Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 238

Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Undertake a Huge Responsibility

Bo Yibo looked at Lu Ze indifferently. “Junior Lu Ze, why aren’t you continuing with your acting?”

Lu Ze laughed dryly but felt the pain in his heart when he saw Bo Yibo’s emotionless face.

It’s over, even this little G.o.d of fortune hates me now.

It’s 10,000 academic credits!

To be discovered like that, it hurts so bad I want to die!

Lu Ze seemed to be able to see 10,000 academic credits grow wings and fly away from him.

I’m so tired. I just want to eat.

When Bo Yibo saw the hint of pain in Lu Ze’s embarra.s.sed face, his cheek started to tremble.

Did this d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.d treat me as an ATM?!

How infuriating was that??

Right at this time, Bo Yibo’s eyes lit up, a brazen idea had surfaced in his mind!

He gritted his teeth while looking at Lu Ze’s awkward face and asked, “Junior Lu Ze, how strong are you exactly?”.

If Lu Ze was strong enough, he would earn even more!

Bo Yibo’s question was just in line with what the others were wondering. Everyone looked at Lu Ze with disbelief in their eyes.

He had actually accepted Bo Yibo’s eighth level strength without any harm.

This strength was far stronger than what he had portrayed on the battlefield!

It was fine if Lin Ling alone had suddenly become so terrifying, but for Lu Ze to become so powerful as well, isn’t that a little too exaggerated?

Are all of these newcomers so terrifying??

Lu Ze looked at Bo Yibo when he heard the question and scratched his head, somewhat embarra.s.sed.

After having taken 50,000 academic credits from him, Lu Ze felt that he had to be nice and decided not to strike a blow at him.

So Lu Ze decided to fool him instead.

Right at this time, Bo Yibo continued to speak. “Our compet.i.tion will continue, as long as you defeat me, I will give the last 10,000 academic credits to you, junior Lu Ze!”

He seemed to have seen through Lu Ze and knew that Lu Ze was after his academic credits!

Upon hearing that, Lu Ze looked at Bo Yibo in disbelief.

This senior… what was he trying to achieve?!

He will give money even if he loses?

If I have known earlier, why would I perform this act so diligently?

We should have gone straight to this!

The performance had exhausted Lu Ze!

Lu Ze looked at the ugly expression of Bo Yibo, who was still in disbelief, and asked, “Really? You will give me academic credits even if I defeat you?”

Bo Yibo looked at Lu Ze’s skeptical, face and his mouth started to twitch. “As long as you defeat me, I will give you the last 10,000 academic credits! With your teachers here as witnesses, you think I will renege on the deal?”

Although Bo Yibo was so p.i.s.sed that his stomach was hurting at the moment, if Lu Ze truly defeated him, his plan might earn him more than what he had antic.i.p.ated!

Although he would lose some face, compared to the tangible benefits he would gain, so what?

When Lu Ze received Bo Yibo’s confirmation, he smiled. “Alright.”

If that’s the case, this has become much simpler.

If Lu Ze had not been afraid of chasing Bo Yibo away from winning earlier, he would had long posed the question.

Why would he allow everyone to watch on as he performed in such an intricate act?

It caused his face to turn red.

Bo Yibo looked at Lu Ze’s smiling and relaxed face as his gradually became solemn.

Agreeing with such confidence and being so relaxed meant that Lu Ze had absolute confidence in himself. This was something Bo Yibo did not overlook.

Even the students outside held their breaths as they watched the two inside the stage with apt attention.

They were still skeptical. Could it be that Lu Ze can actually defeat Bo Yibo?

That is a senior ranked at the top 3!

Ye Mu and the others looked at each other, with their understanding of Lu Ze, he would never make empty promises.

This meant that he actually had the ability to do so!

Complicated looks were plastered all over their faces. This guy’s rate of improvement was too

To actually reach such a level!

At the side, runes flashed in Lin Ling’s eyes. She stared intently at the stage and did not even blink.

She wanted to see if she still stood a chance!

She did not want to be beaten by Lu Ze every single time. She wanted to perform a reversal!

Luo Bingqing who had maintained silence all the way looked at Nangong Jing who was currently drinking and spoke indifferently. “Nangong, you knew about this already.”

Nangong Jing gave a smile and did not reply.

She had personally tested his power!

On stage, Lu Ze and Bo Yibo faced each other.

Bo Yibo looked toward Lu Ze seriously as a gold and sharp light flickered in his eyes. Both of his palms maintained the knife shapes as his spirit force surged. The sharp whitish gold light flickered unsteadily on his hands and produced a sonorous sound.

Lu Ze looked at Bo Yibo’s seriousness as the corners of his lips curved upwards slightly. Fire G.o.d art, wind G.o.d art, ist body G.o.d art, and sixfold increase strength G.o.d art were activated.

A terrifying aura immediately surged from within Lu Ze’s body, causing Bo Yibo’s serious face to be replaced with astonishment as he cried out in disbelief:

“How are you so strong? !”

Too powerful!

This fellow that was doing his best to perform previously and immediately became embarra.s.sed after being found out actually wields such terrifying strength??

This strength, isn’t it enough to put him in the top five of their cla.s.s??

But he was a third-year, and the guy was just a new student!

Lu Ze ignored Bo Yibo’s reaction as a green light flickered in the depths of his eyes. With a slight movement of his feet, he disappeared from his original spot.

