Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 242

Chapter 242

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When she heard Lu Ze’s words, Lin Ling finally made up her mind. “I want it too!”

Then, she said, “I will give it back to you as soon as possible.”

Her face was red. Lu Ze smiled. “Mhm, work hard.”

Subsequently, Lu Ze took out his phone and opened the dawn network. He found that his academic credits surpa.s.sed more than 9 million. With such amount, he immediately smiled.

Accidentally, he became wealthy.

But thinking about how the fire clone divine art cost 80 million federal contribution points, his smile disappeared.

He felt his academic credits wouldn’t even last a month.

He shook his head and transferred the 100,000 academic credits to each of them.

Then, Lu Ze smiled. “If you can’t pay me back, hehehe~ you know what’s going to happen.”

Ian’s face went red as he said timidly, “What’s going to happen?”

Lu Ze: “…” He had always felt that there was something wrong with Ian’s way of thinking.

After receiving the academic credits, Ye Mu and the rest couldn’t wait to start cultivating. They bid Lu Ze goodbye and left his dorm.

They just came over to tell Lu Ze about the blog.

Now that the thing was over and school was about to start, it was better that they cultivated first.

Only Lin Ling stayed.

The atmosphere was silent as they sat on the couch.

Moments later, Lu Ze realized he hadn’t looked at his timetable yet.

He asked Lin Ling, “Have you checked your timetable?”

Lin Ling nodded. “The core subjects for the first years are Universal Common Language, Blade Demon Language, Common Elf Language, Elf Cosmic Region and Races, Abstruse Martial State Cultivation Key Points, Core Martial State Cultivation Key Points…”

Lin Ling mentioned more than ten core subjects. Lu Ze’s head was about to explode.

He had made up his mind that he wouldn’t fail a subject in this life!

Then, Lin Ling said, “By the way, the elite cla.s.s has a young duke martial arts question-and-answer meeting every week.”

Lu Ze felt stunned. “What’s that?”

Lin Ling smiled. “Our school has four young dukes as honorary teachers. They would come to answer questions for us once a week. Although quite some of our teachers are mortal evolution state and even planetary state, young dukes are clearly better in terms of talent. They would have a deeper understanding of low-level martial arts questions.”

Lu Ze nodded.

The planetary states at schools were usually those who had no hopes of breaking through. They just wanted to teach the next generation.

In terms of talent, they’re clearly far from young duke level prodigy.

But young duke prodigies were busy with cultivation. They would take turns to come, and so each only came once a month.

This was a huge privilege!

Subsequently, Lu Ze asked, “Didn’t they say you don’t need to attend cla.s.ses? You just need to pa.s.s the end of semester exam?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “That’s true, but are you certain you can pa.s.s?” Lu Ze touched his chin. He felt Lin Ling was right. He should consider checking the cla.s.ses out first.

After all, the freshman year was a building foundation. They would learn the languages they needed to know. If not, they wouldn’t be able to understand the words of blade demons during the battle.

After these, they would focus on martial arts.

Later on, Lin Ling informed Lu Ze about the privileges of the elite cla.s.s.

During first year, they would get 300 academic credits a month.

These were for buying resources and other expenditures.

As for earning academic credits, they would need to accept missions at the missions section of the dawn network.

Due to the limited power of first-year students, they could only accept some simple missions that didn’t give a lot of academic credits.

There were also rewards for finis.h.i.+ng core subjects which ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand academic credits.

If you didn’t have enough academic credits, you could also do other cla.s.ses which also gave you rewards.

Lin Ling told Lu Ze quite some important points, and Lu Ze remembered them all.

Then, Lin Ling said, “By the way, there’s also martial ranking, martial trial, and virtual reality battle! These are the main ways for new students like us to earn academic credit.”

Lu Ze asked, “What are those?”

“Did you see the virtual reality pod on the third floor?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes.”

“If you go in there, you can challenge the martial trial tower. There are virtual opponents from different races. At each level you pa.s.s, you can get some academic credits. If you pa.s.s enough levels, you can level your ranking on the martial ranking. If you stay on there consistently, you will also get rewards.”

“As for virtual reality battle, you can fight other students from the Dawn System. You can set winnings for the battle.”

“You will understand more after you enter the virtual reality pod. There’s information about this on the dawn network.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. Great!

He felt he could use his current power to earn some credits.

He would go in and play when he was free.

After understanding all this, Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling in a strange manner. “By the way, what is with your current power. How did you improve so suddenly? This doesn’t make sense.”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. She knew Lu Ze would ask.

She stared at Lu Ze. “Have you met my great-grandpa? When I went back this time, he kept complimenting you.”

Lin Ling was a little annoyed. Her great-grandpa had never complimented her like that.

What was so good about this foodie to deserve such praise from her great-grandpa?

Lu Ze became dazed. He then nodded. “Indeed, I have. Elder Lin gave me the rewards for the insectoids tide. You’ve already left the Telun system at that time.”

Lu Ze was confused too though.

Elder Lin complimented him?

What did he do? Lin Ling nodded. “So that’s it.”

Then, she frowned. “What did my great-grandpa tell you?” She felt things didn’t seem so simple. Lu Ze’s face went stiff.

Elder Lin told him to keep pressuring her.

But, should he say that now.

What if Lin Ling got angry at him?

The old man was very nice as well.

Thus, he said, “Elder Ling said you’re too prideful and ignorant. Meanwhile, I’m mature and strong, so he told me to look after you.”

Lin Ling: “…”

This guy was mature?

Lin Ling wouldn’t believe her grandpa said this.

Lu Ze’s reply made Lin Ling more suspicious.

Lu Ze quickly changed the topic. “Stop changing the subject! Tell me what happened to you?”

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze once more before saying, “You know the four human sages, right?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Who doesn’t know about them? Then, he looked strangely at Lin Ling. “No way, you’re one of their descendants, aren’t


Then, Lu Ze suddenly recalled something. Perhaps, Alice’s ancestor is one of the four divines?

After all, even Uncle Merlin was star level.

Lin Ling shook her head. “How can that be? There’s no sage with the surname Lin.”

Lu Ze felt relieved.

Lin Ling smiled. “But, the human race used to have 12 sages. Other than the current four, my great-grandpa used to be one of them.”

Lu Ze: “…?”