Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 247 - Life Is Too Hard!

Chapter 247 - Life Is Too Hard!

Chapter 247 Life Is Too Hard!

Looking at the flas.h.i.+ng name of the first placer on the overall leaderboard, everyone who was concerned about the change was bewildered.

Margaret was originally ranked second among the elite cla.s.s of Federal University. Other than the Federal University, the Emperor Capital Academy clearly had compet.i.tive power as well. Her power was weaker than the first of the Emperor Capital Academy. As such, she could only rank third in the overall ranking.

However, this time, she crushed the first and second who held the position for a long time.

This improvement was huge!

However, those students from the elite cla.s.s of Federal University could still accept it despite being a little surprised.

This time, Margaret was heavily rewarded – heaven crystal fruit, dao enlightenment room cultivation. These were enough to improve her cultivation level and even increase her G.o.d art by one level if she was lucky.

Clearly, she digested all the rewards and thus went higher on the ranking.

Lu Ze felt happy that senior schoolmate Margaret could get this.

At this moment, he heard some people discussing among themselves.

“Senior schoolmate Margaret seemed to have gained huge merit on the battlefield of the 25th planet, right?”

“Yes, I saw the clip of that battlefield. Senior schoolmate Margaret and a prodigy from the prodigy barrack went to rob the spirit metal. She did very well on the battlefield later too.”

“It seems that the reward is bountiful. I wonder what senior schoolmate Eldon and Li Qingyun think?”

“They’re no pushover. It’s their final year. The compet.i.tion hasn’t ended yet.”

“Haha, that’s true. But… speaking of the battlefield on the 25th, how come Lu Ze’s name isn’t on the list of 1st year’s ranking?”

“I don’t know, a lot of people are waiting for Lu Ze’s results. They’re not looking at the first year’s list but the overall ranking.”

“… Overall ranking!! It shouldn’t be this fast, right?”

“You didn’t see Bo Yibo’s blog post?”

“Are you referring to that ‘shocking news’ blog? It costs 10 academic credits. I’m not going to be tricked!”

“… The clip revealed Lu Ze’s latest power. Although I’m not sure if it’s all of his power, it’s…”

The person shook his head.

Too strong

He was a second-year student who was only at abstruse martial state. This guy was first-year, but his strength was a few galaxies ahead of him.

“What about his power? Tell me?”

“His combat power is said… is said to be at least aperture opening state with more than 70 apertures.”

“Oh s.h.i.+t?? You’re kidding me?”

“I wish, but it’s impossible. The author of the blog, Bo Yibo, is a third-year student from the elite cla.s.s of the Emperor Capital Academy. His power is around 60 apertures. He lost before he could even react.”

“Then, would this guy enter the top 1000 when he competes in the martial trial tower for the first time?”

“He might really be able to.”

“Yes, Federal University and Emperor Capital Academy combined has around 100 people possessing aperture opening state with 70 apertures or higher. The other schools don’t have this much, but each school should have around ten. In total, there would be more than a thousand people. If Lu Ze still has power he is hiding, then he really might be able to reach the top 1000 upon entering the martial trial.”

Everyone exchanged glances with each other and became silent. They couldn’t express their emotions at the moment.

“Oh my G.o.d! This is too absurd!”

Those students who could attend a school in the Dawn System usually had spirit martial state power at high school exams.

This power was considered a prodigy in a small area.

For example, Xu Yang and Xufang Zhenxizi, as well as Leo, from Lu Ze’s high school had hopes of entering a school in the Dawn System but not Federal University.

“… But, it’s been three days, and tomorrow school will start. Why is he not coming?”

“Perhaps, he’s in solitary cultivation? He doesn’t lack academic credits. Just the reward from the 25th planet would be an astronomical amount for us.”

“Plus… you know how lucrative Bo Yibo’s blog was. He’s not dumb enough to take it all. He would at least give half to Lu Ze…”

“Oh s.h.i.+t… my heart aches. The guy hasn’t even started school, and yet, he has more money than I will ever have in my entire life!”

“I can’t handle this either. And that Lin Ling, who is currently ranked first among the first-year students, seems to be in the overall ranking, probably, around a thousand something?”

“Please, stop talking. Let us be normal people.”

Life was so hard!

Lu Ze, who heard this from the side, felt great.

He was too strong indeed.

Then, he looked at the ranking of first-year students. The first was indeed Lin Ling.

She was aperture opening state and stronger than Bo Yibo. It wasn’t hard for her to get first.

He was probably the only one who could restrain her.

Lu Ze turned to leave.

The virtual martial city wasn’t small. It needed to contain more than 10 million martial arts students.

At the center was this sky-reaching tower that could be seen from every corner of the city.

This was the martial trial tower. Going in costed 10 academic credits, and one could only enter three times a month.

People usually only went in when they were confident they could breakthrough.

The first time for new students was free.

Other than the tower, there were also large amounts of virtual battlegrounds.

There were also virtual people for sparring but that would also cost academic credits.

Lu Ze wasn’t interested in virtual battles right now. He only wanted to check out the martial trial tower and see what level he could reach.

He used wind G.o.d art and flew toward the martial tower.

There were plenty of people here. Lu Ze then entered the tower.

As soon as he did, the scene changed.

He appeared in a swamp. His feet were stuck inside the mud as he gradually sunk.

He raised a brow.

This was much stronger than the seed compet.i.tion at high school.

If it was a spirit martial state, then his speed would be quite affected in this swamp.

At this moment, the mud in front bubbled.


The mud exploded. Dark and pungent liquid splashed everywhere. Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed, and he quickly used wind G.o.d art to blow this smell away.

At this moment, Lu Ze realized a new function of the wind G.o.d art. it could cleanse air!


A ten-meter long, huge black snake shot out of the mud and opened its mouth ferociously toward Lu Ze. It had the desire to bite him.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as a wind blade sliced across the snake’s neck.

Blood splattered, and the body fell into the black acrid mud. Soon it was submerged in the swamp.

“1st level pa.s.sed, gained 10 academic credits.”

A cold voice could be heard in the air.

This academic credit was too little.

It was at least spirit martial state level one power, and yet, it only gave 10 academic credits?

Lu Ze could imagine how painful the new students lived.

The scene changed again. The swamp disappeared, and a huge luscious tall forest materialized.

The tree crest was very wide. It managed to block the sunlight. On the other hand, the forest was rather dark.

At this moment, a roar came out behind Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt the wind and turned around to see a three-meter tall furred beast charging at him.

Lu Ze waved his hand, and a violent wind swept up the beast and brought it into the sky.

“Level two pa.s.sed, gained 15 academic credits.”

Lu Ze touched his chin. Spirit martial state level two, 15 points?

This meant that some new students might not even earn 100 credits during the first time they came in.