Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 248 - Star of the Show

Chapter 248 - Star of the Show

Chapter 248 Star of the Show

He got through each level very quickly.

Level 3.

Level 4.

At each level, the enemy was a level stronger than the previous while the academic credits reward would also increase by five credits.

Very soon, Lu Ze was at the 11th level.

The location was a hot wasteland with a temperature of about 50 degrees celsius.

There were even a number of volcanoes around the wasteland. They would erupt from time to time. Volcanic ash floated in the air, completely covering the sky, and the surroundings were somewhat gloomy.

In front of him was an alien race, its body seemed to be covered in black rocks, and there was a flash of red flame flickering in the crevices of the rocks.

It looked somewhat similar to the stone man in the hero alliance during the earth era.

Lu Ze looked at the information about his opponent—this stone man was called Kaka race and as to why it would have such a cute name when it looked this way, Lu Ze didn’t know either.

Probably because their race doesn’t know how to come up with names?

This kaka stone man’s strength was at abstruse martial state level one. It was a stone man who just reached adulthood.

Lu Ze didn’t know how to judge whether he was an adult or not either.


The stone man opened his mouth and roared at Lu Ze, then it charged towards him.

He raised his right fist, and there was black spirit light flickering on it as he hit toward Lu Ze’s head.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and a wind blade cut through the air.

The stone man’s movement froze, then its hideous head fell from its neck.

There wasn’t any blood that flowed out. After the stone man’s head fell off, its body broke down into stones.

Lu Ze looked at the stones on the ground and was a little taken aback-he didn’t expect that even stones had life.

How interesting

‘I wonder if I can grab one to keep?’

He could play with it when he’s bored, and it seemed quite interesting.

“11th level pa.s.sed, gained 100 academic credits.”

Lu Ze was stunned when he received the prompt and was actually quite happy.

‘100 academic credits?! That’s a lot!’

One must know that only 55 academic credits were given even at the peak of spirit martial state.

Too bad, this reward was only given when one got through this level the first time. There wouldn’t be another reward like this later.

Otherwise, it would be too easy to earn the academic credits.

Very soon, the scene changed, and the next round began.

Level 12.

Level 13.

Level 14.

Level 21.

Level 22.

Level 30.

Level 31.

The opponents were very weak during the initial levels. Lu Ze didn’t even have to move an arm and could simply get rid of them with a wind blade.

Just as Lu Ze was on his way to success, there was a sudden exclamation from the once busy streets of the Virtual Martial City.

“Look at the first-year leaderboard, Lu Ze is rising up!”

Quite a number of people looked up when they heard that, and they saw the first-year bronze tablet floating in the sky.

Many people were concerned about what Lu Ze’s ranking would be.

After all, he was the top freshman and had very easily defeated the third-year Bo Yibo.

With this power, it worried those elites who were slightly stronger than Bo Yibo-would they also be overtaken by this freshman?

If Lu Ze really surpa.s.sed them, they would lose their dignity as seniors.

n.o.body would ever want to lose to a younger junior.

Especially when Lu Ze hadn’t gone into the martial trial tower for three days and caused these people to be on tenterhooks. They couldn’t eat nor drink, they didn’t sleep well and were almost becoming like an elderly.

Right now, Lu Ze was finally rising up in ranks, and it had attracted several people’s attention.

On the platform in the martial arts building, Lin Ling was battling with an aperture opening state senior. Both of them released a terrifying power, and the shockwaves raged on the platform like it was the end of the world.

There were quite a number of people who paid to watch the battle. Most of the strength of the audience was at the higher levels of aperture opening state or core martial state, and they were hoping to improve themselves from watching the two people’s battle.

Lin Ling was holding a spear, and spirit light flashed in her eyes. Her aura was clearly weaker than her opponent yet each time she attacked, she would cause her opponent to be thrown into confusion, and it was hard to fight her off.


Two figures moved in a flash on the platform, and after over ten moves, Lin Ling’s spear suddenly broke through the aperture opening state senior’s defense, landing on his chest area.

Lin Ling said indifferently, “Senior, you’ve lost.”

The aperture opening state senior looked at the speartip flas.h.i.+ng a cold light in his chest then looked at Lin Ling’s beautiful face and smiled helplessly. “Junior Lin Ling is very strong indeed, I’m not a match for you.”

Lin Ling retracted her spear and laughed. “Senior, you’re too kind.”

After that, the aperture opening state senior smiled. “Oh right, junior Lin Ling, what is your contact? Junior Lin Ling is so strong. If I get a task with bountiful rewards, I would hope that junior could come and help.”

Lin Ling was taken aback, then she thought of something and smiled. “Senior, Ze and I are a fixed team, you should look for others.”

That chap blocked a hail of arrows during the celebration previously; this time, it was his turn.

