Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 237

Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Couldn’t Continue With the Act

Bo Yibo saw the look on Lu Ze’s face. It was the expression of refusing to admit defeat. Bo Yibo was slightly stunned. The respect in his eyes deepened.

With this character, no wonder junior Lu Ze was so strong. He must have gone through many setbacks and didn’t choose to give up, right?

Then, he nodded. “Alright! Since junior Lu Ze insists, I shall continue. It’ll be the fifth level next! Junior Lu Ze, you must be careful!”

In the fifth level of strength, he had to start using G.o.d art.

His G.o.d art was gold G.o.d art, and after using the G.o.d art, his knife ray and blade martial arts skills would be more formidable. At the same time, they will become sharper and be able to conquer every obstacle.

He flipped his right hand slightly, and a sword appeared in his palm.

With a sword in hand, Bo Yibo’s aura changed, and he became sharp and domineering.

“Careful, junior Lu Ze!”

He looked straight at Lu Ze, the sword in his hand gave off a faint golden glow, then he launched his attack toward Lu Ze.

Overlord blade!

It was the overlord blade as well, but it was completely different due to the gold G.o.d art.

A knife ray of hundreds of meters swept across the sky and let out an ear-piercing whistle in the air.

Lu Ze’s wind and fire G.o.d art barrier immediately shattered. He raised his brows, and the wind and fire G.o.d art that was doubled in strength formed on his right fist.

He waved his right fist, and it collided with the knife ray.


The shockwaves wreaked havoc in the arena.

When the shockwaves dissipated, there were a few wounds that appeared on Lu Ze’s body, his face was paler, and he kept gasping for air.

Lu Ze felt that this wasn’t enough, so he coughed dryly and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. His voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e. “You’re a third-year senior, indeed. I’ve already used my secret technique. I think I won’t be able to block the next wave, but I will not admit defeat!”

Bo Yibo was doubtful at first, but when he saw that Lu Ze had already coughed out blood and seemed to have used his secret technique to increase his strength, he pushed away his suspicions.

He smiled. “Junior Lu Ze, you shouldn’t be risking your life just for 5,000 academic credits, why don’t we…”

“NO! Senior, that’s enough! I will not admit defeat!”

Lu Ze hurriedly interrupted him-it wasn’t easy for him to force out a mouthful of blood, alright?

It was all for the 5,000 academic credits!

When Bo Yibo heard that, he looked seriously at Lu Ze and said sternly, “Since junior Lu Ze actually has such determination, I won’t hold back then!”

Level six power!


The shockwaves dissipated, and Lu Ze was covered in blood. He had lost a lot of blood and was coughing out blood non-stop, he seemed like he was going to die at any moment.

When Bo Yibo saw that Lu Ze didn’t fall to the ground, his eyes widened in shock. “Impossible! With this intensity, it’s impossible for you to withstand it in your current state!”

Lu Ze lifted his arm to wipe the blood off his mouth, his eyes still revealed an unyielding spirit and he grinned. “You’re a senior indeed! But my G.o.d art had increased by four folds at the critical moment! So I managed to block another wave. I don’t think I’ll be able to withstand the next wave, but I will not surrender!”

The freshmen, who were watching outside, had a shock and puzzled gaze when they saw the terrible state that Lu Ze was in.

They were shocked that this chap actually managed to increase his G.o.d art by four folds at such a critical moment and puzzled that he was unyielding even under such circ.u.mstances – Lu Ze was truly an elite!

Other than being gifted, his character was worth learning from too!

Many girls were moved, and their eyes reddened.

Lu Ze is amazing!

He’s truly a strong man!

But a couple of seniors were confused. No matter what, was it really possible to increase four-fold at a critical time like this because of his unyielding character?

But they just felt that something was off?

Did they have a wrong impression?

Only Lin Ling was watching Lu Ze’s performance with a blank face.

Nangong Jing was even more dumbfounded. ‘Must this chap’s acting be so realistic just for a few thousand academic credits??’

‘It’s like his blood is free-of-charge.’

When Bo Yibo heard that, his eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Lu Ze who was coughing out blood.

His strength actually increased four-folds at this critical moment??

‘Isn’t he a little too gifted??’

However, this was already the final wave, and with this chap’s current condition, even if his strength had increased four-fold, he wouldn’t be able to make it!

He revealed a smile once again. “Junior Lu Ze, the next attack will be level seven power, you wouldn’t be able to handle it with your current condition, so why don’t you just admit defeat?”

Although he was confident that he wouldn’t lose, he still felt a bit nervous on the inside for some reason.

Lu Ze shook his head continuously. “No way!”

Bo Yibo’s eyes flickered, and he nodded. He didn’t continue trying to convince him.

He just didn’t believe that Lu Ze would be able to block this!

Then, Bo Yibo activated his G.o.d art, and the golden glow intensified; his body’s aura kept surging as well.

Level seven!


Bo Yibo’s slash was becoming more powerful, and Lu Ze was still using the wind and fire G.o.d art barrier to block this wave, then he clenched his fist tightly.

After the shockwaves dissipated, Lu Ze was still covered in blood and kept coughing out blood. He looked as if he couldn’t even stand straight and kept swaying.

When Bo Yibo saw that Lu Ze wasn’t on the ground yet, he was stunned for two seconds before he called out. “Why aren’t you on the ground yet?!”

