Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 251 - Elf Cosmic Realm

Chapter 251 - Elf Cosmic Realm

Chapter 251 Elf Cosmic Realm

Virtual reality was different from the pocket hunting dimension.

In the pocket hunting dimension, the time of the outside world is stopped, but in virtual reality, the time of the outside world continues. When Lu Ze got out of the virtual martial city, many hours had gone past.

He opened the door of the pod and stood up.

He stretched and took a deep breath, then slowly revealed a smile.

Getting 550,000 academic credits at one shot was not bad. There was still the rewards for getting first place and the overall ranking, he would also receive a certain amount of academic credits each month.

Overall, he made money from this.

Lu Ze went downstairs and returned into his room. He lay in bed with his hands behind his head, looked at the bamboo shoots dancing in the quiet night outside his window, and his eyes glistened.

His strength was still slightly weak.

He was still lacking in offensive divine art.

Right now, he’s good at defending and speed, but his attacks were lacking.

He could only rely on his G.o.d art each time, which consumed a lot of energy and didn’t have very good effects.

If Lu Ze had an offensive divine art, his power would definitely increase as well.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough academic credits at this moment.

The bamboo shoots outside his window rustled, and Lu Ze lay in bed with his thoughts for a while more before he sat up.

His next goal was to learn wings of wind and lightning

If he managed to learn this divine art, even if he didn’t have an offensive divine art, he could make up for the flaws by being fast.

Of course, most importantly, if he’s fast, he could run for his life quicker!

As someone who was great at playing games, running fast enough would give him true happiness.

Although his wings of the wind divine art and wings of lightning divine art were not complete, they had reached a standard where he could cultivate the wings of wind and lightning divine art already.

Lu Ze opened the doc.u.ment for the wings of wind and lightning


Over 12 million words…

Lu Ze suddenly felt his head hurt.

Right now, he didn’t have the black tiger boss purple orbs anymore and could only use the aperture opening state ferocious beast divine art’s purple orb that he swallowed to cultivate.

This would probably lengthen the time he takes to learn this divine art.

However, he didn’t have any other choice.

Lu Ze didn’t think further. His mental power swept across in his brain, and a purple orb disappeared into his mental dimension, turning into a clear stream as it flowed into Lu Ze’s mind.

He began to immerse himself into that obscure text.

The next morning, Lu Ze returned to his


He rubbed his temples, and a hint of lethargy flashed in his eyes.

Indeed, without the boss’ purple orbs, it was much harder to learn the divine art.

This was already when he had learned the wings of the wind divine art and wings of lightning divine art and could still use them as a reference at the beginning. Otherwise, it would be more difficult.

The two rising suns outside the window shone their warm light onto Lu Ze’s body; the comfortable temperature made him squint his eyes comfortably.

Lu Ze rested for a short while before getting up to wash up.

After was.h.i.+ng up, Lu Ze received a message on his phone.

He opened it to take a look, and it was Lin Ling asking him to go to cla.s.s together.

The courses at Federal University were very relaxed, and it didn’t matter if the students didn’t want to attend either. As long as they were able to pa.s.s the test at the end of the school year, everything would be fine.

If they didn’t, it would be bad.

Lu Ze changed into the black set of school uniform and went downstairs.

He saw Lin Ling standing at the entrance, waiting for him the second he opened the door.

She was also wearing the black school uniform, and it looked particularly good on her.

Lu Ze smiled at her. “Good morning, you actually chose black as well.”

Lin Ling glanced askance at Lu Ze. “It’s similar to the military uniform, looks steadfast.”

Lu Ze nodded. “It’s not the same for meblack doesn’t get dirty easily.”

Lin Ling: “…”

‘Smart was.h.i.+ng machines already exist, yet, this chap still cares about filth?’

“Let’s go.”

Lin Ling felt that she didn’t have much to say to this fool, so she turned around and left.

At this moment, Lu Ze said, “Oh right, what cla.s.ses are we having today?”

Lin Ling’s lips twitched, and she looked at Lu Ze speechlessly. “Didn’t you see the timetable?”

Lu Ze grinned and said happily, “I cultivated too hard yesterday and forgot.”

As an advancing martial arts student, he felt that he didn’t really have to look at it, right?

Anyway, with Lin Ling around, she can just look at it.

Illogical.jpg (Lu Ze’s limited edition)

When Lin Ling saw Lu Ze’s gleeful face, the green veins on her forehead protruded. “What are you so proud of?”

Then, she rubbed her forehead speechlessly and said, “We’ll be having ‘Elf Cosmic Region and Races’ and ‘Universal Common Language’.

For the first year, martial arts cla.s.ses were only held in the morning, and they would cultivate themselves in the afternoon.

Lu Ze nodded. “Oh.”

The cla.s.srooms were over ten kilometers away from the dorms, and this bit of distance was considered very short to martial artists like them.

Two of them casually flew toward the cla.s.srooms, and after ten minutes, they saw the teaching building.

This was where the first-year martial arts cla.s.ses were held, not only the elite cla.s.s but the ordinary cla.s.s was here too.

There were many students running toward the teaching building on the ground at this moment, and their speeds weren’t slow.

After all, even freshmen were already at the spirit martial state at least, so they weren’t very slow.

