Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 252 - My Family Is the Stars

Chapter 252 - My Family Is the Stars

Chapter 252 My Family Is the Stars

The morning cla.s.s ended, and Lu Ze and Lin Ling left the cla.s.sroom under the watchful eye of others.

As there were no cla.s.ses in the afternoon, the students returned to the dormitory to cultivate themselves, and both of them flew in the direction of the dormitory as well.

Along the way, the two discussed the knowledge of martial arts and soon arrived at the dormitory for first-years.

Just at this moment, Lin Ling seemed to have found something, and she pointed downwards.

She exclaimed, “Ze, look at that kid.”

Lu Ze looked in the direction where Lin Ling was pointing at and realized that there was a little silver-haired girl, who appeared to be just about a meter tall, on the side of the road, in the dormitory area.

The little girl was dressed in a pale pink dress with knee-high white stockings on her short legs, pink leather shoes on her feet, and was carrying a red bag. She was taking small steps forward. They didn’t know where she was headed to either.

Lu Ze:”???”

There are still little kids who carry backpacks at this day and age??

Wait, this is not the point!

After all, on some planets, being retro was quite popular.

The question is… isn’t this the dormitory area for first-year students in the elite cla.s.s?

Why would there be a little girl here??

He doesn’t recall having any little girl in their cla.s.s.

Lu Ze looked at the little girl, who didn’t seem to notice that they were in the sky and was walking slowly, and felt like things weren’t so simple.

However, this was the Federal University, after all, and Jinyao sage was here, so if this little girl was dangerous, she wouldn’t be able to enter.

Could this little girl be a teacher’s daughter or a cla.s.smate’s younger sister?

With that thought, Lu Ze turned to Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, use your G.o.d art to take a lookwhat’s with this little girl?”

It was simply too unusual to have a little girl appearing here.

Just to be safe, Lu Ze still wanted Lin Ling to see if it was a strange person or not.

With her G.o.d art, it should be able to find out if that little girl was a strange person.

Lin Ling shared the same sentiments as Lu Ze. She nodded, her eyes twinkled brightly, and she looked at the little girl carefully.

Lu Ze turned to look at Lin Ling. “How is it? Is there any problem?”

Lin Ling didn’t answer and merely raised her brows, then, a complicated rune flashed across her eyes and shone brighter.

After some time, she smiled. “Didn’t find any problem, seems like an ordinary little girl; perhaps she’s a teacher’s daughter?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Which teacher is so unreliable that she lost her own kid?”

With that said, a certain female alcoholic gulping her alcohol down surfaced in his head.

Then, he recalled that the female alcoholic was still single, so it couldn’t be her.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t seen that alcoholic around these days?

She seemed to say she wanted to give him a chance, and he had no clue what she meant.

Lin Ling laughed. “Let’s go down and take a look, maybe she is someone’s younger sister?”

Just then, the silver-haired little girl suddenly tripped on her left foot, her hands stretched forward, and her little body fell to the ground.

Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling: “…”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked at the silver-haired little girl who fell to the ground for a long time, and the atmosphere became very awkward for a moment.

As this was the way for freshmen to go to the teaching building, and Lin Ling and Lu Ze were flying over, they were a lot faster than the other students, and there weren’t any freshmen on the road now.

The silver-haired little girl was the only one lying on the ground quietly.

The corners of Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed-don’t tell me she’s hurt?

Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked at one another and landed next to the little girl.

Lu Ze used his mental power and scanned the little girl’s body but didn’t find anything unusual while Lin Ling asked worriedly, “Little girl, are you alright?”

At this moment, the silver-haired little girl who was on the ground replied, “Ah… I fell down, I need a cute big sister to carry me up.”

The little girl’s voice wasn’t wavering, it was as clear as starlight and very pleasing to the ears.

But what she said made Lu Ze and Lin Ling suspect whether they heard her incorrectly.

What did this little girl say?

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He looked at the silver-haired little girl sprawled on the ground and was somewhat stunned.

He was worried that this little girl was hurt, but as it turned out, she was just waiting for someone to carry her up??

Lin Ling was dumbfounded too. She didn’t expect that this silver-haired little girl would say something like this.

Everyone was silent, and the little girl probably felt that n.o.body was going to carry her, so she cried out once again with her clear voice. “Ah… I’ve fallen, I need a cute big sister to carry me.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He smiled toward the little girl on the ground. “How about a handsome big brother help you




There was silence once again, and the silver-haired little girl’s voice resounded once more. “If no big sister is going to carry me, then just let me be, I will get up by myself later.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He clutched his chest subtly.

What’s with this heartache?

Lin Ling’s mouth twitched, and she suppressed her laughter. Then, she walked over to the silver-haired little girl and carried her up gently, allowing her to sit properly.

