Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 253 - Being Mistaken as a Child Trafficker by the Little Lolita?!

Chapter 253 - Being Mistaken as a Child Trafficker by the Little Lolita?!

Chapter 253 Being Mistaken as a Child Trafficker by the Little Lolita?!

Lu Ze looked at the silver-haired lolita Yingying, then s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward Lin Ling, who was looking back at him.

Although the little lolita appeared to be unique, Lu Ze and Lin Ling were unable to sense any aura or evil intent from her.


Lu Ze looked at Yingying who was looking at Lin Ling with glittering eyes and smirked.

This little lolita is an abnormal lolita. How can a normal lolita possibly like older girls?

Just then, Lin Ling smiled at Yingying and asked, “Little sister, what are you doing here?”.

Yingying raised her head and replied indifferently, “Yingying.”

Lin Ling was slightly startled, then she heard Yingying speak up again. “Older sister, you can call me Yingying.”

Lin Ling revealed a gentle smile when she heard Yingying’s words and extended her hand out to caress her little head. She then replied, “Then, little Yingying, what are you doing here? Are you lost?”

Yingying shook her head and stood up straight, placed her hands at her waist, and revealed a slight change in expression on her emotionless face. Afterward, she spoke with a slightly higher voice, “I came to find Tingting, so we can go to school together. I just woke up!” “Tingting?” Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked at the somewhat pleased Yingying then looked at each other with skepticism in their eyes.

In the end, Lin Ling smiled and asked, “Yingying, who is Tingting?”

“Tingting is my friend, she brought me out to play on the swing!”

While speaking of the little girl called Tingting, the silver-haired little lolita had a more lively expression on her face, as well as a light in her sparkling blue eyes. Even her tone of speech had become slightly faster.

The more they listened, the more Lu Ze and Lin Ling were confused. Why did this little girl come to their university to find her little friend to attend cla.s.s together?

Aren’t they at Federal University?

By the looks of the little girl, she should be in kindergarten, right?

Wait a minute!

Lu Ze and Lin Ling blinked and realized a problem.

Didn’t that mean that this little girl was not a teacher’s daughter or sister?

The reason she was here was to find her little friend to go to school together?

Shock could be seen in their eyes as they realized this problem. How did this little girl come to Planet Venus??

Lu Ze revealed a gentle smile and looked at Yingying. “Little Yingying, how did you come here?”

Yingying tilted her head and looked at Lu Ze as a look of suspicion appeared in her clear blue eyes, as though he had asked some stupid question. “Because I wanted to.”

You wanted to?!

Lu Ze’s heart jumped and he had to calm himself down before being able to speak. “Did someone bring you here? Where are your parents?”

Yingying paused upon hearing the question, as though she fell deep in her thoughts.

In the end, she opened her eyes widely as if having discovered something and turned to look at Lu Ze cautiously. At the same time, she retreated two steps back: “Are you what Tingting calls a child trafficker? Is that the legendary question that you ask little children to check if their parents are around??”

Lu Ze: “???”

Lin Ling: “???” Child Trafficker?

Lu Ze glanced at the cautious look in Yingying’s clear blue eyes and felt a pain in his chest.

I, Lu Ze, the handsome, gifted, and romantic extraordinaire is actually being seen as a child trafficker by a little lolita?

He suddenly had the thought to die.

He immediately replied, “I am a student here!”

He felt that the child lolita was somewhat unique and did not want to appear as a threat to her. If she was truly someone important, then wouldn’t he be in huge trouble?

Yingying looked at him suspiciously. “Really?”

Lu Ze nodded his head. “Of course!”

Yingying also nodded her head in response. “Alright.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling: “…”

She believed me just like that…?

The two looked at each other again and realized that their previous a.s.sumption might have been a misperception.

Who knew if the girl in front of them was just an ordinary little lolita? Who knew if there was another little lolita called Tingting, and Yingying was just about to find her and go to school together?

But where is the kindergarten around here?

Lu Ze expressed that he had no idea. Right at this time, Yingying suddenly asked, “Did you two see Tingting?”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling were slightly startled by the question. Lin Ling squatted in front of Yingying and smiled. “How does Tingting look like? Older sister can help you ask around.’

Although they did not know who Tingting was, there were plenty of ways to look for someone.

Since they were already talking to her, why not help her out.

Of course, the main reason was that Yingying was too adorable, and she made Lin Ling have the impulse of taking care and protecting Yingying. Yingying tilted her head sideways as though in thought and then replied, “She looks like this.”

While replying, her small hand trembled slightly, and the area around them, encompa.s.sing 10 meters, turned pitch black as though the sun had disappeared. Following that, starlights after starlights appeared and connected with each other, drawing the outline of a scene.

It depicted a small garden with a small swing that had chains that were slightly rusted.

The silver-haired Yingying was dressed in the same pink frock with white stockings that crossed her knees and a pair of leather shoes.

She sat on the swing with the same emotionless expression.

But behind her stood a twin-pigtailed little lolita with a brilliant smile on her round face. She pushed the swing and allowed it to sway as the chains produced creaking sounds.

The entire scene was filled with the twin-pigtailed little lolita’s laugh.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling watched the image formed out of starlights in a daze, their eyes were filled with immense shock.

