Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 249 - The Customer Experience Is Really Bad!

Chapter 249 - The Customer Experience Is Really Bad!

Chapter 249 The Customer Experience Is Really Bad!

The scenario changed again and this time, Lu Ze appeared on a wasteland with sharp metals all over.

In front of him was an old opponent of his.

The blade demon race.

He watched as his opponent introduced itself. This time, it was a 10 apertures opening state blade demon without any G.o.d arts.

Lu Ze scratched his chin. As it turned out, the power in every following round after the 31st increases by 10 apertures?

If only every round will only increase by one aperture and reward 10,000 academic credits for each round, what a profit it would be!

Lu Ze pouted, thinking that it was a waste.

Right at this time, the blood demon race cultivator’s bloodshot eyes revealed a tyrannical and violent gaze as it shot forward with both legs.


His body turned into a black stream of light as he charged straight at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze smiled and unleashed a blazing wind blade in the air.

The blazing fire blade streaked across as a red stream of light and slashed right onto the blood demon race cultivator.


Sensing the danger, the blade demon race cultivator stopped abruptly. The arm blades on both arms flickered with a mysterious black light and unleashed two spirit force blade auras toward the blazing wind blade.


An explosion erupted when both blades collided. The two spirit force blades shattered as easily as gla.s.s, and the red streak of light flew through and past the blade demon race cultivator.

The wind and flames intertwined and ravaged his flesh body, taking away his life.

“32nd level pa.s.sed, gained 15,000 academic credits.”

At this moment, outside the martial trial tower, everyone observing Lu Ze’s ranking started to converse.

“He is already second. Lu Ze should be fighting against aperture opening state experts, right?”

“He should be, come to think of it, first place Lin Ling and Lu Ze seems to have a good relations.h.i.+p?”

“Seems so, weren’t the two of them together on the battlefield?”

“Zeze…. Federal University’s new students are too terrifying, they actually have two newcomers at the aperture opening states, oh my G.o.d.”

“Come to think of it, the number one of Emperor Capital Academy should be the worst off, right? He is at the 3rd level of core martial state. Ordinarily, that will earn him the top place in the past, but he is only ranked 3rd now. That will be 10,000 less academic credits a month.”

“He can only blame his own bad luck to encounter these two monsters.”

At this moment, Lin Ling raised her head and looked at the bronze tablet. A light flickered in her eyes as she noticed Lu Ze’s name below hers.

Seems like he will surpa.s.s me soon?

She could only barely defeat opponents with maximum of 70 apertures and was completely overwhelmed by opponents with 80 apertures opened.

With that guy’s power, he will obviously not stop at 80 aperture opponents.

At the same time, Margaret’s team, Gui Yuping’s team, Xu Yang’s team, as well as Bo Yibo were focused on the bronze tablet.

The bronze tablet suddenly flickered with rainbow light, and Lu Ze, who was originally second, surpa.s.sed Lin Ling, who was at number one. He became first. His name also turned golden.

“He’s surpa.s.sed her! It was so fast! How much time did he take to do that??”

“A minute? Isn’t that too fast? Is he instant-killing his opponents when they appear??”

Lin Ling’s eyes trembled slightly as she bit her lips in slight disappointment.

Although she knew he was definitely stronger than her, she did not expect him to complete so many consecutive rounds and surpa.s.s her within a minute.

He was simply too fast.

The golden-haired and black-haired youths by Margaret’s side widened their eyes as they looked at the first name in disbelief.

After maintaining silence for a period of time, the black-haired youth gradually sighed and spoke, “It seems that you were spot on, Margaret. For him to surpa.s.s Lin Ling so quickly means that he was able to instant-kill his opponents. Lu Ze’s power might truly be at 100 apertures.”

The golden-haired youth’s mouth twitched. “To h.e.l.l with it, these two newcomers are monsters. It’s fine if Lin Ling alone is so powerful, after all, she is from an aristocratic family. That Lu Ze guy’s background is nothing. I heard from my old man that he had awakened some powerful cultivation G.o.d art.”

Margaret stared at the flickering golden name on the bronze tablet in a daze.

Although she was mentally prepared, she was still unable to accept the fact that Lu Ze was able to reach such a stage.

Upon hearing their words, Margaret gave a weak chuckle. “G.o.d arts is basically isn’t fair, to begin with. It depends on luck and innate talent.”

When the duo heard her, they rolled their eyes. “Didn’t you reap a big harvest as well? Your reward surpa.s.sed ours, we think that’s unfair.”

Margaret laughed. “I was lucky this time, I received the benefit due to junior schoolmate Lu Ze’s light.”

The golden-haired youth pouted. “Tsk, you saying that makes me want to form a relations.h.i.+p with junior Lu Ze now.”

The black-haired youth’s mouth spasmed. “Pui, you are from Emperor Capital Academy, and you want to form a relations.h.i.+p with our junior schoolmate? Get lost, otherwise, I’ll break your legs.”

“Come come come, let me see how you plan to break my legs.”

Lu Ze was already at level 42 while everyone was talking among themselves.

This time, he was transported to an ordinary plain where an opponent that resembled a human stood in front of him, only that he was over 5 meters tall and was equipped in black metal battle armor.

