Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 268 - Unexpected Gain

Chapter 268 - Unexpected Gain

Chapter 268 Unexpected Gain

Nangong Jing smiled after seeing Lu Ze was interested. She then said, “Kid don’t even think about it. Usually, the four saints would bring mortal evolution state prodigies, who were at peak stage, and planetary state prodigies, who had a recent breakthrough, to go see the world. Those who broke through to planetary state would usually choose to go out and partic.i.p.ate in a trial. This would then become a practice for them.”

“Two years later, you definitely won’t be able to reach this level, but with your talent, you should be able to go the next time.”

Jinyao sage nodded with a smile. “Jing Jing was blunt just then, but that’s true.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

These two guys were underestimating him?

After he took off, he killed G.o.d art bosses and then an overlord boss. Furthermore, he went to the mortal evolution state map and killed even stronger bosses. Within two years, he was going to reach the peak mortal evolution state no matter what.

He was a cold and merciless jungler. He was never going to admit defeat! Lu Ze was planning to come back two years later and embarra.s.s them.

Seeing how Lu Ze disagreed, Jinyao sage smiled.

Young people needed a compet.i.tive heart.

He smiled. “Kid, although you might not be able to make it to East Realm gathering, there’s still a Four-race social gathering next year. This time, it’s held by the human race. You need to show the glory of the human race there.”

“Four-race social gathering?” Lu Ze became dazed.

Nangong Jing smiled. “I forgot about it. It’s indeed happening soon.”

“What is it?” Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing speechlessly.

Nangong Jing explained. “Although the races in the east realm don’t attack each other, there are also groups within. We’re allied with the nearby winged race, barbarian race, and round race. The year before every East Realm gathering, we’ll socialize. Of course, the younger generation would compete.”

Nangong Jing smiled. “When I was at school, I got first in the Four-races tournament.”

Lu Ze ignored Nangong Jing trying to show off. It was just placing first.

He could do the same.

Jinyao sage smiled. “Out of these three races, winged and barbarian race are old powers. The round race is a new race like us.”

Jinyao sage showed a strange smile. “Winged and barbarian race had come to Earth in the ancient times. They were myths at the time.”

Lu Ze’s face became strange.

He hadn’t seen the winged, race but he saw the barbarian race before.

Aperture opening state barbarians were five meters tall. Were they giants of ancient Earth?

The G.o.ds of ancient Earth were aliens?

And, why did the name round race sound strange? It sounded cute. Lu Ze was curious about the round race now.

Jinyao sage said again, “There’s still a year until the Four-race social gathering. Ze, you’re talented. Work hard in cultivation.”

He smiled. “If you win, then I’ll introduce Jing Jing to you…” Lu Ze: “…”

Nangong Jing: “…” Just how much did this guy want Nangong Jing to marry?!

Plus, he wanted other rewards! Was he trying to scam him?

Thinking about the rewards, Lu Ze remembered the 100 million academic credits and thus asked, “Old man Nangong, what does the dao enlightenment room do? I’m thinking about what I should buy with the rewarded academic credits.”

Jinyao sage explained. “The dao enlightenment room releases the power of dao enlightenment stone in a small area, increasing the learning capabilities of the people inside. At the same time, it would make universal laws clearer. It’s very beneficial to learning G.o.d art. Of course, it’s also very useful to cultivate divine art inside.”

Nangong Jing frowned. “Kid, didn’t you already buy wings the of wind? I have seen that you have mastered a part of it. Why do you want another divine art? You need to focus on cultivation!”

Lu Ze scratched his head and said, “Um, I have already made my wings of the wind materialize. With a little more time, I could probably perfect it further?”

Nangong Jing: “???”

She looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

This kid had the wings of the wind divine art for less than ten days, right?

He’s about to reach perfection this soon?

Even she would take a month to cultivate a divine art of similar difficulty.

The difference was so huge.

Jinyao sage asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Nangong Jing told Jinyao sage about the wings of the wind. Even his face exhibited a strange expression.

The wings of the wind wasn’t too hard, but it wasn’t easy either.

Lu Ze felt helpless.

Why didn’t they believe him?

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and a pair of wings made of wind element materialized.

The feathers on his back were very distinct.

Both the mouths of Nangong Jing and Jinyao sage twitched.

This kid really did manage to learn it!

Nangong Jing was even more speechless. She bought the divine art for him personally.

This hurt her a little.

Jinyao sage had seen the world. He had even been to the planet of the elf race. Any random prodigy there was very terrifying. The ordinary elf warrior was stronger than most human prodigies.

He smiled. “The wings of the wind is a separate part of the wings of wind and lightning. On the other hand, the wings of wind and lightning was the signature move of Wind and Lightning sage. However, you don’t have lightning G.o.d art. Otherwise, you can cultivate wings of lightning and then cultivate wings of wind and lightning.”

Jinyao sage sighed.

Wind and Lightning sage was one of the seven sages who died in battle.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “I have lightning G.o.d art. I have already learned wings of lightning as well. It’s also pretty close to perfection. Right now, I’m learning wings of wind and lightning.” Would he get beaten up for doing this?

Nangong Jing already knew he had lightning G.o.d art, but she didn’t seem to plan to tell Jinyao sage. Lu Ze felt it was fine. Jinyao sage could sacrifice his future for the human race. Clearly, he wouldn’t suppress him due to his talent.

There were records of his purchase anyways.

Jinyao sage: “…” Nangong Jing: “…” They looked at the embarra.s.sed Lu Ze and felt stomach pain.

Nangong Jing knew Lu Ze had lightning G.o.d art, but she didn’t know this kid already began cultivating wings of lightning and even wings of wind and lightning!

This kid was too talented.

Ten days and he was cultivating wings of wind and lightning already. Nangong Jing felt annoyed. She would beat him up when they went back.

Thinking of her situation, she still needed to learn star crippling punch.

Lu Ze’s speed reminded Jinyao sage of the elf prodigies. His eyes flashed with hope

The four divines only had 2000 years. They were worried if there would still be cosmic system states within this time period.

If not, the human race would end up in a huge disaster!

But now with Lu Ze, there might really be hope!

Although Lu Ze was weak right now, hope might be within reach, considering the speed of his progress!

How could he not be excited?

He was originally thinking if he should give privilege to Lu Ze in terms of resources. But he remembered that Lu Ze got 100 million academic credits when he just came to school. Lu Ze didn’t need it.

But, Lu Ze needed the privilege of a prodigy.

At least, he might send people to protect him secretly…Thinking about this, Jinyao sage laughed. “Hahaha! Great! Very Good! Ze, you’re talented enough. See what divine art you need. I’ll give you a discount. Whatever resources you purchase, you get 20% off.”

“At the same time, your honor badge level is increased to level two.”

He actually wanted to promote Lu Ze to young duke directly, but Lu Ze’s power was too weak. As a young duke, he would be the target of a.s.sa.s.sinations. Missions would be much harder.

That burden was too heavy for the current Lu Ze.

Jinyao sage looked at Lu Ze and said seriously, “Ze, you need to remember what I will say. All the resources you buy and the divine arts you use are brought back by humans with their life who ventured outside the Milky Way galaxy. No matter what level you reach in the future, as a human, don’t disappoint our race.”

Lu Ze felt stunned. He just wanted some advice, and yet, there was such an unexpected reward?

Seeing Jinyao sage’s serious face, Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “I know.”

It was better to show it with actions than words.