Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 235

Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Lu Ze’s Performance

At this moment, the students present had two thoughts.

The first was that this Bo Yibo, a third-year student from Emperor Capital Academy, had something wrong in his head, and it was quite severe.

The second was that you can do anything you want if you’re gifted. This truly made these chaps, who were thought to be prodigies by countless people in the past, very envious!

He was basically given free money the second he arrived in school—this was a scene they never dreamt of!

But Lu Ze didn’t look happy at all.

There is no free lunch in the world, he definitely needed something from me or had done something obscene.

He never believed that good things would just fall from heaven.

He looked at Bo Yibo’s calm smile and asked, “And?!

However, this seemed quite interesting, and he planned on listening to what else this Emperor Capital Academy senior had to say.

After all, if he was waiting here, it meant that he got the news that they were coming back. Lu Ze would never believe that he was really a G.o.d of fortune.

Bo Yibo smiled and said, “Haha, as long as junior Lu Ze accepts the challenge, you will receive 5,000 academic credits when I use my first level of strength for the first move, 10,000 academic credits when I use my second level of strength for the second move, 15,000 when I use my third level of strength for the third move…”

When Lu Ze heard what Bo Yibo said, he had a strange expression.

Other than him, Nangong Jing who was watching the show by the side was also puzzled.

Only Lu Ze and Nangong Jing knew of Lu Ze’s current strength, n.o.body else knew about it.

It was clear that Bo Yibo’s knowledge of Lu Ze’s strength was still stuck at the one he had at the battlefield.

Otherwise, he would definitely have restrained himself—this was money!

Lu Ze didn’t reveal his strength and merely asked in bewilderment, “Senior, why do you want to challenge me?”

He was really curious about this.

With Lu Ze’s original strength, taking on the first level of strength wouldn’t be too hard, the second level of strength wasn’t impossible either. This meant that he would have to give Lu Ze 15,000 or even 20,000 academic credits —this spending was quite a lot.

When Bo Yibo heard that, he smiled. “Junior Lu Ze, don’t worry. I just want to do a test. I can guarantee that I will not do any real harm to you.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Nangong Jing who had her arms crossed in front of her chest and was watching the show. His mouth spasmed, and then he said awkwardly, “With Teacher Nangong Jing here, even if I wanted to harm junior, I wouldn’t have the guts to do it.”

Lu Ze observed Bo Yibo’s reaction and clicked his tongue secretly.

It seemed that this alcoholic’s temper was also very well-known in the Emperor Capital Academy; Lu Ze thought it was hilarious when he saw Bo Yibo’s expression, it was as if he saw his predator.

When Nangong Jing heard that, she smiled and looked at Lu Ze. “Young man, it’s up to you whether you agree to it or not, but with me around, he wouldn’t dare do anything sneaky.”

All the students at the scene, including w.a.n.g Wenze, who had mocked Bo Yibo, and Margaret, Gui Yuping, and the others were looking at Bo Yibo with a calm smile and twinkling eyes.

They really didn’t understand what this chap’s motive was.

Logically speaking, the students of the elite cla.s.ses of both schools roughly knew each other, and they really didn’t think that Bo Yibo was the kind of person who gave money away.

This was at least 15,000 academic credits!

Many people didn’t even have this amount of academic credits for their first admission test!

Those freshmen, who didn’t know Bo Yibo very well, looked at Lu Ze with envy, jealousy, and hatred. As long as he agreed to it, he would receive at least 10,000 academy credits!

They wouldn’t even get that amount after working their guts out for a month!

He was so lucky!

When the upset Lin Ling heard Bo Yibo’s words, she was puzzled as well.

‘Is this person an idiot?’

She was probably the most familiar with Lu Ze out of everyone there, and she was sure that Lu Ze’s current power was at least 30 apertures—this sort of strength was enough to make this person lose blood.

However, she didn’t have any intention of stopping them now. Free academic credits, why not?

After Lu Ze heard what Nangong Jing said, he rubbed his chin, then smiled and nodded. “Since that’s the case, I won’t stand in ceremony, then. Please be gentle, senior, I am very fragile.”

Although Bo Yibo didn’t say what exactly he was going to do, he already promised Lu Ze that he wouldn’t hurt him, and with Nangong Jing around, Lu Ze felt more a.s.sured.

Of course, the main point was that he was stronger than this senior and wasn’t afraid that he would mess with him.

Actually, he really wanted to ask this senior if he would still get the academic credits if he defeated him.

But it wouldn’t be good if he asked this question and scared him away.

Hence, Lu Ze had a plan in mind.

He had to fish out as many academy credits as possible from this senior.

He didn’t have a choice, he was poor.

With such an outstanding G.o.d of fortune, his heart would ache if he let him go.

Bo Yibo was initially nervous and afraid that Lu Ze would reject him, but when he saw that Lu Ze had agreed to it, his eyes lit up and he smiled. “Junior Lu Ze, don’t say that. As a senior, I wouldn’t use too much strength on a junior, don’t worry.”


Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “Since that’s the case, let’s begin.”

At this moment, Luo Bingqing, who hadn’t said a word, spoke up. “You don’t have to go up in the skies, do it right here.”

