Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 239

Chapter 239

Chapter 239 The Privilege of the Elite Cla.s.s

After Bo Yibo left, everyone looked at Lu Ze with a complicated expression.

This guy actually managed to beat Bo Yibo. This level of power shocked all the students who were present.

It wasn’t just the students who had this reaction, even Luo Bingqing looked at Lu Ze strangely. Comparatively, this power was even stronger than his power when he was the same age as Lu Ze.

Only Nangong Jing wasn’t too shocked as she already knew Lu Ze’s power.

Lu Ze scratched his head in embarra.s.sment and returned to where Lin Ling and the others were.

He smiled at Lin Ling who looked a little lost. “Lin Ling, wouldn’t it be better if we don’t fight today?”

He really didn’t want to fight another round.

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze and didn’t respond. She just nodded.

Even if she fought, she wouldn’t be able to beat Lu Ze.

This was quite upsetting.

But, she wasn’t going to give up like this!

She would turn the tables one day.

Then, Nangong Jing said, “Okay, let’s head out. Old students, go to your dorms, and new students, go to the s.p.a.ce station. There will be people waiting. They will make arrangements for you.”

Then, she turned and flew off.

Luo Bingqing glanced at Lu Ze and then flew off in another direction.

As young dukes, they had their own residence and cultivation grounds on this planet. They were separated from the others.

Following their departures, the silent crowd immediately exploded.

Margaret kept nudging Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, you’re too evil. You improved to this degree silently. With this speed, you will soon surpa.s.s me!”

Then, she also looked at Lin Ling. “Your progress is amazing too!”

The people who accompanied them to the 25th planet also agreed.

w.a.n.g Wenze said, “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, treat us to dinner! You must! This Bo Yibo isn’t weak at all. Your progress is just too fast.”

Xilin smiled. “Agreed – Hehe, junior schoolmate Lu Ze’s last move made him look very handsome!”

Subsequently, she said with disappointment, “It wasn’t that long since we last sparred, but now, you had completely left me behind.”

This guy was improving too fast.

When she first went to the 25th planet, she sparred with Lu Ze. He wasn’t much stronger than her at that time.

In just a short month, this guy had surpa.s.sed her so much.

Lu Ze laughed awkwardly.

Some new students on the side wanted to chat with Lu Ze and the rest, as well as get connected, however, there were too many people, so they could only give up and walk outside the s.p.a.ce station.

They were going to study together for four years. There would be plenty of opportunities.

The old students flew toward their dorms.

Margaret smiled. “Okay, go outside the s.p.a.ce station first. There will be people arranging your dorms. We’ll go back first then.”

Gui Yuping smiled. “The dorms of the elite cla.s.s students in different years are not far apart. It’s easy for us to communicate. The elite cla.s.s has very good privileges, you guys will like it.”

Then, they bid their farewells and flew off.

Lu Ze and the others looked forward to Gui Yuping’s words.

As one of the two best universities in the Federation, Federal University didn’t lack resources at all.

The number of students in the elite cla.s.s was much fewer than the ordinary cla.s.s. Their conditions were thus much better.

Since their seniors had exited the area already, Lu Ze and the new students proceeded to head out.

On the way, Lu Ze thought of something and looked at Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, did you not get your dorm yet?”

Lin Ling shook her head. “I just arrived.”

Lu Ze nodded. He was curious about where she went, what she did, and how her power increased that much.

However, he thought it was best to ask her privately.

Outside the station, there was a small square that a few hundred meters wide.

There were two hovercars parked there. Each car had a youth clad in a white uniform standing before it.

Seeing the students approach, the one on the right said, “Those who pa.s.sed the entrance test come to this side.”

On the other hand, the one on the left also said, “Those who were demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s, move to this side.”

Those silent students who didn’t pa.s.s the test stiffened and then silently walked to the left.

After a few moments, no students were approaching the left side anymore, so the youth on the left took off with the dozen freshmen who were in a bad mood.

The one on the right smiled. “Go inside, I’ll take you to your dorms.”

Then, he opened the door and got in.

Accordingly, the new students followed.

The hovercar activated and floated in the air. It turned a corner before flying off to the direction where those senior students went.

The speed of the hovercar was supersonic. Although it wasn’t as fast as aperture opening state beings, it wasn’t slow.

Lu Ze looked out into the wilderness. He could occasionally see a few strange animals running

He guessed that this area all belonged to Federal University, so it was rather empty.

The youth at the front turned around and smiled. “You’ve just come to this place. If there’s anything you don’t know, you can ask me. Although I’m not an elite cla.s.s student, I’m a 3rd year in the ordinary cla.s.s. I’ve been to school for more than two years, so I still know some things.”

A good-looking girl said, “Aren’t you a working personnel?”

The youth grinned. “I just accepted the mission to lead the way for you guys. There isn’t many working personnel at the university. The students have to handle most things by themselves.”

“Food for example is sold by those students who learned spirit cooking. Of course, it’s all settled with academic points. Weapon forging is the same.”

“You’ve pa.s.sed the entrance test, so you’ve all received academic credits, right?”

Everyone nodded. “Academic credit in school is equivalent to money. Everything could be paid with it. From food to martial technique and divine art and even precious artefacts, as well as the honorary teachers of our school… This is how you get teacher Nangong to teach


“Of course, our school will also a.s.sign several missions for an opportunity to earn academic credit. It is similar to the mission I took just now. You can check the Dawn Network to see the specifics.”

Lu Ze nodded along with his companions.

Then, someone else asked, “Where are our cla.s.ses?”

The senior schoolmate smiled. “Other than the compulsory cultivation subjects, you can choose the other courses however you like. There aren’t many compulsory cla.s.ses. The Federal University is rather free. They would leave large amounts of time for students. If you get some mission and need to apply for a leave, you can do that too as long as you finish the compulsory cla.s.ses and pa.s.s the end of semester tests.”

Lu Ze felt great. So Federal University was this free?


In that case, it should no problem to skip cla.s.ses, right?

Of course, as a good and upright youth, Lu Ze doesn’t advocate this!

The hovercar went on autopilot and flew extremely fast.

On the way, everyone asked quite some questions, and the senior schoolmate answered them patiently.

Half an hour later, they arrived at a residential


There were many trees here and a number of three-story buildings.

The entire area was split into four small areas. In the center, there was a huge martial arts


At this moment, the lights in three of the small areas were activated.

The senior schoolmate looked at the lights below with a trace of envy. He smiled. “This is the dorm area for the elite cla.s.s. All of the students have their own respective houses.”

“Each one of them has a house…?”

The students widened their eyes.

Although these houses were not as good as what most of their families owned, this was still an accommodation from the school. How come it was so good?!

The senior schoolmate laughed. “Only the elite cla.s.s get these houses. Ordinary students don’t have this. The Federal University has nearly 100,000 students just in the martial arts faculty alone.”

The 100,000 ordinary students were considered prodigies in the Federation.

But the elite cla.s.s students were prodigies amongst prodigies.

Naturally, they were treated better.

This privilege would also entice ordinary students.

The senior schoolmate smiled. “Other than this, the cultivation privileges are the best. It’s so much better than what ordinary students get. You will soon realize.”

Then, the senior schoolmate stopped at the dark district.

Afterward, the senior schoolmate took out his phone and looked down as he spoke. “The selection of the dormitory is based on entrance test grades. First… is Lu Ze.”