Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 244

Chapter 244

Chapter 244 It’s So Nice to Not Play Yourself to Death

Accordingly, Lin Ling wasn’t too happy with Lu Ze’s perfunctory att.i.tude, but she was no match for Lu Ze after all.

At this moment, a knocking sound could be heard.

Lu Ze became a little puzzled at this. “Did those guys come back?”

As such, Lu Ze stood up and opened the door.

When he opened the door, a young man wearing a white uniform was standing outside. He seemed to be about the same age as Lu Ze.

The man stared at Lu Ze and felt stunned.

Lu Ze: “???”

Who was this guy?

He doesn’t recognize him.

Why was he looking at him like this?

Just when Lu Ze wanted to shoo him off, this young man spoke with an excited tone. “h.e.l.lo, you must be fellow student Lu Ze, right?”

Lu Ze raised a brow. “Fellow student?”

The young man nodded, “Yes, I’m a new student like you.”

Then, he said in a disappointed manner, “However, I didn’t get into the elite cla.s.s, or I would have been in the same cla.s.s as you.”

Lu Ze became shocked due to his words. “You’re an ordinary student? What are you doing here?”

The ordinary cla.s.s dorms were pretty far from here, weren’t they?

The young man took out a box from his storage ring. “I accepted the mission to come here. It’s your school uniform inside.”

“School uniform?”

Lu Ze just remembered what the senior schoolmate said yesterday. There would be people sending over the school uniform.

So it’s done by students too?

This is for the new students to earn academic credits, right?

The man pointed at his own uniform. “I’m wearing the school uniform right now, but there should be some difference in the uniform of the elite cla.s.s.”

The young man became envious.

The difference between ordinary and elite cla.s.s students was huge.

Lu Ze saw that this student’s uniform was similar to a military uniform, but it was completely white with black stripes.

It looked quite nice.

At the same time, Lu Ze glanced at the mark on his chest. He seemed to have seen this somewhere.

Lu Ze didn’t think much of it and took the box gratefully. “Thank you.”

The young man waved his hand. “You’re welcome.”

He didn’t expect the strongest new student to be this easy to talk to.

He could brag about this for a year.

At this moment, Lin Ling heard this and walked over. “Fellow student, do you have my school uniform? I’m Lin Ling.”

The young man nodded. “Fellow student Lin Ling, I know you. You’re Lu Ze’s girlfriend. Your uniform is here.”

Then, he pa.s.sed a big box over.

However, he found Lu Ze and Lin Ling looking dazedly at him.

Both of their power was at aperture opening state. Their vision was rather piercing. This new student felt a huge pressure.


He shrunk his neck and asked nervously, “Are you two alright?”

He felt he didn’t offend these two.

Why were they looking at him like that?

Lin Ling clenched his teeth and said, “I’m not this guy’s girlfriend!”

She stared at the s.h.i.+vering young man. “Who started this rumor?”

How could she be his girlfriend?

The young man’s mouth twitched. “Um… everyone is saying this. After all, you two seem pretty close…”

Lu Ze patted Lin Ling’s shoulder and stopped her from exerting more pressure on the man. “Okay okay, thank you, fellow student. You can go give uniforms to other students first.”

He felt if this continued, this student would receive mental trauma from Lin Ling’s force.

He was just an ordinary cla.s.s student. His power was only spirit martial state level five.

It was too weak.

Lin Ling had tried to collect her chi but just showing a bit felt like a mountain to this student.

The young man looked gratefully at Lu Ze and said, “Then, I’m going first.”

He quickly ran off.

Too scary!

This woman was the devil!

Lu Ze looked speechlessly at the annoyed Lin Ling and said, “Do you need to scare him like that?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes and went back to the living room without saying a word.

Lu Ze scratched his head. He was speechless


He didn’t expect people to spread rumors that he was Lin Ling’s boyfriend.

Lu Ze walked back into the living room as well.

As soon as the two opened the box, Lu Ze saw the uniform inside.

There were three sets. One was completely dark with red stripes.

Another one was completely white with some black stripes similar to the one that the young man wore. However, there seemed to be some differences in the stripes.

Another one was blue with some green stripes.

Lu Ze took out the black one and saw there was also that logo at the left chest area. It was the same as the one that the young man had.

He asked, “Lin Ling, what is this logo?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Are you even a student of Federal University? This is the school logo.”

Lu Ze became dumbfounded. “Logo? Why do I feel this is familiar?”

Lin Ling looked strangely at him. “Of course, you would feel that. It’s the logo of the mother planet of the human race, Earth.”


Lu Ze’s eyes widened as he looked at this blue logo.

The logo was Earth?!

He felt very complicated.

The human race owned nearly half of the milky way galaxy.

Despite Earth being very poor in resources and most of the humans of this generation had never been there, its status in the human race was irreplaceable.

This was the mother planet of the human race.

Three months ago, Lu Ze was still on Earth.

These three months felt like a dream.


Lu Ze looked at this logo and felt that Earth didn’t seem the same as 2000 years ago.

Was he wrong?

He took out his phone and searched the history of Earth.

After reading through it, Lu Ze felt complicated.

During the pre-galactic era, human technology advanced rapidly but resources were limited. This caused the global situation to become very tight.

One event went out of control and war broke out. The crust moved and tectonic plates s.h.i.+fted. Mother earth’s shape was changed.

It became like this now.

After that global war, humans realized that if they continued this, they would end up killing themselves.

Thus, the human federation arduously stood up.

Lu Ze rejoiced.

Good thing humans didn’t wipe themselves out.

Otherwise, would he still be able to transmigrate?

No wonder the logo felt familiar. It was the logo of Earth.


Lin Ling was speechless.

She thought Lu Ze hadn’t been to Earth.

She smiled. “The Solar system is only 200 light-years away from Dawn System. It would only take ten hours to get there.”

Lu Ze: “!!!”

Lu Ze got up and dragged Lin Ling. “Let’s go play at Earth!”