As he spoke, he swept his right arm slightly across the air and a thin transparent ice wall appeared. The ice wall enclosed Lu Ze and Bo Yibo inside, becoming an arena with an area of over hundreds of square meters.

The transparent ice wall was akin to crystal, it wouldn’t affect the students from spectating, and with Luo Bingqing’s strength, it was enough to block the aftermath of two aperture opening state students’ fight.

All the students present stood around the ice wall, and Lin Ling stood next to Xuan Yuqi.

Xuan Yuqi, Tianyuan Qianhua, and Jessica looked at the area of the arena and couldn’t help but glance at Lin Ling.

Finally, Tianyuan Qianhua couldn’t hold it in any longer and asked, “Are you really Lin Ling?”

They didn’t see her for ten days, and her strength had increased too much. They didn’t dare to believe that this was really Lin Ling.

Lin Ling was initially watching the arena very eagerly, and when she heard Yuantian Qianhua’s question, she turned to look at her three partners who were looking at her strangely and smiled. “Of course, I am Lin Ling.”

Xuan Yuqi, who had a look of indifference, said doubtfully, “But, your strength…”

When Lin Ling heard that, her eyes flickered and she smiled. “I’ll explain to you guys when we head back.”

As she spoke, she turned her head back in the direction of the arena, and her eyes were filled with excitement. “Alright, let’s see what this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lu Ze’s current strength is. I can definitely win against him this time!”

She even waved her fist as she spoke.

The three girls looked at Lin Ling’s action with a strange look on their faces. At this moment, they were convinced that this person was really Lin Ling.

She had always been triggered by Lu Ze. It seemed like this girl was planning on taking revenge.

At this moment, on the arena, Lu Ze turned to look at the ice wall around them curiously.

This clear crystal ice wall was made out of ice, but it didn’t have cold air at all. At the same time, it wouldn’t melt which really intrigued him.

Was this the special nature of ice?

Different G.o.d art had different usage-Lu Ze didn’t quite understand either.

Just as Lu Ze’s mind was wandering, Bo Yibo was in a bad mood.

Isn’t this junior a little too c.o.c.ky?

Even if Lu Ze was gifted, his strength couldn’t be compared to his at this moment, right? Yet, he didn’t take him seriously at all?

It seems like he would have to give him a lesson on respecting his seniors.

With that thought, Bo Yibo smiled. “Junior Lu Ze, are you ready?”

When Lu Ze heard Bo Yibo’s words, he returned to his senses— ‘Oh right, I’m here for a fight.’

He quickly put his curiosity away and looked at Bo Yibo with a stern look. “I’m ready, make a move, senior!”

When Bo Yibo saw that Lu Ze was finally taking this seriously, his mood improved, and he nodded. “Be careful, Junior, I’ll use the level one strength for the first move!”

As he spoke, he lifted his right hand and turned it into a knifehand. The spirit force in his hand surged, and although he didn’t use any G.o.d art, the undulating spirit force from his knifehand still showed the powerful force of the attack

The undulating spirit force spread to all four corners and was completely blocked when it hit the thin crystal ice wall.

Formless blade art!

Bo Yibo struck his knifehand down, and the gleam from the knife appeared to sway like the seaweed against the wind. The sharp knife cut through the air and went toward Lu Ze.

This was his famed move, it was an aperture opening state martial art!

Even though it cannot be used after the aperture opening state, the principle could still be learned

He was using this move to fight with that short-haired girl just now, but in the end, no matter how he changed his moves, she would see through them-it was simply frustrating!

However, he was confident that his attacks wouldn’t be seen through this time!

At this moment, Lu Ze lifted his head and saw the knife ray that was coming toward him. The knife ray formed layers upon layers of shadows in the air, and he was stunned.

What’s the point of this showy move?

However, he remembered that he was in character right now.

He was a little newbie now and naturally had to pretend like a formidable enemy was incoming

He controlled his facial muscles, and his expression kept changing, appearing very serious and the muscles on his body tensed up as well.

He fully reflected that helplessness and fear when a novice is faced with a strong move, and the spirit of resistance and relentlessness as a gifted martial artist.

He was very confident that with his current acting, he would receive an oscar during the earth era!

Lu Ze put in a lot of effort into his performance while praising himself on the inside.

Lin Ling stood outside and watched as Lu Ze acted with all his heart. A complicated rune appeared in her black eyes, then both her eyes glistened.

In just a moment, Lin Ling stiffened up and widened her eyes in disbelief. She even opened her mouth and wanted to exclaim in shock.

But when she thought about the current situation, she quickly suppressed herself from making a sound.

What did she just see??

How could it be?!

Although this chap’s spirit force was weak on the surface, the various G.o.d arts in his body were interwoven together, becoming a horrifying giant beast in his body.

The current Lu Ze was merely letting the power in his body sleep!

Lin Ling bit her lips and looked at Lu Ze, unwilling to accept this fact.

She had become so strong, but it seemed like she still couldn’t defeat him??

This made her so mad! She wanted revenge!

No way!

She has got to try later!

She couldn’t admit defeat just like that!