Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 250 - Ordinary Elf Warrior

Chapter 250 - Ordinary Elf Warrior

Chapter 250 Ordinary Elf Warrior

At this moment, he found himself transported to a forest. Standing about 100 meters away from him was an opponent that looked extremely similar to the human race.

He was equipped with a pale green leather armor that had faint purple complex designs. He was above 1.8 meters tall with pale green long hair that dropped to his shoulders. He had a slender figure with tight and jade-like skin, along with an extremely handsome face, almost as handsome as Lu Ze.

The only differences that the man before him had as compared to a human were the green eyes and sharp ears.

An elf?

Lu Ze could not resist but look at the opponent’s information. As he read on, his facial expression froze, and his eyes grew even wider, somewhat in disbelief.

The handsome brother in front of him was indeed from the elf race with spirit force cultivated to 30 apertures but had fighting power equivalent to 120 apertures!

The only G.o.d arts he had were strength and wood G.o.d arts.

And according to the introduction provided by the martial trial tower, he was an ordinary elf warrior.

Lu Ze: “…”

He felt that the martial trial tower definitely had some misunderstanding of the term ordinary.

He was so unique, how can he be ordinary??

Shouldn’t ordinary be for spirit martial state or abstruse martial state level??

You’re telling me that this elf warrior with fighting power close to a mid-tier aperture opening state cultivator is an ordinary warrior?

Just as Lu Ze was stupefied from the information, the ordinary elf warrior made his move.

His eyes flashed with a green light, and the surrounding forest started to dance wildly. Countless branches and roots underground flickered with green light and transformed into sharp spears that shot toward Lu Ze.

The numerous and dense number of spears from all directions left no openings while flying toward Lu Ze, trapping him inside.

Lu Ze’s gaze became cold as his power stirred from his entire body.

Wind G.o.d art, fire G.o.d art, lightning G.o.d art, ist body G.o.d art, sevenfold increase strength G.o.d art, as well as 1st s.h.i.+eld, were used.


He unleashed punches with both hands continuously with the power of the G.o.d arts, breaking down all trees that were flickering with the green light. The broken pieces dropped from the sky and were swept clean by the violent gales and spirit force shockwaves.

The thick and dense forest disappeared under this single onslaught and transformed into a gigantic and deep circular pit with a radius of over 10 kilometers.

Lu Ze and the ordinary elf warrior floated opposite each other above the large pit as the atmosphere grew denser.

Maybe because they were made up of data, the ordinary elf warrior’s expression did not have the slightest bit of change. He stood indifferently amidst the dense atmosphere.

Lu Ze smirked as a pair of green wings suddenly appeared on his back. With a flap, he disappeared from his original spot.

Divine Art, Wings of the Wind!

Lu Ze appeared behind the elf warrior with his right leg completely covered with the translucent dark crystal s.h.i.+eld. He performed a mid-height kick toward the elf warrior’s waist with his leg that resembled a death scythe.

But just as Lu Ze’s leg was able to reach the elf warrior, the elf warrior’s arm suddenly appeared at his waist. The jade- like arm that seemed to belong to a girl and looked to be extremely weak and powerless collided onto Lu Ze’s right leg that was covered with the black crystal s.h.i.+eld.


The arm and feet collided and unleashed a terrifying shockwave that spread out in all directions, a mix of pale green, green, black, purple lights flashed. This was the light aura produced by the amalgamation of the various G.o.d arts.

The deep pit that was blasted open earlier cracked even further under the shockwave. Deep gorges formed and extended outwards, causing the entire ground to look like a malevolent trauma caused by a large rip.

Crushed rocks shook out of the cracks and turned into powder under the weight of the shockwave and pervaded into the air, concealing both Lu Ze and the ordinary elf warrior’s figures.




Deafening collisions could be heard from within the smoke-filled area as shockwaves continued to shoot out in all directions. The gorges on the ground became deeper and deeper as the distant trees were either swept away, broken, or blown away. The circular area with a radius of over 10 kilometers was a mess.

“Die for me!!”


Lu Ze’s cold voice came out from within the dust. A loud rumble was heard as a figure shot downwards and slammed onto a ground, forming another large pit.

It was the ordinary elf warrior.

His expression remained cold and indifferent, but his leather armor was torn and tattered and his white skin had countless wounds that bled sparkling green blood.

At this moment, traces of blood leaked out from the corner of Lu Ze’s mouth, his aura was somewhat unstable, but he ignored the exhaustion on his body. With a flap of the wings of the wind, he turned into a streak of light and shot toward the elf warrior that was in the ground.

With a cold expression, he summoned all the power to his right leg and stomped down toward the chest of the elf warrior who was attempting to stand.


The ground shook and a meter long cracks stretched outwards on the ground.

After suffering from this heavy attack when he was just severely injured recently, the elf warrior finally lost consciousness.

It was only then did the battle stop. The dust in the air was carried away by the wind, and the sky became clear once again.

