Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 241

Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Bo Yibo’s Hundred Times Profit

After looking at the two suns for a while, Lu Ze got bored and went into the bathroom.

After cleaning himself, Lu Ze was planning to open the dawn network and see what was inside.

After all, the last time he checked the site, it was to learn the wings of the wind divine art. He hadn’t looked at the other things yet. This site is very important for all the students in Dawn System. He had to be familiar with it.

At this moment, Ye Mu’s voice could be heard from downstairs. “Ze, open the door! Something major happened!”

Lu Ze became dazed at his words. Then, he proceeded downstairs and opened the door.

At the door, other than Ye Mu, Xavier, and Ian, Lin Ling and the rest were also there.

Lu Ze let everyone in the living room and asked, “What happened?”

Ye Mu took out his phone and turned on the projection of the phone in order to show a blog post from a forum. “Look at this.”

Lu Ze glanced at this. The blog’s t.i.tle was “Shocking! I didn’t expect the strongest new student Lu Ze’s power reached this level! I tested this personally!”

Author: Bo Yibo.

Lu Ze: “…”

Bo Yibo?

That philanthropic senior?

What was the blog about?

Ye Mu explained, “I saw this on the dawn network this morning.”

Lin Ling frowned. “That guy recorded the challenge last night into a video and posted a paid blog. It costs ten academic credit to view it!”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “No one knows me. Who would look at paid posts? It doesn’t matter… why are you all looking at me like this?”

Did people really pay to watch it?

Who would be that dumb?

Ye Mu pointed at the views and said, “Look at the large number of people who watched it….” Lu Ze glanced at it casually, and then, he rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

He looked at it again.

1.63 million. Lu Ze: “…”

Don’t worry!

Let me think!

10 academic credits per person. That would mean 16.3 million academic credits.

Lu Ze: “!!!”

Oh my! That was so much!!

One video could earn 16 million academic credits??

He looked dazedly at Lin Ling. “That can be done? Why would so many people watch it?”

Lin Ling rubbed her head and explained, “The Dawn System has 108 universities. Each school has more than a million students. In total, there are around 100 million students. 10 academic credits isn’t a lot.”

She rolled her eyes at Lu Ze. “Do you have no idea how famous you are? Articles have been written about you in the Federal Times twice just for an entrance test, including all your other achievements…”

Lin Ling said, “To the students of the Dawn System, a mere mention of your name is enticing enough!”

As Lin Ling said the words, her plump chests palpitated. 16.3 million academic credits…!

It was so huge that she couldn’t breathe.

Lu Ze: “….”

He finally realized how famous he was now.

Even if he couldn’t do well in martial arts, he could go be an actor…


Lin Ling’s veins popped when she saw Lu Ze’s face.

What was he thinking?

“Lu Ze!! That many academic credits! Are you just going to let it go?”

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly.

He had a guess.

This was the surprise senior Bo Yibo spoke of, right?

From the looks of it, he wasn’t the type to run with benefits. If Lu Ze chased him up, he would have trouble too.

The only problem was how much that senior would give him.

However, that senior was really a prodigy! Using 70,000 academic credits to earn 16 million academic credits.

That was more than two hundred times profit! At this moment, Lu Ze’s phone suddenly rang.

Lu Ze saw it was an unknown number. He raised a brow and picked it up.

Bo Yibo’s excited voice came out. “Junior Lu Ze, you saw that post, right?”

Lu Ze answered, “Of course.”

He felt that if this guy didn’t send him half of it, he would need to get a lawyer.

However, Bo Yibo said something he completely didn’t expect. “Junior Lu Ze, although I had the idea, I mainly borrowed your fame to earn this much. We’ll split, I will get 40%, and you can have 60%. How about



Lu Ze felt dazed. He originally planned to demand just the half from this guy.

Lu Ze fell silent and then nodded. “Okay.”

The difference between this and half-half was more than a million academic credits!

This senior was a nice person!

Bo Yibo heard this and felt relieved. He thought Lu Ze was unhappy with the distribution.

His target was a metal element divine art. 40% of 16 million was around six million. This was enough. Although it pained him to give away 60%, he had no choice.

The script was completely different from what he had thought.

If Lu Ze’s power was only within ten apertures, the distribution wouldn’t be like this.

Lu Ze’s power was stronger than his, and he put up the video for profit without Lu Ze’s consent. Being able to keep 40% was rather high already.

He was prepared for less but junior Lu Ze was this easy-going.

Bo Yibo felt touched.

He smiled. “Today is the most viral time. There should be more people watching, and we should be able to get around a few million more. We’ll split it according to that. What do you think junior Lu Ze?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Sure.”

Bo Yibo smiled at his response. “In that case, let’s add each other.”

Lu Ze agreed and hung up.

Immediately, he felt the oppressive glances he had around him.

Their eyes were filled with envy.

They heard the phone call naturally. 60%. That was more than 9 million!

With the ones to come, it would be over ten million!

Many people wouldn’t even be able to earn that much from 1st year to 4th year!

At this moment, Ye Mu shouted, “Ze, you must treat us to food! You must!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Come, everyone has a share. You will get 100,000 academic credits each. It’s your starting money. I won’t be giving anymore. I’m very poor.”

He still wanted to get the fire divine arts.

That was 700,000 he was giving out. He could still support friends that much.

Everyone: “…”

10 million academic credits and this guy calls himself poor.

They really wanted to beat this guy up.


Lin Ling shook her head. “I don’t need it, I can earn it myself.”

Ye Mu shook his head. “Me too. I didn’t do anything to deserve it.”

Xavier scratched his head. “My family taught me not to take advantage of others.”

The rest of the girls said they wouldn’t accept too.

They were all prodigies and had their own honor.

Lu Ze smiled. “Then, write an I owe you. You can each borrow 100,000 from me. You must repay it within four years. The interest is 10% per annum. How about it?”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

With this money, they could buy the things they need and become stronger. Then, earning academic credits would become easier.

They would win from the starting line compared to others.

Only Lin Ling was distraught.

100,000 wasn’t a small figure to her. She only had 20,000.

However, she really didn’t want to accept Lu Ze’s help.

Seeing this, Lu Ze showed an evil smile. “Ahwhat do I do? I have so many academic credits. I can buy whatever resources I want. I can buy a few divine arts, and my power will skyrocket. There’s no way noobs like Lin Ling can catch up to me.”

Lin Ling: “…” Lu Ze, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!! Her heart ached.

Everyone: “???”

If Lin Ling was a noob, what were they?