This little lolita is indeed not a normal little lolita!

What technique is this?

With a wave of her hand, she erased all the light around them and even produced starlights to produce an image?

She’s definitely a big shot!!

Although the two initially felt that the little lolita was not ordinary previously, they did not expect it to be so exaggerated!

Furthermore, the little lolita’s every move and word were exactly like a little child. She was even looking for her friend to go to school.

Why does a little girl her age wield such terrifying power?? Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked at each other with shock in their eyes.

Could it be a completely awakened cosmic grade G.o.d art?

And she had cultivated in it for a long time??


She was not a human, to begin with?

The two suddenly recalled Yingying’s words.

My family is the stars. The two glanced at each other with disbelief in their eyes,

They had just thought that the little lolita was being mischievous.

But it no longer seemed like so. The legendary star spirit race said to be born from starlight. Upon birth, they would be in the cosmic realm state and become cosmic lords at adulthood…

Shock and disbelief flashed in the duo’s eyes. Is this little lolita truly the legendary star spirit race?

Upon thinking about it, sweat started to trickle down their foreheads.

This is a powerful individual that was at the cosmic realm state upon being born!!

Cosmic realm beings are able to destroy the Milky Way galaxy with ease! But the probability of it should not be low.

After all, this little lolita looks human.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling had never seen the legendary star spirit race, but they should not look like humans, right?

And the population of the star spirit race was too small with less than 10,000 in the entire cosmos.

The cosmos is so huge, how can they possibly encounter a star spirit being?

The probability of her being a prodigy with an awakened G.o.d art should be higher, right?

After all, Alice was one such example. Who knew if her words were just the rambling of a little child?

Just as the two of them were in a state of panic, the voice as clear as starlight came out again. “Older sister, did you see Tingting?”

Yingying raised her adorable egg-shaped face that still had baby fats and looked at the astonished Lu Ze and Lin Ling with a look of antic.i.p.ation.

It was evident that she really wanted to look for her partner.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling took a deep breath and calmed their hearts.

Although she was strong, Yingying’s appearance and actions prevented them from seeing her as a bigshot.

She looked just like a not so lively little lolita only.

The two then turned to look at the black-haired lolita in the image.

The two ponytail lolita looked rather adorable, but could not compare to Yingying.

In the end, the two shook their heads.

Lin Ling looked at the excited Yingying in slight embarra.s.sment and replied apologetically, “Sorry ah, Little Yingying, older sister hasn’t seen this little girl before.”

Lu Ze shook his head as well and was about to speak up when he discovered a few inconsistencies in the image.

On the road outside the garden was a parked car that had four wheels that ran on the road.

Were such vehicles still being used in the Federation?

He was in doubt but still managed to ask, “Little Yingying, where is this garden of


To find a person, it’ll be better to grasp the location first, right?

When Yingying heard his question, she blinked multiple times and pondered.

She seemed to recall something after a moment and clapped her hands. “Earth! I remember Tingting mentioning it before, we live on earth where there are swings!”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling were startled by her response.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling and asked, “How does the current earth look like now?”

He had especially sought for news of Earth due to his past.

But it seems like the current Earth doesn’t have such an ancient car as well, right?

Lin Ling was clearly stunned as well, she had visited Earth many times when she was younger. Although she could not remember it well, she still had some recollection of it.

The current Earth should not have such a type of car.

Back in the early interstellar era when gravitational equipment was produced and flying cars were manufactured, such vehicles were already phased out. At that time, humans were still unable to conduct s.p.a.ce travels yet.

Lu Ze scratched his chin and asked, “Maybe Earth still has some retro places?”.

Lin Ling nodded her head when she heard his explanation. “That could be true.”

After all, as the first planet to house humanity, Earth might still have kept some cultural heritage, who knew if there were certain places that had maintained the interstellar era.

Just as Lu Ze and Lin Ling were on the same page, Yingying suddenly spoke up in disappointment. “When I went to find Tingting, the swing was no longer there.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling: “…”

The two looked at the Yingying, who had turned from emotionless to emotionally disappointed. They opened their mouths, yet they did not know what to say. Is she trying to say that she slept and woke up?

How can she sleep for two thousand years at one go??

Is that something humanly possible?

Lu Ze and Lin Ling realized that the probability of her being a star spirit being had gotten higher.

Lin Ling broke the solemn atmosphere by smiling and speaking up. “Little Yingying, why don’t I find people to help you look for her? In the meantime, why don’t you stay at Federal University for a day?”.

Her grandfather used to be one of the sages. It would be easy for him to investigate a person.

Yingying immediately opened her eyes wide and looked at Lin Ling and asked, “Can we find Tingting?”

Lin Ling laughed. “I can’t promise you that, but I think it’ll be faster than what you’re doing now.”

When Yingying heard the uncertainty, she lowered her head in disappointment again.

By the side, Lu Ze felt a pain in his liver. She is an almighty big shot, Lin Ling, you really want to keep her?

But seeing how pitiful Yingying looked, Lu Ze was unable to refute Lin Ling.

The adorable little lolita had the looks to attract people to help her. Although she seemed very powerful, her character was truly of a young little girl.