Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 245

Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Double the Joy, Double the Price

Lin Ling: “…”

She looked at how excited Lu Ze was, and her mouth twitched.

What was he thinking??

Only three days were left before the school would start?!

Why choose to go now?

“Wait!” Lin Ling’s face went red. “We should, at least, leave after we’ve finished all the things needed to be done before school starts! We can’t just go now!”

Lu Ze scratched his head.

He just realized that he still had a lot of academic credits not used yet. If he went to Earth now, he could only stay for a day.

It was a rush.

Lu Ze felt Lin Ling was right.

Earth was really close. They could go whenever they liked. It didn’t need to be done right away.

Despite this, Lu Ze felt disappointed.

Argh… all the food there was on Earth…

Lin Ling became speechless after seeing Lu Ze reminisce about something. She retreated and looked at Lu Ze with disdain. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but your expression is so lewd.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He said seriously. “I want to know if our mother planet has those historical cultures, sites, and food. How can I be lewd? I’m worried about our cultural heritage!”

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze and said nothing.

She checked the time and saw that it was almost noon. “I’m going back. I’m going to challenge you after some time!”

Lu Ze smiled. “You’re welcome anytime. Don’t cry when you lose.”

“I’m not that weak!”

Lin Ling walked out.

Lu Ze put away his school uniform and went upstairs.

He immediately logged onto the dawn network.

After lending out 700,000 academic credits, he still had 9.1 million left.

It seemed as though he was wealthy, but Lu Ze knew he was poor in reality.

He could only afford a tenth of the fire clone divine art?

He started to browse at the dawn network thoroughly. There were sections similar to that of the martial arts site, but there was a unique school section.

There were also mission sections.

Some missions were school-specific, but some were meant for all students in the system. These missions were usually put up by the Federation.

There was a Dawn System forum, as well as the school’s own forums.

Bo Yibo placed that paid post in the Dawn System forum.

Lu Ze hadn’t clicked into it yet.

What a joke, 10 academic credits!

So expensive!

Lu Ze found in surprise that there really was a place to order food on the net!

It was in the living section. There were spirit food ingredients and readily-made spirit food for sale!

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.


He was almost out of food.

He didn’t need to worry about starving to death now.

After he finished the remaining spirit food, he could live on ordering food if Alice’s support hadn’t arrived yet.

Lu Ze opened the divine art section on the dawn network.

His face immediately showed pain.

Most of the academic credits would be leaving him.

He saw the divine art list that the martial arts site had. There were even divine arts that weren’t on the martial arts site.

However, Lu Ze stopped looking after seeing the price.

It was higher than even a fire clone.

He didn’t need to think about it.

The cheapest was still the wings of the wind.

The second was ice divine art. Lu Ze wasn’t going to buy this.

The next one was a special divine art that Lu Ze couldn’t use too.

He kept browsing and soon, his eyes lit up. He found a divine art he could use.

“Divine Art: Wings of Lightning”

“Price: 1.8 million”

Lu Ze clicked on it and found that wings of the wind and lightning were complementary.

If you cultivated both, you could cultivate divine art wings of wind and lightning.

The two G.o.d arts were also complementary.

This meant that his wind and lightning could fuse like wind and fire!

That would be a huge increase in power.

His fire G.o.d art hadn’t improved in quite a while. By the looks of it, his lightning G.o.d art had much more room for improvement!

Improving his wind and lightning G.o.d arts made the level of his happiness increase more than double!

After purchasing the wings of lightning, he went on to browse further and found the wings of wind and lightning divine art.

“Price: 6 million academic credits”

Lu Ze: “….”

His heart ached.

This was too expensive!!

The wings of the wind was only 1.2 million while the wings of lightning was only 1.8 million. Why was the combined version 6 million?!

His heart shattered.

But, he had to buy this.

The improvement he would obtain from it would be huge.

Lu Ze resisted his pain and bought it.

Looking at the remaining 1.3 million academic credits, his heart bled.

He optimistically thought he could use this for a month.

How naive was he?

He quickly left the divine art page.

It was too painful to watch and not be able to buy.

Lu Ze looked outside.

He watched the bamboo sway in the wind as he eased his pain.

Moments later, Lu Ze looked back on the computer.

This time, he was going to look at the cultivation method of wings of lightning divine art.

It was nearly 4 million words compared to the 3 million of wings of the wind.

From the price, one could tell that this divine art was harder than the wings of the wind.

He burned the last purple orb left by the black tiger boss, and his mind became clear. He soon immersed himself in the enlightenment of the wings of lightning divine art.

Three days later at night.

The bamboo leaves shuffled in the wind, bringing some life to the night.

Lu Ze looked up. His eyes flashed with lightning

He stretched up and smiled.

Bountiful harvest!

There were many similarities between the wings of wind and wings of lightning. They were both part of the divine art wings of wind and lightning

With his previous cultivation experience, he used just three days to learn it completely.

However, the last purple orb from the boss was used up. Only purple orbs from aperture opening state beasts that devoured G.o.d art shards remained.

His learning speed would slow down.

Despite this, Lu Ze was confident that he could completely learn wings of wind and lightning in a month!

By then…

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed and he smiled.

He could do whatever he wanted in the pocket hunting dimension!

Those bosses wouldn’t be able to catch up to him!

If he couldn’t beat them, he would run. He would pick fights with those injured boss.

Lu Ze felt great just thinking about it.

Then, Lu Ze sat down and entered the pocket hunting dimension once again.