Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 271 - The Huge Change in the Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 271 - The Huge Change in the Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 271 The Huge Change in the Pocket Hunting Dimension

Lu Ze sat on the bed while thinking about his plan.

He had settled which divine art to purchase. At this moment, he needed to learn wings of wind and lightning first. Green jade slash was placed second. After all, his wind G.o.d art was rather not bad. This could be his normal means of attack.

Accordingly, the last would be the star crippling punch.

Using the dao enlightenment room and his purple light orb while cultivating divine arts would achieve the best results.

In the next two days, Lu Ze went with Lin Ling to the female alcoholic’s place during the day and used red orbs to at night.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and went into the pocket hunting dimension.

He was very curious about what happened yesterday. Did that rabbit die, or did the four overlords die?

Filled with doubts, Lu Ze once again appeared in the pocket hunting dimension.

The place he first appeared at was a patch of gra.s.s over five meters tall.

Lu Ze’s mental force scanned the surroundings and didn’t notice anything abnormal, so he flew back again covertly. At nearly 100 meters high, Lu Ze looked around. All that he saw was lush green gra.s.s. Not far ahead were battles, but it was just the battle of core martial state beasts.

Their orbs were useless to him now.

It was peace and harmony everywhere. It was as though the doomsday yesterday was just a dream.

Lu Ze sighed. He missed some good fun.

He then landed on the ground. It was easy to get caught by flying bosses in the air.


At this moment, there was a distant thunderous sound.

This sound made Lu Ze look over. He became shocked. There was clearly only two chi just now, but he felt four G.o.d arts.

The power of the chi had reached around the aperture opening state with 50 apertures.

How was that possible?

Even those beasts who devoured G.o.d art shards shouldn’t be this strong.

Why were there four G.o.d arts? Lu Ze flew toward the battle. It was just 40 kilometers away from his original position.

For Lu Ze, whose speed was supersonic, it took less than a minute.

Lu Ze watched the two beasts fight.

One was a dark-colored huge cat. Its body flashed with lightning.

The other was a green-colored black scaled leopard. Okay, it should be a green-scaled leopard.

Lu Ze: “???”

Dual G.o.d art?

Each beast had two G.o.d arts?

Something seemed to have changed on this map.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed and thought about the battle yesterday.

Was it due to that rabbit?

Did that rabbit do something that allowed the beasts on this map to devour G.o.d art shards?

Or perhaps, there were beasts over 30 apertures, but they were killed by those four overlords’ race?

That rabbit led a revolution?

Oh my G.o.d! This was an inspiring rabbit?

Lu Ze didn’t dare to believe his guess.

Did he perhaps misunderstand this rabbit? Was it actually a good rabbit?

But then thinking about how he was stared to death quite a few times by it, he shook his head.

No way!

But since the beasts grew stronger, it was beneficial for him.

He couldn’t beat those bosses with a power of 400 to 500 apertures, but he could beat these.

Lu Ze used his wings of the wind and surged above the green-scaled leopard’s head. “Die!”


Lu Ze’s face was cold as he punched with his right fist. The power of wind, fire, and lightning, as well as 1st body G.o.d art, easily tore open the defenses of the other party.

A terrifying bone-cracking sound came out. The leopard had grey mist around it as though trying to repair its injuries.

But, it was too heavily injured. In an instant, its life force was disintegrated. It was smashed into the ground, creating a deep hole.

The black cat’s fur stood up.

Meow meow meow??

It looked dazedly at the person who slapped the opponent it fought so hard to death.

This wasn’t right!

Why was this little beast so strong?

Then, it saw the two-legged animal reveal some evil intent.

The two-legged animal disappeared, but the black cat could feel its waist getting smashed by a terrifying power. It wanted to roar, but it only spat out blood.

Lu Ze looked at the two beasts turning to dust and smiled.

Another regeneration G.o.d art, wind G.o.d art, lightning G.o.d art, and ist body G.o.d art orb.

They indeed devoured two G.o.d art shards.

This map underwent a huge change. Clearly, it was due to that rabbit!

Lu Ze collected the G.o.d art orbs, as well as the 10 red and 4 purple orbs.

They were much weaker than boss...o...b.. but were much stronger than the ordinary aperture opening state beasts.

Lu Ze happily went on his path of jungling again.

A day later, Lu Ze watched the black scaled leopard turn to dust as he wiped the blood from his mouth.

For tens of kilometers, the surroundings became chaotic. Huge craters were scattered across the land.

This black scaled leopard only had one ist body G.o.d art, but its power had reached aperture opening state with 120 apertures. In just one day, it was this strong already. The speed at which they grew strong was completely different from him.

Lu Ze suddenly remembered that a lot of bosses died yesterday. Was it due to that reason?

He then picked up the orbs. At this moment, the sky went dark.

He looked up to see if there was some boss covering the sun. He was ready to die.

However, the sky seemed to have turned dark on its own.

Lu Ze was confused. It wasn’t time to be dark yet.

At this moment, an extremely distant golden beam shone down from the sky, connecting heaven and earth.

Then, this obscure chi swept past. All sorts of beasts started roaring.

What was going on? Yet suddenly, Lu Ze’s vision went black, and when he opened his eyes, he was already back outside.Lu Ze sat on his bed with a dumbfounded expression. “???!!!

What happened? He didn’t die, so why did he come out?

In the pocket hunting dimension.

The place where the golden pillar landed turned into a wasteland.

On the wasteland, the four overlords that Lu Ze had previously seen were staring fiercely at the golden pillar.

A super huge rabbit, who was covered in wounds, quickly healed under the pillar.

The instant Lu Ze disappeared, the golden beam disappeared, and the white rabbit opened its eyes.

The four overlords roared, but they didn’t keep attacking the rabbit. Instead, they fled.