Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 240

Chapter 240

Chapter 240 This Wasn’t the Future He Planned!

When this senior schoolmate called out Lu Ze’s name, he glanced a little longer at Lu Ze.

Not everyone would pay attention to the war and news, but as a student of Federal University, he naturally would have to.

Furthermore, Lu Ze’s clip on the battlefield was now circulating on several social media platforms, and its popularity wasn’t low either.

Many people hailed Lu Ze as the strongest student among the freshmen.

It could be considered that Lu Ze’s fame wasn’t small in the entire Federation.

He was quite curious about this junior schoolmate with amazing potential, so he smiled at Lu Ze. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, you choose first.”

Returning a smile, Lu Ze nodded.

Then, he turned to survey the buildings in the vicinity.

He had to admit the environment here was quite amazing. Even though it was just the first-year student’s area, the s.p.a.ce encompa.s.sed more than 10 kilometers. There were quite some trees and bushes, as well as a pond.

In the entire area, about 50 buildings were erected.

The privilege of the Federal University was really amazing!

Lu Ze eventually chose the one next to the pond and near a bamboo forest.

Subsequently, it was time for Lin Ling to choose. She chose the one next to Lu Ze, which was only a few tens of meters away.

Then, Ye Mu and the others made their choices. Given that they belong to the same team, they chose the area closer to the rest as expected.

After everyone was done choosing, this senior schoolmate recorded everyone’s building and made house cards for everybody.

He then said, “The things inside the dormitory are brand new. The daily necessities are also provided inside, but if you’re not happy with them, you can go purchase what you want on the dawn system. Of course, it would cost academic credits.”

After hearing those words, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

This dawn system was really convenient.

Would it be able to deliver food?

After all, his cooking wasn’t good. Alice wasn’t here, and his storage wasn’t ample. He could only resort to ordering food.

Luckily, he had already talked to Alice, and she would be sending over the second batch of food as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would be left with nothing to eat.

He really hoped her support would arrive soon.

This senior schoolmate continued. “By the way, tomorrow, there will be someone sending the school uniform over. The top 12 in the high school exam will replace those new students who weren’t able to pa.s.s the entrance test. School starts three days later. You can check your timetables on the dawn system.”

“Okay, I won’t disturb your rest.”

At this point, the senior schoolmate waved his hand and flew off in the hovercar.

After the senior schoolmate left, the new students showed a relaxed smile and went back to their dorms.

Lu Ze and his group also went into their respective houses.

When he entered the building, he inspected the layout.

At the entrance was the living room. A gray couch was placed inside, and a huge screen could be seen on the wall opposite the couch.

On the side was an open kitchen. All utensils were included. Too bad, Lu Ze couldn’t cook. Those utensils were probably wasted.

At the same time, there was a toilet on the right side of the living room.

After staring at it for a while, Lu Ze proceeded upstairs. There was a main bedroom and two side bedrooms, as well as a shared bathroom. The main bedroom had its own toilet.

The third level was a room with a virtual reality pod, as well as a storage room.

Lu Ze felt this pod was prepared so students could spar against each other.

However, he didn’t go in and check it out. Instead, he went back to the main bedroom and placed his things down.

Lu Ze sent a message home, informing that he was at the university, so as not to worry his parents. Following this, he chatted with Lu Li and Alice for a while in the group chat.

Then, Lu Ze fell into contemplation.

He was immersed in the learning of the wings of the wind divine art that he didn’t go in the pocket hunting dimension in the past days.

Today, he could go in.

Moreover, Lu Ze really wanted to know how fast he could go after he used the wings of the wind.

Although he used a bit of the divine art’s technique during the match with Bo Yibo, he didn’t actually use the divine art.

As a matter of fact, it really wasn’t necessary.

After all, Bo Yibo’s power didn’t require Lu Ze to use a stronger power in order to deal with him.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze was quite curious about the surprise Bo Yibo spoke of.

What would it be?

In the end, he disregarded his thoughts. He shook his head, sat on the bed, and closed his eyes.

In the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze suddenly appeared within a boundless region of gra.s.s.

