Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 267 - The Origin of Sage

Chapter 267 - The Origin of Sage

Chapter 267 The Origin of Sage

Hearing her ancestor reject her request, Nangong Jing pouted her lips in disappointment.

Jinyao sage sighed. “If I knew earlier, I shouldn’t have taught you how to drink when you were little.”

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked at Jinyao sage in disbelief.

So the perpetrator was you!

It was your fault that the cute little girl became an alcoholic??

Jinyao sage said again, “Look at you now, you can’t even find a boyfriend… you like drinking and fighting. You’re super lazy, sigh…”

He seemed to feel bad and drank the entire cup before looking at Nangong Jing in disappointment. “It seems even until death I won’t be able to hold Jing Jing’s child.” Nangong Jing listened to this expressionlessly as though she was long used to this.

Lu Ze wanted to laugh, but he was scared of getting beaten up.

He finally realized what she was talking about.

Nangong Jing said expressionlessly, “Old man, you think too much. You still have a thousand years to go.”

Jinyao sage grinned. “Not too long. After all, we did not become sages through normal means. We only have around 2000 years left.”

Then, he looked at Lu Ze and smiled. “The future of the human race will depend on you


Nangong Jing’s eyes flashed with sadness, and then, she pretended nothing happened.

But Lu Ze’s eyes widened. “Jinyao sage, you…” Jinyao sage waved his hand. “Just call me old man Nangong.” Lu Ze paused and then smiled. “Old man Nangong, are you mistaken? How can cosmic system beings only have such a short life.”

Old man Nangong laughed. “Hahaha, normally, cosmic system beings have life spans of hundreds of thousands of years, but our group isn’t the same.”

Lu Ze’s eyes widened. He thought of something

It took large amounts of resources to reach the level of cosmic system.

The human race only entered the universe for less than two thousand years. The human race was even weaker before. Theoretically, the human race couldn’t have cosmic system states.

But a thousand years ago, cosmic system states appeared.

This wasn’t right. Looking at old man Nangong’s skinny face, Lu Ze asked, “You guys didn’t breakthrough using normal means?”

Old man Nangong smiled amicably and nodded. He looked into the skies.

“At that time, the human race just asked for support from the elf race. We just received cultivation methods. The elf race wasn’t our race, and they couldn’t keep helping us. We were too weak. It’s impossible for a race without cosmic system state to occupy their land in this cosmic realm.” “At the time, us 12 most talented old guys made a deal with the elf race.”

Lu Ze asked, “What deal?”

Old man Nangong smiled. “The elf race was a big race. They had resources to forcefully bring us up to the cosmic system state in a short time. Meanwhile, we will insert the life force of the cosmic system state into their divine tree of life. We only kept 4000 years of life.”

“Although the forceful breakthrough used up our potential, it gave us the power to fight with other races.”

“Over this millennium, we fought everywhere and gained this territory. It was worth it.”

He then said with sadness, “However, only four of the 12 old guys remained. There’s also old Lin who is barely staying alive.”

Old man Nangong was a little annoyed while speaking about old man Lin.

His almost caught fish was scared off by the call earlier.

They hadn’t met for a few hundred years. He didn’t want to visit his old friends?

Did that old thing really want to die alone?

Lu Ze: “…”

They were the most talented martial artists at the time. If they cultivated normally, they would at least be star state now, right?

Even a star state had a longer life than they did now.

Plus, their potential was used up, and they couldn’t progress anymore. But without these sages, the human race would probably still be a very weak race, right?

Despite being a weak race in the entire universe or even in the elf cosmic realm, the human race was definitely a powerful race in the Milky Way galaxy.

This all depended on their wars.

If it was him, he probably wouldn’t be able to do it, right?

No wonder they were honored as human sages.

It wasn’t just power, but one had to make huge contributions to the human race.

Lu Ze sighed. Clearly, he couldn’t be as selfless as these sages.

He needed to become stronger, so their sacrifices would be worth it.

At the same time, Lu Ze felt the terror of the elf race. Forcefully creating 12 cosmic system states was clearly nothing too difficult for them.

Old man Nangong smiled. “Lu Ze, your talent is very high. I’ve been watching your progress. No matter what G.o.d art you have, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you guys will carry the human race in the future.”

He patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Your talent is even a bit better than Jing Jing. You have hopes of reaching the cosmic system state in the future. Perhaps by then, we will no longer exist. Then, the human race would depend on you guys.” Lu Ze grinned. “Old man Nangong, perhaps there would be other possibilities for you guys in the future. Of course, I’m a human too. I won’t push away what I need to shoulder.” Old man Nangong nodded with satisfaction. “Good resolve.”

He smiled at Lu Ze. “Seeing you’re quite talented and good looking, how about this, do you want to try being with my Jing Jing? Jing Jing is pretty, talented and has a cosmic system state ancestor. She’s a top grade, fair, wealthy, and beautiful girl!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He could already sense Nangong Jing’s murderous eyes. What could he say now?

Just how worried was this old man about Nangong Jing not being able to marry?

But considering her, it was indeed hard for her to marry.

Just when he was thinking about how to reject old man Nangong politely, Nangong Jing said helplessly, “Old man, this little kid is my student. You shouldn’t say this to every guy you see, right?”

Clearly, old man Nangong did this frequently.

But what could Nangong Jing do?

She couldn’t use iron fist to punish her ancestor, right? Old man Nangong sighed. “I want to see my cute Jing Jing get married and have a child before I die. I want to hug the cute baby. If possible to hug the baby of the baby… otherwise, I won’t be able to die a peaceful death…”

Lu Ze: “…”

Nangong Jing: “…”Was this old man pretending to be pitiful?

Why was he so fluent at this?

Nangong Jing rubbed her head.

Lu Ze thought of something that could change the topic. “By the way old man Nangong, what’s that East Realm gathering?”

Old man Nangong explained. “The elf cosmic realm is divided into the central elf divine realm, as well as north, south, east and west realms. The Milky Way galaxy is in the east realm.”

“The races that also live under the elf race in the elf cosmic realm aren’t that close, but they don’t invade each other. The east realm would hold a gathering every five years. It’s a free exchange of resources of races in the eastern realm. Of course, only those races with cosmic system state have the right to partic.i.p.ate.”

Lu Ze nodded. “So that’s it.”

The elf cosmic realm is this big. There would at least be a few hundred races living under the elf race’s protection.