‘There must be something fishy!’

‘Otherwise, Lu Ze shouldn’t be able to withstand this power with his current strength!’

‘But he actually managed to!’

When Lu Ze heard Bo Yibo’s words, he was stunned for two seconds as well, then hurriedly said, “I accidentally awakened a body G.o.d art during the critical moment just now… I really didn’t do it intentionally. Senior, you must believe me! I will definitely collapse in the next wave!”

Lu Ze panicked a little on the inside.

He realized he couldn’t find any other excuses. He can’t just say that his strength increased by four-folds before and five-folds this time, right?

Hence, he could only say that he had awakened a new G.o.d art.

This reasoning seemed better than a consecutive increase in strength, so he simply said that.

After all, this was just level seven, there are still three more later!

This is 15,000 academic credits we’re talking about!

His heart would ache if he couldn’t get so many academic credits!

There was complete silence after everyone heard what Lu Ze said.

Bo Yibo: “…”

The audience: “…”

Everyone didn’t know what to say.

What did he mean by accidentally awakening a G.o.d art at the critical moment…?

Even Margaret wanted to charge forward and give this Lu Ze a good beating.

This was simply heartwrenching!

Most importantly, Lu Ze kept promising that he would collapse at the next wave, but in the end, he was still standing after each wave. They didn’t trust this chap’s words anymore.

Who knew whether this chap would increase in strength once again, accidentally awaken another G.o.d art or his wind and fire G.o.d art might accidentally become stronger, huh??

The freshmen who were initially moved were clutching their chests in silence.

Ah… their hearts shattered.

Bring back the touching moment just now!!

Only Lin Ling was still expressionless and even wanted to laugh.

She already knew how strong this chap was and naturally didn’t feel anything.

He had already been exposed just now.

Lu Ze saw how upset Bo Yibo was and wasn’t speaking, so he asked softly, “That, senior, shall we continue?”

There were still 15,000 academic credits, he really didn’t want to give up.

That’s a lot of money!

Bo Yibo was slightly rea.s.sured when he saw that Lu Ze was still severely injured.

Although this chap’s strength kept increasing, at least he was already severely injured. If Lu Ze doesn’t awaken any new G.o.d art in the next wave, he could still win.

Even if Lu Ze did awaken something, Bo Yibo felt that he didn’t have such a strong power to use it with.

Also, the more the twists and turns there were during this match, the more favorable it was for Bo Yibo. Although Lu Ze kept breaking his heart, there were only benefits for Bo Yibo, there weren’t any drawbacks.

… alright, there were still some drawbacks.

He felt as if his heart was about to break into pieces.

Bo Yibo looked at Lu Ze, who seemed like he was ready to ascend to the sky-die—at any moment, and his mouth twitched. “Junior Lu Ze, you’re very strong, but are your injuries fine?”

He was worried that if Lu Ze really died, he would be beaten to death by that female alcoholic T-rex!

He merely wanted to complete a plan, he wasn’t here to kill!

Lu Ze swayed as he tried to remain standing. He acted like he was using all his strength and shook his head. “I’m fine, even Teacher Nangong isn’t stopping us, so it’s fine.”

Nangong Jing had already taken out a bottle of alcohol and was drinking.

When she heard Lu Ze’s words, she gulped down the alcohol and said, “Don’t worry, this is your match, I will not interfere, so don’t have a psychological burden.”

Bo Yibo gritted his teeth. “Since that’s the case, I will not hold back, then!”

Level eight!


Another shockwave dissipated.

Bo Yibo stared straight at Lu Ze, who seemed like he was about to fall but did not, and his mouth spasmed.

When the audience saw that Lu Ze was still swaying and coughing non-stop, they were silent too.

The entire scene was extremely awkward.

Lu Ze was panicking now, he realized that he couldn’t really continue the act.

How could he keep awakening one G.o.d art after another…

Anyone would think that something was fishy!

He was still thinking hard whether he should say that he had a sudden increase in strength by five-folds.

But this was too far-fetched. He felt that senior Bo Yibo wouldn’t believe him.

Bo Yibo was expressionless as he looked at Lu Ze coughing out blood, and Bo Yibo felt his liver hurting.

This chap can’t continue with his special performance, huh??

Bo Yibo was really fooled from the start!

It was simply humiliating!

“Junior Lu Ze, what’s the reason this time?”

Lu Ze was deep in thought. Being questioned by Bo Yibo all of a sudden, his mind went blank, and he answered with a guilty conscience, “The… the final radiance of a setting sun [1]?”

Bo Yibo: “…”

Students outside the arena: “…”

The initially awkward atmosphere became twice more awkward.

Everyone was glaring at Lu Ze, who was still trying his best to put on an act and wanted to struggle some more.

They didn’t bother saying a word and simply watched in silence at his pretense.

When Lu Ze felt everyone’s gaze, he was slightly embarra.s.sed.

He stopped swaying his body gradually and didn’t cough out blood anymore. Subsequently, the injuries on his body also recovered with the use of the regeneration G.o.d art.

These people’s gaze was too piercing. It made him feel so guilty that he simply couldn’t go on.

He decided that he would buy a self-help book on acting and become a true movie king!

This time was simply a failure—they actually saw through his act, and this caused his very thin skin to be embarra.s.sed.

Note: (1): A sudden spurt of activity prior to collapsing