his mindset.

Lu Ze didn’t know the mindset of this student who delivered the food. He turned around. “Yingying, let’s eat.”

Then, before Lu Ze could react. Yingying sat on the chair and smartly put a cus.h.i.+on on the chair, so she could reach.

Lu Ze smiled. She just had little experience, but she was not dumb.

The two rapidly cleaned up the spirit food. Of course, Lu Ze lost in the end. He only ate less than a fifth of what Yingying ate.

Seeing the empty plates and the satisfied Yingying, Lu Ze began to doubt life.

He couldn’t even beat the kid when it comes to food.

He sighed helplessly, cleaned up Yingying’s oily mouth, and started clearing the table.

He smiled at Yingying. “If you can’t fall asleep, just watch a cartoon. I’m going to cultivate too.”

Yingying nodded obediently. She went to cla.s.s today. Although she didn’t really understand the content, she knew Lu Ze and sister Lin Ling were busy. She wasn’t going to disturb them.

She sat on the couch and started watching cartoons.

Seeing this, Lu Ze smiled and went upstairs to his room.