Lu Ze touched the blood at the corner of his mouth, and the coldness on his face gradually receded.

He licked his lips while gasping and lowered his head to look at the disappearing elf warrior.

Aside from his eightfold increase in G.o.d art, he had to use all of his other trump cards to barely defeat the ordinary elf warrior.

Isn’t he a little too strong?

Just an ordinary elf warrior is so powerful?

Although the elf race was indeed not a race that enjoyed fighting, their numbers would not be small and even the most ordinary of them were that powerful…

They are far more powerful as compared to us humans.

No wonder the cosmic realm s.p.a.ce that the elf race controls is as big as the Virgo supercl.u.s.ter of the Earth era.

That is a vast territory with a diameter of almost 200 million light-years!

One must know that the diameter of the milky way galaxy was only a hundred thousand light-years thereabout.

One can only imagine the vast territory under the control of the elf race.

In the cosmos region, only the higher tier demon race could compare to the elves and wield such a vast territory.

It was said that there were a few empires in the distant cosmos with a territory spanning across 100 million light-years and was already the largest cosmos that humanity in the Earth era could take readings of.

Tsk, how scary those races must be.

Lu Ze clicked his teeth and had a complicated expression in his eyes.

Compared to them, humanity was still a new seedling that can only tremble under the protection of the elves.

It is still a long and arduous journey for humanity to become strong.

When Lu Ze pa.s.sed the 34th round, the outside had exploded in a hubbub.

“His ranking has risen once more! He is ranked 693 in the overall ranking!”

“Isn’t it a must to defeat a 120 apertures opponent to get that ranking…? Isn’t he a newcomer??”

“Curse it…isn’t this guy too strong??”

“Big news, this is definitely big news… This guy, he is definitely a top rank prodigy amongst the young dukes. Isn’t he like Teacher Nangong back in her younger years?”

At the same time, Margaret and the other two stared at the overall ranking board with their eyes wide open.

The bronze tablet only showed the top 10, but they could check on other rankings by themselves.

At the moment, the three watched as Lu Ze jumped further on the top 10 rankings and was stupefied.

The black-haired youth spoke up. “Hey, is this for real? The Federal University has another prodigy capable of fighting against those powerful races?”

The golden-haired youth was in disbelief. “Isn’t he too strong? For a new student to have fighting power of over 120 apertures, oh my G.o.d…”

Following that, the golden-haired youth looked at Margaret strangely. “Margaret, did you know about this beforehand?”

The corners of Margaret’s mouth twitched as she rolled her eyes at him. “If I knew about this, I wouldn’t be as shocked as I am now.”

Although she had guessed that Lu Ze’s fighting power could be at a 100 apertures, this was far higher than her expectation.

In a corner, Lin Ling watched the rankings with a flicker in her eyes. In the end, she clenched her teeth and left Virtual Martial City.

She had to work even harder!

Everyone who was currently focused on Lu Ze’s name was all staring intently at his name on the overall ranking board. Some were curious whether or not he would improve his standing

Inside the martial trial tower.

The ice-cold voice came out again.

“34th level pa.s.sed, gained 70,000 academic credits.”

Following that, the scene around him changed again.

When Lu Ze saw this, he immediately spoke up. “Wait wait wait wait! I want to get out of here!”

What joke were they trying to play at? The only G.o.d art he had not used was the eightfold increase strength G.o.d art while the next opponent would have an increase of 10 apertures in terms of fighting power. Even at his full force, he would not be able to do anything, so why not keep some trump cards hidden?

It’s the perfect time to exit.

The changing scenery suddenly stopped, and the cold voice came out again.

“End of the simulation, you have pa.s.sed the 34th level and obtained a ranking of 693 on the overall leaderboard, ist on the first-year ranking. You have been awarded 556,075 academic credits.”

When Lu Ze heard of his reward, his eyes immediately lit up.

Awesome, to earn 550,000 academic credits, that’s a lot!

Although it isn’t enough to buy a divine art yet, it is still a considerable amount.

I have finally added more to my 130,000 academic credits, that’s great.

What a pity that this reward can only be obtained once without the opportunity for a second time.

If that was the case, everyone would become rich just by frequenting the martial trial tower.

Just as Lu Ze was feeling slightly regretful, his body was transported out of the martial trial tower.

Everyone who was waiting outside the martial trial tower for him immediately cast their gaze at him.

Lu Ze immediately sensed countless gazes and was alarmed.Why is everyone looking at me?

I should get out of here.

He immediately left the Virtual Martial City.

With the simulation over, he did not have any interest in sparring with anyone and naturally took the chance to leave to train for a period of time.

When all the students outside the martial trial tower saw Lu Ze leave the Virtual Martial City immediately, some pouted in dissatisfaction but were helpless against it.

At the same time, countless students followed Lu Ze and left the martial trial tower.

Lu Ze’s overall ranking of more than 600 upon leaving the simulation was huge news!

It was a must for them to announce it as soon as possible.