He instinctively used his chi stealth technique and carefully scanned his surroundings. When he saw there was no danger, he felt relieved.

He didn’t appear at the same spot in the pocket hunting dimension every time he entered. In fact, there was one time when he unluckily appeared behind a grey lizard boss who was working hard in the middle of mating

That scene…

Lu Ze’s heart went cold.

That was quite horrible.

The light breeze swept across the gra.s.s and brushed on Lu Ze’s face. Since he had a wind G.o.d art, he felt a touch of happiness and a close affinity to it.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and a simple four-stroke rune appeared in his eyes.

Then, the wind spun around his back, and faint illusory green wings appeared.

The feathers were translucent, but they appeared to be coa.r.s.e.

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes as he felt how the divine art worked.

He used his mental force, and the wings behind him flapped. He turned into a beam of green light and disappeared.

Lu Ze felt he had fused with the wind. Air made way for him and even pushed him forward.

The distant scene was imprinted in his brain, allowing him to dodge easily.

Lu Ze grinned.

He was nearly twice as fast as before!

With this speed, Lu Ze felt he could perhaps run from a G.o.d art boss.

Should he go find a boss and test it?

As soon as this thought came up, Lu Ze extinguished it.

What a joke!

Bosses possessed a power that was usually around 500 apertures. Even if he doubled the speed, Lu Ze wasn’t so sure that he would manage to escape.

However, with this divine art, his hunting speed would greatly increase!

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he used wings of the wind. Along with his mental force, he could sense the surrounding tens of meters.

With this technique, he was invincible!

Lu Ze felt great.

At this moment, his eyes lit up. He flapped to the right.

In a few seconds, he appeared over an area 10 kilometers away.

There was a huge black cat sleeping. Noticing the rhythmic pattern of its breathing, it should be sleeping soundly.

Lu Ze grinned at this scene. It was having such a nice sleep. He would help it sleep forever.

Lu Ze instantly appeared on the back of the huge cat.

Then, wind, fire, and black light flashed. Lu Ze’s fist punched with explosive power toward the back of the cat that hadn’t reacted yet.


A huge ditch was created on the cat’s back. Fist force surged into its body and tore its organs.

This cat happily went into sleep forever ever.


Lu Ze watched the cat slowly turn to dust, leaving just a 1st body G.o.d art orb, six red and three purple orbs.

Lu Ze happily collected them.

It was like he opened a mini-map and knew where all the monsters were.

He also had a speed hack to rapidly go to the monster and clear them.

Three days later, Lu Ze couldn’t stop smiling as he flew in the air.

With this divine art, his hunting efficiency greatly improved. He had killed 12 beasts that devoured G.o.d art shards.

He earned so much!

At the same time, Lu Ze realized that the blue bird boss might really be the weakest boss.

Every time, there were more beasts with wind G.o.d art than the others.

Lu Ze had made a plan. When he grew stronger, he would fight the blue bird boss first.

That way, he could improve his wind G.o.d art. The wings of the wind would become faster.

If the speed was faster, he could choose whether he should attack or flee.

At this moment, a golden light suddenly flashed before him.

Then, he seemed to have smashed against some flying object. It was so painful that his vision went black.

When his sight recovered, he was back in his room.

Lu Ze: “…”

He blinked his eyes. Did something crash into him and crush him…?

Why didn’t his mental force sense it at all?

What was the level of that boss?

Lu Ze felt quite hurt.

This wasn’t the same future he planned!

But when he saw the 12 G.o.d art orbs, he smiled again.

He would get revenge later.

Cultivation, cultivation!

Lu Ze began cultivating again.

The next morning, two suns rose from the horizon.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

As his wind G.o.d art grew stronger, he used the G.o.d art orbs up at a faster rate.

He digested six wind G.o.d art orbs last night.

Accordingly, his mastery of the wind G.o.d art grew stronger.

He got up and looked outside.

The two suns outside the window appeared to be somewhat interesting to Lu Ze.

Both on Earth and Lan Jiang, there was only one star in the sky. This was his first time seeing two.