Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 246 - First on Martial Leader Board

Chapter 246 - First on Martial Leader Board

Chapter 246 First on Martial Leader Board

Lu Ze appeared inside the pocket hunting dimension.

He scanned the environment as usual and tried to use his wings of lightning.

He started using his lightning G.o.d art as traces of lightning appeared on his body.

Finally, the lightning gathered on his back, forming a pair of purple wings.

It was very similar to the wings of the wind.

However, there would be wind circulating on the wings of the wind.

Lu Ze flapped his wings, and his body disappeared in purple lightning.

Compared to the wings of the wind, it was slower.

After all, Lu Ze’s wind G.o.d art was much stronger than lightning G.o.d art.

After going around in a few circles, Lu Ze switched back to wings of the wind.

He sighed disappointedly. Before he learned wings of wind and lightning, this wings of lightning was practically useless.

Lu Ze once again headed on his journey of hunting in the jungle.

Four days later, in the morning, Lu Ze was in a small bush that was only 1.5 meters tall.

He bent over and stared keenly before him.

Look what he found?

A heavily injured warhorse boss!

Not far ahead was a patch of 3 meters tall gra.s.s. The boss was lying there.

Its armor-like scales were heavily damaged. It was covered in deep wounds everywhere.

Blood continuously dripped, painting the gra.s.s red.

One could even see the organs from the injuries.

Its purple crystal-like lightning horn was half broken.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed.

Just what did this boss encounter to end up like this?

But that didn’t concern Lu Ze.

This guy seemed a little tired. As a good person, Lu Ze felt he had the responsibility to send the boss on his way.

He felt great. As soon as he used up the resources from the black tiger boss, he found another heavily injured boss.

His power was many times stronger than when he killed the black tiger boss. He was confident he could kill this heavily injured boss.

Lu Ze was planning to charge up.


At this moment, a divine punishment-like lightning strike came down from the heavens and struck the warhorse.


It was clearly a lightning element boss, but it was still heavily damaged.

Its body even started shaking.

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze was scared immediately at this scene.

It must be a super boss!

Just when he was planning to leave, he became dazed when he turned around.

His forehead sweated. He looked at a figure, which appeared a hundred meters behind him, in shock.

It was a four-meter tall white figure.

It had long ears, cute triangular lips, red eyes, a fat juicy body, and a purple horn…

Wait! Purple horn?!

Lu Ze looked dazedly at the purple horn that appeared on the super rabbit boss’ head.

It was so much stronger than that warhorse.

Clearly, this rabbit was the boss who stole the purple rune.

Lu Ze was speechless while looking at its powerful chi. That rabbit grew again.

Last time, it wasn’t like this despite using its powerful move.

Lu Ze felt that this white rabbit boss had evolved into a super boss.

He planned to give this super rabbit a name.

Rabbit One.

This super rabbit should be the strongest rabbit in this region, right?

It was staring deadly at Lu Ze as Lu Ze stared back in return.

He couldn’t run now for sure.

Thus, Lu Ze had a bold idea.

Eyes were the window to one’s soul. Lu Ze felt if he transmitted his genuine kindness toward Rabbit One, it would understand, and perhaps, let him go instead?

Lu Ze showed a gentle and handsome smile. “Rabbit.. cough, boss, I’m just a pa.s.ser-by noob, I’ll…”


Before Lu Ze could finish speaking, he saw a purple light flash, and his vision sunk into darkness.

Lu Ze opened his eyes filled with discomfort.

He felt he was probably turned to dust.

He was in extreme pain.

He s.h.i.+vered as he looked up, forcing himself not to cry.

This was a new way to die.

Was that dammed rabbit blind? Could it not see his kindness?

He was going to remember this!

Then, he thought perhaps that rabbit might be able to continue getting strong.

Last time, it definitely wasn’t this strong. At least, it didn’t have horns.

Now, it grew stronger, but seeing how small the horns were, clearly, it wasn’t mature yet.

Not too good…

Lu Ze hadn’t encountered the lord of this region yet.

Would the rabbit grow to that level?

Two lords. This was exciting.

Moments later, the pain eased, and Lu Ze sat up.

He thought for a moment and left his room, coming to the third floor.

He was planning to go visit the martial trial tower.

He just used up 7.8 million academic credits. He felt that if he bought some more tomorrow, he wouldn’t even have money for food.

He should go earn money.

Third floor.

Lu Ze entered the virtual reality pod, and his vision sunk into darkness again.

Then, Lu Ze appeared within a huge city.

There were people going along on the streets. Their faces looked young.

Lu Ze looked around curiously.

So this was the virtual martial city?

There was very little information about the martial leaderboard on the dawn network.

He only knew it was in this city, and only martial arts students could enter the leaderboard.

Not all people had powerful martial arts talent. Other than martial arts, there were other faculties designated for science, galactic battle commanding, and so forth.

There was also an academic leaderboard.

Those on there were science and commanding prodigies.

Lu Ze wasn’t interested in that.

The martial leaderboard was separated into the grand leaderboard and four-year level leaderboards.

The first on the grand leader board received 100,000 academic credits a month. The second and third had 50,000 academic credits a month. 4th to 10th had 30,000.

11th to 100th had 10,000.

It grew progressively less.

The other leaderboards had fewer rewards than the grand leader board.

The first received 30,000 a month while second and third received 20,000. On the other hand, 4th to 10th had 10,000.

It was a stable source of income for students, especially if you were on two leader boards.

The first of the grand leaderboard would definitely be the first on his year level leaderboard. In that case, he would get 150,000 a month.

That was a lot!

There was also a virtual reality battle live stream.

People could set up live streams for the battle and make it a paid stream. However, people usually only watched the fights of those high on the martial leader board.

The virtual reality battle was marketed to the martial arts students. In the entire Dawn System, there were less than 10 million martial arts students. Most of them watched the battle to learn.

Lu Ze felt if he was to fight, he would need to use live streams to earn academic credits.

This was free.

But he would need to save a few cards and not show all of his power.

At this moment, a voice could be heard.

“Look, the first on the grand leader board changed!”

Lu Ze saw everyone look in the air, so he did too.

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes widened.

There were one big and four small bronze tablets floating.

Each bronze tablet had ten names. The first was gold, second and third were silver, and the rest were white.

The big tablet was flas.h.i.+ng with a rainbow color.

The third became first, and its color turned to gold.

The name was Margaret.

Lu Ze’s eyes widened.

Senior schoolmate Margaret was this strong??

She was ranked first?!