At this moment, Lu Ze and Lin Ling saw this little girl’s face.

She had an adorable face with baby fats, huge eyes, and blue pupils—she was a lovely little girl.

However, her face was as calm as the surface of the holy water lake, there was no movement at all.

After carrying the silver-haired little girl up, Lin Ling patted the dust on her pink dress away and also wiped the dust off her little face.

The only good thing is that the little girl didn’t hurt herself.

Lu Ze looked at the expressionless little girl and tried to save his dignity. He revealed a gentle smile. “Little girl, what is your name?”

The silver-haired little girl raised her head and looked at Lu Ze with her blue eyes without speaking

The atmosphere was very awkward. Lu Ze looked at the little girl’s expressionless face and felt that he couldn’t hold the smile on his face any longer.

Just then, the little girl opened her mouth and said, “Yingying (1).”

Lu Ze: “…”

Weren’t all the people who acted cute completely wiped out during the Earth era??

This little fella was really ignorant, acting cute with ill intentions wasn’t something a good kid should do.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and decided to give this little girl a chance to start over.

Hence, he smiled warmly and asked again. “Little girl, what is your name?”

This time, the silver-haired little girl replied very quickly.

Just then, the little girl opened her mouth and said, “Yingying.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Can he hit this little brat’s b.u.t.tocks?

Just then, Lin Ling couldn’t stand looking at this anymore. She rolled her eyes in disdain at Lu Ze. “Do you know you’re like a criminal who would abduct a child right now?”

The corners of Lu Ze’s mouth twitched, and his heart ached.

His own image turned out to be like this?!

This cannot happen!

At this moment, Lin Ling smiled at the little girl. “Little girl, what is your name?”

The silver-haired little girl, who originally looked at Lu Ze expressionlessly, looked at Lin Ling with her blue eyes glistening, but her voice was still calm. “Big sister, I am called Yingying.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling: “…”

Both of them looked at each other in embarra.s.sment. They both thought that this little girl was trying to be cute.

So her name was actually Yingying?

This type of name still exists??

What were her parents thinking?

“Cough, little girl, where is your family? Big brother will send you home.”

Lu Ze realized that he actually misunderstood this cute little girl just now, so he smiled once again toward Yingying.

When Yingying heard that, she turned to look at Lu Ze and the starlight in her eyes disappeared, it was expressionless once again.

Lu Ze saw the changes in Yingying’s expression, and his heart ached.

Why does she react so differently toward Lin Ling and him??

He can’t accept this!!

“My family is the stars.”

Yingying’s clear voice resounded once again, but what she said surprised Lu Ze and Lin



What did that mean?

So where were they supposed to send her to?

The entire universe is filled with stars.

Could it be that this child ran away from home?

So she said these things?

Just when the two people were in a daze, the silver-haired little girl looked straight at Lu Ze, tilted her head, and a hint of suspicion flashed across her blue eyes. “You are very special.””

As she spoke, she even leaned forward to smell Lu Ze, then, a tinge of enchantment appeared in her eyes. “You smell so nice, not bothersome.”

Lu Ze was slightly surprised when he heard Yingying’s words, then, he looked suspiciously at Yingying who was smelling him like a little puppy.

“What smells nice?”

He suddenly realized that this little girl might not be a decent little girl.

Lin Ling had never said that he smelt nice before, so why would this little girl say so?

When Yingying heard what Lu Ze said, a hint of confusion flashed in her blue eyes, and her voice finally had a slight fluctuation. “Your aura smells nice, very intimate.”

When Lu Ze heard that, he was taken aback.

Aura smells nice? Very intimate?

Then, he turned to look at Lin Ling who seemed uncertain as well. “Is there anything special about my aura?”

Lin Ling tried to sense his aura seriously and even used G.o.d art and divine art to take a look, and finally shook her head.

The two people looked at each other and realized that this silver-haired little girl didn’t seem to be what they thought.

She wasn’t a decent little girl.

At the same time, Lu Ze had a few guesses in his heart.

Could it be because he had been using red orbs to cultivate?

Although he didn’t know what red orbs were.

However, it could help Alice awaken the source of fire, so it was evident that the energy level should not be low, just that the amount was lesser.

Perhaps, he had been using red orbs to cultivate, so this little girl had this feeling?

But why Lin Ling or Nangong Jing, or even everyone he met before, including the blade demon race, didn’t have this feeling?

He looked at the silver-haired little girl who smelled him and was disinterested in him once again as she turned her head toward Lin Ling.

Who exactly is this little fella?

Translator’s Note:

[1]: This is an internet slang for the sobbing sound used when girls act cute.