Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 236

Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Wonderful Experience

Xuan Yuqi, Ye Mu, and the others were puzzled when they saw Lin Ling stiffened up and asked, “What is it? Are you worried about Ze? Don’t worry, Teacher Nangong is around.”

When Lin Ling heard that, her eyes flickered, and she smiled. “It’s nothing.”

She was somewhat dumbfounded in her heart

– ‘This chap doesn’t need anyone to worry for him!’

With his strength, everyone should be worried for the senior instead, huh?

In the arena, Lu Ze’s acting was very realistic. A breeze flowed in his eyes, and there was a flame flickering as well, which eventually formed a wind and fire barrier.

At this moment, layers of knife rays cut on the wind and fire barrier.


The spirit force knife rays collided with the barrier, producing a thunderous noise.

In the arena, the audience could see crazy wind and waves of fire sweeping in all directions with the knife rays.

In the end, the shockwaves knocked against the thin crystal ice walls, but the ice walls were like an eternal iron wall, it didn’t budge.

The shockwaves dissipated, and the crowd saw the situation inside; Lu Ze’s expression was still heavy, and his eyes were filled with stubbornness as he stared at Bo Yibo.

But Bo Yibo was smiling as he looked at Lu Ze.

Bo Yibo laughed lightly. “Junior Lu Ze is very gifted indeed, you managed to block my first level of strength when you just joined. No wonder you did such amazing things on the battlefield.”

Lu Ze smiled plainly and responded, “Senior’s strength is tyrannical, but I’m not someone who admits defeat easily. As long as the pain can’t knock me down, it will be turned into my nutrients for growth!”

Lu Ze was proud of himself—this performance is awesome!

He was so immersed in his character!

He had perfectly exhibited that unyielding spirit of a suppressed prodigy, leaving the audience an imposing figure and an upright


Lu Ze felt that if he couldn’t stay in the martial arts path in the future, he could perhaps rely on this handsome face of his and outstanding acting skills to make money in the entertainment circle?

Bo Yibo was clearly taken aback by what Lu Ze said. He had this feeling that something was amiss, but he just couldn’t put a finger on it.

And when the freshmen at the side heard Lu Ze’s words, they couldn’t help but feel moved, and some girls’ eyes even reddened.

They didn’t expect that this chap would have this sort of willpower! His words had gone straight into their hearts.

No wonder he’s so strong!

But the faces of these seniors were a little weird. They weren’t freshmen and naturally wouldn’t be moved so easily. They only felt that this chap was a little too childish?


Just at this moment, Lin Ling couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst out in laughter.

She had always been easily amused. Right from the start, when Lu Ze treated the selection of schools like a matchmaking program, she was already often tickled by the weird way his brain worked.

This scene was clearly quite serious, but whenever she thought of this chap’s current strength with his righteous expression, she just couldn’t be serious.

As an emotional girl, Xuan Yuqi identified with what Lu Ze said and looked at him, but she realized that Lin Ling was clutching her stomach, and her shoulders couldn’t stop trembling, so she couldn’t help but to raise her brows and was somewhat dumbfounded. “Lin Ling, what is wrong with you?”

The other freshmen who were moved by Lu Ze were looking at Lin Ling in disdain as well.

Just because this chap had grown stronger, he could mock these determined and unyielding newcomers like that, huh??

‘He’s too much!’

Lin Ling tried her best to keep a straight face and kept waving. “Nothing, nothing, I just found… I found… Ze really too strong.”

Everyone: “…”

‘As if we believe you!’

‘If you thought so, you wouldn’t be laughing so happily!!’

Nangong Jing also couldn’t help but look away from Lu Ze’s impa.s.sioned expression.

She had never met such a shameless person before!

She really couldn’t watch it further.

At this moment, Bo Yibo felt like something was wrong, but he still looked at Lu Ze seriously and nodded. “With this character, junior Lu Ze’s future will be limitless, no wonder junior has such strength at a young


Lu Ze laughed. “Senior, you’re too nice! Let’s continue!”

He was planning to get all the academic credits and last until this senior used up all his strength. That would be 50,000 academic credits plus the initial 10,000 credits—that would be a total of 60,000 academic credits!

This wave of profits!

Lu Ze felt that his acting must be good; otherwise, if he’s exposed, this senior might take his words back.

If he took his words back, he wouldn’t be able to get so many academic credits.

When Bo Yibo saw that Lu Ze wanted to continue, he didn’t have any second thoughts. After all, his aura had not weakened, and it was clear that the wave of attack just now was not his limit yet.

Bo Yibo also didn’t think that the wave just now was Lu Ze’s limit.

According to his speculation, Lu Ze should be able to hold on until around the fourth level.

“Since junior has requested, senior will not stand on ceremony, then!”

As he spoke, he put out his knifehand again and went toward Lu Ze.

Level two strength!

The aura of the knife ray had clearly doubled, there was even a slight change in the air.

Although the freshmen couldn’t sense the change in the air, they could tell from the terrifying way that the knife ray cut through the air—this wave of attack was very strong!

If they were the ones inside, the knife ray wouldn’t even need to touch them, they probably wouldn’t be able to handle it just by being close to it, huh?

Ye Mu and the others couldn’t help but worry.

Although Lu Ze was very strong, this knife ray wasn’t weak!

Lu Ze carefully controlled his facial expression and appeared even more dignified.