Lu Ze looked at his information, he was of the barbarian race and was a human-related species.

Barbarians did not have high spirit force cultivation but were proficient in using spirit force to temper their flesh bodies. The barbarians have extremely strong flesh bodies and were innately adept at using strength G.o.d arts.

Strength G.o.d arts were basically the barbarian’s race innate skill. Compared to the human race, their prenatal advantage was simply too huge.

The barbarian warrior in front of him had a power of 110 apertures. He glared ferociously at Lu Ze with his large eyes.

He stepped forward with his right feet, causing the ground beneath to crack.

The momentum increased the power unleashed from his body and brought about a fanatic aura that surged toward Lu Ze.

His body was huge, but his speed was abnormally fast under the explosive burst of power. He instantly appeared right before Lu Ze.


The barbarian’s gigantic body covered the sun as his fist that was larger than an earthenware pot came towards Lu Ze, bringing along a violent force.

The violent gales formed by the force of the fist stirred Lu Ze’s black hair. He frowned upon sensing the immense power behind the fist.

Wind G.o.d art, fire G.o.d art, lightning G.o.d art, 1st body G.o.d art, sixfold increase strength G.o.d art. All of them were activated and unleashed a powerful and violent aura. He clenched his right hand into a fist with various lights representing the different G.o.d arts intertwining around it and struck toward the barbarian’s fist.


One big and one small fist came into contact.

Terrifying power surged outwards from their bodies and caused the ground to tremble. Spiderweb cracks started to splinter in the ground beneath their feet and extended a few kilometers outwards.

Lu Ze was able to sense a burst of terrifying force surging towards him from within the barbarian’s fist.

Following that, the power rushed into his body like a violent torrent, causing a sharp pain in his arm and the muscles to groan from the trembles.

Lu Ze’s expression changed as his figure transformed into the wind, and he disappeared from his original spot, avoiding the barbarian’s follow up punch from his left hand.

He appeared a few hundred meters away and looked at the terrifying barbarian with the corners of his mouth spasming.

Why is his strength so terrifying?

And he looks to be fine. Is his defense even stronger?

This isn’t part of the martial dao!

Lu Ze felt that his power and body’s defense was already at a considerable level. After using such a terrifying level of power, he was actually still not on the level of the barbarian at a head-on collision.

He was in disbelief.

The barbarian’s body was actually stronger than his, even with the 1st body G.o.d art activated. Was his body made out of some alloy?


The barbarian raised his head and looked at the flabbergasted Lu Ze standing in the distance. He unleashed a roar and charged forward again.

Lu Ze’s cheek continued to tremble incessantly as a faint black crystal s.h.i.+eld appeared on his body.

1st body G.o.d art’s divine art, ist s.h.i.+eld!

A cold glare flashed in his eyes as he welcomed the barbarian’s humongous fist again.

A real collision with the fists is the springtime of youth!


The big and small fists collided once again.

Lu Ze no longer sensed the terrifying force gus.h.i.+ng towards him this time, which was instead blocked by the crystal s.h.i.+eld.

But a crack had appeared on the crystal s.h.i.+eld.

Lu Ze activated his mental power and mended the crack, recovering the s.h.i.+eld to its perfect state.

Instead, the barbarian unleashed a pained howl and even retreated a step back.

Lu Ze raised his head and gave the violent barbarian a warm smile.

He stepped forward with his right feet that caused a crack on the ground. His body disappeared and appeared on the left of the Barbarian.

He raised his right fist that was enveloped with the crystal s.h.i.+eld. Wind and flames curled around the fist with lightning crackling all around. This combination stirred a violent power around him.

He unleashed his right fist and directed the terrifying power onto the barbarian’s waist.

I’ll break your waist!


The barbarian lowered his right shoulder and blocked Lu Ze’s fist. At the same time, a burst of bone-cracking sounds came out. The barbarian roared in pain once again.

But the pain had instead stirred his viciousness as he swung his left hand toward Lu Ze again.


Lu Ze smirked and punched at the barbarian’s fist.

The fists collided again as a fiery blaze, followed by a violent gale, booming lightning, as well as a wave of spirit force, swept toward the large fist from all directions.

The ground cracked even further as rocks started trembling. The aftermath of the collision swept out as a shockwave and shattered all the rocks into dregs.

The barbarian released another pained wail as he retreated yet another step.

Lu Ze had a cold expression as he unleashed another full-force punch on the barbarian’s st.u.r.dy body.

After more than 10 punches, the barbarian fell heavily on the ground. He had countless bone fractures as the terrifying power ravaging his body from within continued to stir. He gradually lost his life.


Lu Ze consolidated his power and let out a long exhale.

Just a 110 aperture opening state cultivator had forced him to use the 1st s.h.i.+eld.

He was quite strong.

But Lu Ze was ultimately slightly stronger.

The scenery changed once again. When the opponent dies, the next round would begin without any time for rest.

This made Lu Ze curse inwardly. The person who designed this must have a hole in his brain, to not give any time to rest at all, the customer experience is really bad!

When he gets out, he definitely has to give feedback to the female alcoholic.