Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 269 - Acting Like a Tiger to Eat a Dragon

Chapter 269 - Acting Like a Tiger to Eat a Dragon

Chapter 269 Acting Like a Tiger to Eat a Dragon

When Lu Ze nodded, Jinyao sage showed a satisfied smile.

At least, the previous performance of Lu Ze made all the high-level officials very happy.

If Lu Ze showed that he only cared about himself and not the race, it would be a different situation now.

Jinyao sage smiled once again. “Ze, what do you think of Jing Jing…”

“Old man! Three times! The third time is over the line!”

Jinyao sage could not even finish his sentence. Nangong Jing raged first before he could.

She was destined to be an unparalleled powerful being! The human race would be protected by her!

What was having a relations.h.i.+p?

On the other hand, Lu Ze’s stomach ached.

The old man didn’t stop. No wonder she became furious.

He finally realized why Nangong Jing had that face before they came.

Jinyao sage sighed. “You and Ze are so talented. Your child would definitely be an extremely talented prodigy. He would perhaps become a truly powerful being.”

Nangong Jing raised a brow. “I will become a powerful being! I won’t leave this hope to chance!”

Even if she had a kid, how could she let her child bear this pressure?

Jinyao sage shook his head.

He was once young and knew these things couldn’t be forced. Perhaps, it would happen naturally? He looked at Lu Ze seriously. “Ze, although you’re talented and we’ll give you the privilege you deserve, you still need to partic.i.p.ate in missions. This is your responsibility.”

The students of Dawn System were prepared to become the future supporting pillars in each field. This was especially the case for Federal University students, this was their responsibility

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry old man Nangong, I know.”

Seeing this, Jinyao sage’s face eased a bit. “But, missions are missions. Your life is very precious. If you can’t finish a mission, there’s still next time. If you lose your life, there’s no hope.”

Lu Ze became dazed at his words. He saw the concerned eyes of Jinyao sage. He knew this was due to his talent, but Lu Ze still felt warm.

He nodded and smiled. “I understand.”

At this moment, Jinyao sage remembered something and said seriously, “From now on, don’t show all of your power. Although there are no spies from other races among the high-levels, the news will get to other races if you keep a high profile. There would be more individuals targeting you then.”

Lu Ze nodded. This was making him act like a pig to eat the tiger. But being as strong as him, it was more like acting like a tiger to eat a dragon.

How interesting! Lu Ze wanted to try.

Jinyao sage was right. He didn’t want to be targeted. He wanted to happily farm, and then once he was fully equipped, he would harvest these little kids with one strike.

Seeing how understanding Lu Ze was, Jinyao sage smiled.

Then, he said, “Dao enlightenment room would only have a spare room the day after tomorrow. You guys can go back first. As for what you want to buy and your cultivation and G.o.d art, you can ask Jing Jing. For now, she can still teach you. Later on, I will teach you personally.” Although the two didn’t seem to be interested in each other, Jinyao sage hoped they would have more time together.

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, thank you, old man Nangong.”

Jinyao sage waved his hand. “Calling me old man would be fine.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Nangong Jing: “…” Under Nangong Jing’s murderous glance, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He said dryly, “Thank you, old man.”

Compared to Nangong Jing, a sage was more terrifying

Jinyao sage nodded happily. “Okay, you guys can go. Young people should communicate more.”

The two were speechless once again.

Nangong Jing said, “Old man, we’re going first.”

She left immediately. If she remained, she would only explode from anger. She was the future martial G.o.ddess! Lu Ze quickly followed.

In the small wooden shack, Jinyao sage sighed. A photo appeared in his hand.

In the photo were 12 young men and women. They smiled vibrantly and pridefully.

They were the pride of the human race at the time, the 12 strongest prodigies, and the first generation of young dukes.

For the human race, they sacrificed themselves and their own future to forcefully breakthrough in the elf divine realm.

Did they regret it?

Of course!

Why didn’t someone else do it? Why did they have to do it?

But some things, if no one did it, then who would?

Plus with their talent, they would get the greatest increase.

Jinyao sage’s skinny hand rubbed across the photo. His eyes seemed deep as though reminiscing the past.

Eventually, his finger ended up on a beautiful black-haired woman who looked similar to Nangong Jing. “Yunxi… I miss you…” “Brothers and sisters, don’t worry… as long as us five old things are still alive, the human race won’t be annihilated!”

“A kid came today. He seemed so similar to us before… but his environment is so much better than ours.”

“Hopefully, he can carry the future of humanity…”

Outside the shack, Nangong Jing walked with a powerful force. Lu Ze followed behind helplessly.

He was worried. He called Jinyao sage old man. Would she bash him up?

Should he stay here for two days?

But thinking of the old man’s serious face, Lu Ze chose to follow her.

Going back to the s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze saw Nangong Jing sitting on the couch. She was expressionless.

Lu Ze scratched his head and sat far away from her.

That way, he would have some s.p.a.ce to defend himself if she was going to beat him up.

The flying s.h.i.+p got up and left the planet Jinyao.

The atmosphere in the s.h.i.+p was silent. Lu Ze breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed she didn’t plan to beat him up.

At this moment, Nangong Jing said, “Kid, the old man has a favorable impression of you. Don’t disappoint him.”

Lu Ze saw Nangong Jing sit on the couch and look outside the window with complicated eyes.

He had never seen her quiet and gentle like this.

This didn’t seem like her.

But Lu Ze smiled. “Of course, I won’t.”

The old man was very nice to him and gave him so many benefits. Of course, he was going to repay him.

Nangong Jing withdraw her gaze from outside and looked at Lu Ze.Then, she showed a kind smile.

Immediately, Lu Ze felt things weren’t so good.

Before he could react, he was put in a headlock. At the same time, he felt a huge pain coming from his head.

It was the same place, the same strength, the same pain.

Then, Nangong Jing’s extremely annoyed voice could be heard. “Little s.h.i.+t, you learned it that fast!! I’ve been learning star crippling punch for 3 months, and I haven’t made any progress. I’m so angry!!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched, and he complained, “Is it my fault that I can cultivate fast? You just told me to not disappoint the old man!”

Hearing this, Nangong Jing’s hand stopped. She took her hand back awkwardly and let go of Lu Ze’s neck.

Then, she said seriously, “Come, let’s see what divine art is suitable for you. Tell me about your situation.”