Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 243

Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Impossible Question

Lu Ze was speechless.

Elder Lin was once a sage?

What a joke?

He thought of the amicable disposition of Elder Lin, and his mouth twitched. He couldn’t tell at all!!

Lin Ling felt quite happy, seeing the confusion in Lu Ze. She said pridefully, “My great-grandpa was the once a Ling Xi sage, the sage who conquered a quarter of the human territory!”

When he heard her explanation, Lu Ze became stunned.

He knew of Ling Xi sage, of course. It’s said that he had a pair of Ling Xi G.o.d eyes that could see through everything. He was extremely strong and even killed a cosmic system level being.

But Ling Xi sage went out of the milky way galaxy for a trial six hundred years ago, and consequently, he returned heavily injured a few years later. At a later point in time, he was announced dead.

He said in disbelief, “Don’t try to trick me! Didn’t Ling Xi sage die in battle?”

When Lu Ze reacted, Lin Ling’s eyes looked down. “My great-grandpa is actually pretty much dead? He was so severely injured that his body kept withering. His power was drained away. It had dropped to core martial state now.”

Lin Ling felt sad recollecting this.

On the other hand, Lu Ze’s eyes widened in disbelief.

What injury could let a powerful cosmic system level drop to the core martial state?

Lu Ze still couldn’t accept it. “Isn’t Elder Lin your great-grandpa? A sage has lived at least a thousand years. How can he be your great-grandpa?!”.

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Did you not know the fertility of planetary state and above greatly drops. It’s very common for a planetary state to only have kids at a few hundred years old, much less a cosmic system state?”

Lu Ze: “…”

So that was it?

This was the first time Lu Ze heard about this.

“In that case, why is Elder Lin staying in the Telun system and working there?”

Why would a sage choose to remain at such an insignificant solar system?

Even if Ling Xi sage was that heavily injured, he shouldn’t fall to this level with his contributions?

Lin Ling’s body shook.

She looked complicatedly at Lu Ze and then said, “My home isn’t actually at Telun system. I’ve left my home with great-grandpa from a young age to live at the Telun system.”

Lu Ze became dazed at her reply. “Why?”

Lin Ling’s body shook, and she bit her lips.

Moments later, she took a deep breath and said, “My family is a military family. My father and mother are high levels of the military. 14 years ago, the blade demons started a large war at the border. The war was so sudden that there was a hole in our border defense. The blade demon s.h.i.+ps attacked, and my father led the defense.”

“My mother was besieged in another region by blade demons…”

Lin Ling’s hand clenched tightly. She bit her lips so hard that it started bleeding.

“He could save her! If he went, he could definitely save mom!”

“But he chose to protect the line of defense and not save mum.”

Lin Ling’s voice was shaky. Her eyes were red, but she didn’t cry.

Lu Ze didn’t know what to say.

According to Lin Ling’s words, if her father gave up the defense to save her mother, then the blade demon s.h.i.+ps would enter the Federation. Part of the border planets would be ma.s.sacred.

If he didn’t give up the defense, then her mother would be besieged…

It was an impossible question to answer.

Lu Ze thought about it. What would he do?

Soon, he gave up.

All the impossible questions were due to the lack of power.

If one was strong enough, then he could do both.

Lu Ze had decided to cultivate hard, and never to let this happen to him.

He looked at Lin Ling and didn’t know how to comfort her.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “If you want to cry, then cry. I can lend you my shoulder.”

As soon as he finished his words, Lu Ze became stunned. He realized he told the same line to Alice not long ago.

Lin Ling took a deep breath and rolled her eyes.

Her lips still had a sliver of blood, giving off this unique charm.

She smiled at Lu Ze. “Hoho, are you trying to take advantage of me? It’s been so many years, I’ve learned not to cry so easily.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He was an upright youth with morals. How could he try to take advantage of her?

Lin Ling seemed to have recovered, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, he said, “So you’ve been staying with Elder Lin in Telun system?”

Lin Ling nodded. “I was only four at that time. Great-grandpa took me out to travel, and we came to the Telun system. Hearing this news, great-grandpa didn’t want to go back, so we stayed there.”

Lu Ze: “…”

So Elder Lin was annoyed too.

This was understandable as well.

“But what has this go to do with your increase in power?”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed, and she said, “My great-grandpa has been telling me to inherit his origin power. His current body can’t use it anymore, but I feel he had a chance of recovery, so I didn’t accept it…”

“This time, my great-grandpa contacted me after the battle…”

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling’s complicated face. “You felt you were too weak this time, so you didn’t reject it?”

Lin Ling nodded.

Lu Ze fell into deep contemplation.

No wonder there was suddenly a guaranteed entry into Federal University this year when there never has been.

Was it due to Lin Ling?

Lu Ze suddenly realized that the old man was very evil!

He told him to give Lin Ling pressure. He was probably planning this from the start?

Lin Ling didn’t accept Elder Lin’s power before because her power was rather good compared to others.

This time, the battle was so intense, and she couldn’t compare with Lu Ze at all. Her pride wouldn’t let her take it, so she finally chose to accept it.

This was all in Elder Lin’s plan?

No wonder Elder Lin complimented him.

Was this a heritage?

Even if he couldn’t use the origin power of cosmic system state, Elder Lin gave it so easily to Lin Ling. One could see how much he loved her.

After giving it away, he would have no way to recover his power, right?

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. “What injuries did Elder Lin receive?

Lin Ling shook her head. “I don’t know, but his body is in constant decay. It should be some G.o.d art? I’ve asked him, but he wouldn’t tell me. He’s only kept the origin power to sustain his life force. He gave the rest to me.”

Lu Ze nodded and made note of this.

He would see if he could help Elder Lin.

He said, “But since Elder Lin wanted you to inherit it, clearly, he believes in you. Don’t be burdened. When you’re strong, perhaps you can help Elder Lin?”

Lin Ling exhaled and nodded firmly.

The chances were slim, but she wasn’t going to give up.

She smiled at Lu Ze. “After I completely fuse great grandpa’s origin power, my power will skyrocket. And, my G.o.d art is the same as his. Grandpa also gave me the Ling Xi Magical Menu he got. After I learn it, hmph… Lu Ze just you wait!”

She waved her fists at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze nodded expressionlessly. “Go you, I believe in you.”

He wanted to laugh.

She was obstinate indeed, but he wasn’t going to let her surpa.s.s him.