At this same time, he controlled the wind and fire G.o.d art and formed a barrier to block the knife ray.


After they collided once again and the shockwaves subsided, Lu Ze and Bo Yibo’s figures reappeared in everyone’s line of sight.

Bo Yibo looked at Lu Ze whose aura intensified and raised his brows slightly. Bo Yibo appeared to have expected this outcome. “Junior Lu Ze, I was right, you have concealed your strength indeed. I’m afraid you’re not lower than 20 apertures, right?”

Lu Ze did not refute and merely looked at Bo Yibo seriously. “Senior, you’re so strong, I had to go all-out, the academic credits are very important to me, after all.”

When everyone saw that Lu Ze had actually hidden his strength, their eyes widened.

This chap improved too quickly eh??

This was already 20 apertures of power!

He wouldn’t be considered weak even among the third years!

Quite a number of third-year elite cla.s.s students’ faces stiffened and had a complex look.

This junior had already surpa.s.sed them.

This didn’t feel good at all.

Bo Yibo’s face lit up after being praised by Lu Ze, and he smiled. “I will definitely give you the academic credits, you must be careful with the next level of strength.”

Lu Ze nodded and said, “I’m ready.”

When Bo Yibo saw this, he didn’t speak further and attacked Lu Ze for the third time.

This time, the knife ray was no longer in layers of shadows, but it had a sense of overbearing aura like it could cut the world into halves.

Overlord blade!

Although it wasn’t his full strength, this move was considered quite a strong attack for Bo Yibo.

The formless blade art was strong in the sense of its erratic manner, it wasn’t very effective towards Lu Ze’s wind and fire barrier while the overlord blade attack was clearly more effective—this attack was enough to break Lu Ze’s defense.

When Lu Ze saw the knife ray coming towards him, he raised his brows and a greenish-red light flashed in his eyes. He strengthened the wind and fire G.o.d art once again. The wind and fire intertwined, becoming stronger mutually, allowing the wind and fire G.o.d art barrier to become more durable.


Blocking the attack for the third time, Lu Ze tried his best to control his facial expression and appeared pale, his eyes revealed a hint of determination and stubbornness. He looked as if he had already reached his limit, and if Bo Yibo put in more strength, Bo Yibo would defeat him.

When the audience saw Lu Ze’s face turning pale, their gaze became complex.

Especially Ye Mu and the rest, they were a little worried.

Only Lin Ling, who was taught a lesson just now, was looking at Lu Ze’s performance with a straight face.

It was the same for Nangong Jing.

Compared to Lin Ling, she knew better. With Lu Ze’s strength, he definitely wouldn’t lose.

Seeing this chap trying his best to pretend that he was injured, her fist got slightly itchy.

Luo Bingqing, who was maintaining the ice wall at the side, raised his brows slightly.

With his strength, although Lu Ze didn’t go all-out, he could feel something.

At this moment, a weird look flashed in his eyes, but he remained silent.

In the arena, Bo Yibo looked at Lu Ze’s pale face and smiled. “Junior Lu Ze, the next attack will be my fourth level of strength, are you sure you want to continue? If we stop now, you will still receive 25,000 academic credits.”

When Lu Ze heard that, he looked at Bo Yibo with determination. Even though his face was pale, and his aura had weakened, the stubbornness in his eyes was still glistening. “Senior, don’t waste any more time, come at me! Although you’re very strong, the word ‘surrender’ is not in my dictionary!”

Since this senior wanted to give him so many academic credits, Lu Ze decided to put up a good act for him and give him a wonderful experience.

Bo Yibo chuckled. “Alright! Since that’s the case, I shall not hold back!”

Overlord blade!

The fourth level of the overlord blade stirred up, causing the air to change and a gust of wild wind swept across the middle of this arena.

As the audience watched, it was as if that small piece of the sky had changed color.

Faced with the faint golden overlord knife ray, his originally pale face reddened, and the aura from his body surged. He clenched his right fist, wind and fire intertwined as they charged toward the knife ray.

The greenish-red fist and faint golden knife ray collided.

That small arena was enveloped in green, red, and gold colors. The shockwaves kept knocking against the thin crystal ice walls, letting out a pleasant sound.

Everyone present looked intently in the direction of the platform, and when the aftershock dissipated, their eyes widened.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s clothes were torn and there were many holes. His body that was cut by the knife ray could vaguely be seen, and blood was slowly flowing out of his wounds.

Lu Ze’s face turned paler, his aura was undulating, and he kept panting.

However, Lu Ze was still staring at Bo Yibo, trying his best to show his determination.

Bo Yibo saw Lu Ze’s determined gaze, and his eyes lit up with a tinge of respect. “Junior Lu Ze, why don’t we stop here? You must be quite injured.”When Lu Ze heard that, he hurriedly said, “No no no, I will not admit defeat! Unless senior hits me to the ground!”

‘Is he kidding me? I’m barely hurt.’

The exterior wounds were made using this chap’s knife ray after he got rid of his defense. He seemed seriously injured, but it was just a little blood on the surface.

This bit of injury was nothing to Lu Ze!!

This was simply an abrasion on the skin!

He even used the restraining method to control his aura and acted as if he was almost worn out-everything was very realistic!

Lu Ze felt that with his acting skills, there was no reason for not getting the Oscars.

If at this moment, this G.o.d of fortune… *cough* this senior ended it, he would create a serious loss ah.