Of course, among the freshmen, only Lu Ze and Lin Ling could fly. As they flew in the sky, it naturally attracted quite a number of people’s attention, and many couldn’t help but start to whisper.

Lu Ze’s martial arts refining results were out yesterday, and the forum was exploding with comments!

As a freshman who just enrolled, he managed to be placed around the 600 ranking-he was truly talented.

Now that Lu Ze appeared, he naturally attracted a lot of attention from the freshmen.

Other than martial technique or martial arts cla.s.ses, the elite and ordinary first-year freshmen would have their cla.s.ses together like language or cosmic knowledge courses, so there were more people on the way to the cla.s.sroom.

Lu Ze was helpless. If only he had an apparatus that allowed him to get the knowledge to flow into his brain directly, understand it fully and be able to use it, then he wouldn’t have to attend these cla.s.ses.

Unfortunately, technology wasn’t so advanced yet.

It was said that some high-tech civilizations could do this.

Some civilizations purely developed spirit force technology, and their race was also very strong. The innate gift of every race was different.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling found the cla.s.sroom stated on the timetable and entered.

The initially somewhat noisy cla.s.sroom suddenly went silent when these two people walked in, and everyone turned to look at them.

Lu Ze scanned across the cla.s.sroom. It was s.p.a.cious and could fit over a hundred people. At this moment, the seats were already almost one-third filled.

There was the elite cla.s.s, as well as the ordinary cla.s.s.

Under the gaze of everyone, Lu Ze and Lin Ling walked to the last row of the cla.s.s and sat on the empty seats.

There were whispers around the cla.s.sroom after these two people sat down, and there were even some glances toward them from time to time.

In this regard, Lu Ze couldn’t do much. After all, they were too famous now, and coming into the cla.s.sroom was as striking as fireflies in the dark.

More and more students entered the cla.s.sroom and it was three-quarters filled very quickly.

Lu Ze then realized that Ye Mu and the rest weren’t there yet. He wondered if they were too absorbed in cultivating and forgot about this.

But everybody’s cultivation was different, and Lu Ze didn’t interrupt them either.

Very soon, the teacher entered the cla.s.sroom and cla.s.ses began.

The cla.s.s was held by projecting a holographic map of the elf cosmic realm while the teacher gave explanations.

The “Elf Cosmic Region and Races” cla.s.s mainly talked about the map of the elf cosmic realm and the internal race. The most important was obviously the elf race.

The elf cosmic realm territory was nearly 200 million light-years away. The elf race was located in the center of the elf cosmic realm, and the entire cosmic realm has hundreds of races sheltered by the elf race—the human race was one of them.

As a new cosmic civilization race within two thousand years, the human race was located on the edge of the elf’s cosmic realm, near the magic realm.

The blade demon race was cleverly located on the edge of the magic realm, it was also a new cosmic civilization race and was only slightly more developed compared to the human race by a few thousand years.

So this was how these two tiny seedlings started up.

In the elf cosmic realm, in addition to the races that had been sheltered by the elves, there were also some races that were not sheltered by them because they were too ugly or it was their nature to destroy or cause chaos.

Just like the spike ball people, they belonged to the ugly category.

Hence, they were more unfortunate.

Although their resources weren’t very useful to the elf race, they were quite useful for the other races.

So, they either migrate or perish.

In the elf cosmic realm, there were chaotic or barren areas too.

These areas were hard to live in, so naturally, no races were interested in them.

Probably only the worm race would be interested.

It had to be said that the universe was so big that just the elf cosmic realm was unimaginably huge.

Of course, this was only huge to the human race.

As for civilizations that had developed in the universe for hundreds of millions of years or more, how do they view the universe?

Lu Ze revealed that he wasn’t very sure.

Until the cla.s.s ended and the teacher left the cla.s.sroom, there were still many students who were still immersed in the holographic projection and hadn’t returned to their senses.

This lesson was too shocking and allowed these privileged students to know how small they really were.

Only by having a clear understanding of themselves would they learn how to make decisions for their future.

Lu Ze shook his head and heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s finally over, I’m so hungry.”

These things were as simple as additions within ten compared to divine arts.

Lu Ze merely used a purple orb, and he managed to understand everything he needed to learn.

He should just skip cla.s.s next time.

Lin Ling, who was looking seriously at the teaching materials, twitched her mouth and took a deep breath.

She really wanted to draw out her spear and pierce a few holes into this fool!!

Feeling the explosive energy from Lin Ling, Lu Ze froze and smiled. “The ‘Universal Common Language’ cla.s.s will be starting soon, right? Which cla.s.sroom is it? Shall we go?”

“… this is the cla.s.sroom!”

Hearing Lin Ling’s frustrated voice, Lu Ze nodded silently. “Oh.”

… This Lin Ling seemed like she was about to explode, so it would be better to not provoke her further.

The duration of the break was only a short half an hour, and the cla.s.s began.

Lu Ze once again experienced the feeling of learning a foreign language in the Earth era.

What was different this time was that he had a purple orb.

As long as you had one, it would guarantee that you would become a straight-A student, it was worth it!

The “Universal Common Language” cla.s.s wasn’t complicated and very soon, many students could engage in simple conversations.

It was different from the “Elf Cosmic Region and Races” cla.s.s, this entire lesson had a joyful atmosphere.