Lin Ling suddenly recalled that the chap seemed to be quite famous in school now. Would he use her as a s.h.i.+eld when the time comes?

With that thought, Lin Ling’s heart sank.

When the aperture opening state senior heard that, the smile on his face froze. He was about to say something, but someone in the audience yelled, “Lu Ze entered the martial trial tower!”

Many audience members immediately disappeared from their seats and went off to see the ranking.

On the platform, Lin Ling raised her brows and didn’t care about what the aperture opening state senior wanted to say as she disappeared from the platform.

She wanted to see what that chap’s rank was at this moment.

At a certain corner in the Martial City, three figures were looking at the first-year bronze tablet. One of the girls with gray hair was Margaret, and there was also a black-haired and a golden-haired youth.

The black-haired youth looked at Lu Ze who kept rising in ranks on the bronze tablet and commented, “Margaret, is that junior Lu Ze really so strong?”

Margaret kept praising Lu Ze the moment she returned, but he still wasn’t very convinced.

Margaret laughed. “Although junior Lu Ze still isn’t as strong as us right now, he improves very quickly, and I think he could possibly surpa.s.s us.”

The golden-haired youth laughed. “We’ll see what his overall rank is later. That flaming whirlwind previously scared me—even I couldn’t perform that kind of attack.”

Margaret’s eyes flashed and said, “I’m guessing he can be in the top one thousand.”

When the golden-haired youth and black-haired youth heard her words, they were stunned and looked at Margaret in disbelief. “You mean his power is around 100 apertures of the aperture opening state?”

One’s power must be at least 100 apertures in the aperture opening state in order to enter the overall top 1000.

Lu Ze was just a freshman, yet, he was so strong?

Those two people didn’t believe it.

Margaret laughed. “I’m just guessing. I think that junior Lu Ze might still have some hidden strength.”

The two youths looked at one another and kept quiet.

Then, the three people looked up at the bronze tablet and waited quietly for the results to be out.

At the corner, in the Virtual Martial City, Lin Huan, Ren Zhan, Xu Yang, Xufang Zhenxizi, Leo, and the others were looking at the bronze tablet with complex gazes.

Lu Ze got first place during the graduation trial, and Chang Yang’s number one high school was allocated more resources than they imagined. There were even more students admitted to the Dawn System school than before.

At this moment, their moods were very complex.

Just a few months ago, Lu Ze was like them, a n.o.body.

But right now, the second he got into the martial trial tower, he attracted the attention of countless strong seniors.

To the point that even the core martial state seniors who were extremely strong had a look of envy at the mention of Lu Ze.

Also, when students heard that they were Lu Ze’s high school friends, they became friendlier toward them.

Now they realized that Lu Ze had become a boss.

Xu Yang looked at Lu Ze’s name rising in ranks then turned his head and teased Ren Zhan. “Ren Zhan, didn’t you keep saying you want to challenge Ze? Why don’t you apply for it later when Ze is out?”

When Ren Zhan heard that, he stiffened up and glared at Xu Yang. “How on earth am I going to challenge him now? Why don’t you fight with me if you’re so capable! I’ll beat your pee out of you!”

His heart was breaking. Lu Ze was too perverted, as if he would still dare to ask to be abused at this moment.

Xufang Zhenxizi looked at Lu Ze’s name with a puzzled gaze.

Lin Huang glanced at Xufang Zhenxizi. “Xufang, what is it?”

Xufang Zhenxizi shook his head and smiled. “Nothing much.”

Previously, he wanted to invite that chap for a meal, but in the end, that chap actually rejected him.

He didn’t expect that in a mere two months, he had already improved to this stage.

He obviously felt confused.

However, since he was rejected, he had already let it go.

In the martial trial tower, Lu Ze was currently at level 31, and he was still in a gloomy planet. Wild winds were blowing, and they were as sharp as blades, but to Lu Ze, it was like his own home.

His current wind G.o.d art wasn’t weak, after all. With the strong wind element here, it was like he was seeing his family, they kept rus.h.i.+ng over to stick to him.

Across him was a huge grey eagle with wings over a hundred meters.

The huge eagle’s strength was at the aperture opening state first aperture, it wasn’t considered strong.

It flapped its wings in the whirlwind to stabilize its body, then, the spirit light on its entire body shone. It flapped ferociously and turned into a grey flowing light as it pounced toward Lu Ze.

Just at this moment, a hundred meters long green wind blade cut across and severed the grey flowing light into two.

Fresh gray blood spurt in the air and the severed eagle body was swept up by the wind, disappearing in the air.

“31st level pa.s.sed, gained 10,000 academic credits.”

10,000 academic credits, sweet!

The academic credits given at the aperture opening state were definitely high, just the first aperture and 10,000 academic credits were given.

At level 21, one at the core martial state would only receive 1000 academic credits.