After gaining some enlightenment on the wings of the winds divine art, his speed at using wind G.o.d art had become even more skilled. Even if he was not using the divine art, his speed had improved substantially!

Even before Bo Yibo could react, Lu Ze had appeared behind him.

The black metallic light aura on his right hand flickered as wind and fire intertwined and broke through Bo Yibo’s defense.

After that, Lu Ze gently patted on Bo Yibo’s shoulder, causing him to freeze.

Lu Ze smiled. “Senior, you lost.”

The entire place became silent and not a single sound was made.

Cold sweat trickled down Bo Yibo’s back as his body was frozen solid.

He only reacted when Lu Ze had placed his palm on his shoulder!

If Lu Ze had any killing intent, he would have died already!

What in the world is that speed??

That’s too scary, right???

Everyone outside the stage had their eyes wide open as they stared at Lu Ze in shock.

Even Margaret and the seniors who were more familiar with Lu Ze were no exceptions.

Especially w.a.n.g Wenze.

He was slightly weaker as compared to Bo Yibo, but Lu Ze was actually able to defeat Bo Yibo with such ease.

That meant that he was obviously not worthy enough to spar against Lu Ze.

This made his entire body feel bad!

After all, he was one of the earlier batch of students that had gone to the 25th planet.

He knew of Lu Ze’s prior standard and strength. What sort of monster was he to be able to grow at such a rate?

Isn’t it too fast??

As for Ye Mu and the rest, their mouths started twitching when they saw how relaxed Lu Ze looked. They were completely speechless.

Lin Ling who had maintained her G.o.d art to spectate the match the entire time had a look of disappointment.

His growth was too fast!

If it was slower, she would have had some confidence to rely on her G.o.d art to fight against Lu Ze.

But he was too fast, even if she could see through his techniques, her body did not have the ability to react in time.

Unless her speed increased by another level.

Nangong Jing and Luo Bingqing looked at Lu Ze in shock.

But their shock was different from the students.

As young dukes, their eyes were far more excellent than theirs.

From Lu Ze’s performance, they were able to tell that he had gained a lot from comprehending the wings of the wind!

Luo Bingqing took the initiative and asked, “Nangong, you gave him the wings of the wind?”

Nangong Jing nodded her head and replied somewhat speechlessly, “Four days ago.”

This speed of comprehension was too fast!

Luo Bingqing sighed with a hint of excitement in his indifferent tone. “He will have to undertake a huge responsibility in the future!”

“If only he can grow even faster.”

Nangong Jing pouted her mouth, somewhat dissatisfied.

Luo Bingqing chuckled. “I overstepped. This is already very good, the foundation is the most important.”

Nangong Jing did not continue speaking. This was something everyone understood.

Following that, Luo Bingqing looked over to Bo Yibo and commented, “This student is rather interesting too.”

Nangong Jing laughed when she heard that. “He is truly interesting, his way of thinking is good, and his mind works fast.”

The entire place was still silent, causing Lu Ze to feel embarra.s.sed by being at the center of attention.

Am I so suave to this extent now?

I feel very embarra.s.sed with all of you looking at me like that.

Following that, he looked at the rigid Bo Yibo and smiled. “Senior, I won.”

He had to add a reminder to prevent the other party from reneging on the promise.

Bo Yibo only regained himself when he heard Lu Ze.

He turned and stared straight at Lu Ze with a complicated expression without saying a word.

Lu Ze’s heart trembled when he noticed how Bo Yibo was staring at him. He silently took a step back and looked at him cautiously.

“Senior, please conduct yourself well. I’m not that kind of person.”

Bo Yibo’s mouth twitched when he heard Lu Ze’s words. He took a deep breath and laughed. “Junior Lu Ze, your power is astounding. Senior here is not your opponent.”

Lu Ze laughed and replied, “There there, senior is very strong too.”

It’s a mutual bragging business, we should compliment each other.

Bo Yibo did not care about Lu Ze’s words. He smiled and took out his phone and transferred 60,000 academic credits to Lu Ze.

“Academic credits have been transferred over to junior, please check if it is correct.”

Lu Ze took out his phone and saw that his account had acc.u.mulated 70,000 academic credits.

He immediately smiled from the revelation of his credits, I’m rich!

Should I use it all up now, or save it up and purchase other divine arts?

Lu Ze was at a loss, but quickly nodded his head towards Bo Yibo and smiled. “Thank you senior.”

He was touched. This senior before him was such a kind soul to have run over especially just to send him 60,000 academic credits.

A light flickered in Bo Yibo’s eyes as he smiled and replied, “I’ll give you another surprise in a few days.”

Lu Ze was stunned when he heard that.


What surprise?

He looked at the senior strangely with caution in his eyes.

Why is he constantly sending me money?

Is there a conspiracy here?

Bo Yibo saw Lu Ze’s strange gaze, and his mouth spasmed. Somewhat speechless, he responded, “Don’t worry, junior, I do not have such a fetish. It is just your reward.”

When Lu Ze heard that Bo Yibo did not have a fetish, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief. It had scared him.

But when he heard that it was a reward, another strange look appeared in his eyes.

Bo Yibo did not explain and laughed. “I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll head off first.”

With that, he turned to Luo Bingqing and Nangong Jing: “Teacher Luo, Teacher Nangong, I’ll be heading off first.”

Luo Bingqing waved his right hand and the crystal walls disappeared.

Bo Yibo thanked Luo Bingqing, turned, and flew towards Emperor Capital Academy.