Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 234

Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Giving Money

The place where Lin Ling fought was in the air, not too far from the ground.

The collision of the aperture opening state forces caused the winds to blow on the flags near the s.p.a.ce station, making them dance while the trees kept swaying.

The light illuminated the area as though it was daytime.

What surprised Lu Ze was that Lin Ling didn’t use a long sword at this moment but a spear.

Spears were swift and powerful. Her opponent’s aura was clearly stronger than her, but her opponent was forced into a fl.u.s.ter in just a few moves.

In the end, her opponent couldn’t even make an effective attack, and his defense was pierced through the shot, the tip of the spear was on his chest.

The battle stopped and Lu Ze’s head was filled with question marks.

He felt that he was probably looking at a fake Lin Ling?

She can’t possibly be so strong!!

And I thought she used a sword? How did it become a spear??

Her attacks also went from being quick-witted to a showy display of her ability.

This scenery changed a bit too quickly, right?

He was still a little stunned.

He wasn’t the only one who was stunned, even Xuan Yuqi, Tianyuan Qianhua, and Jessica, who she was always with, were astonished. It was clear from their expressions that they thought that this person was definitely not Lin


Lin Ling and her opponent seemed to be just sparring and learning from one another; they stopped when her opponent lost.

After they sensed Lu Ze and the others, they flew over to their side.

At this moment, Margaret was slightly surprised as she spoke. “Isn’t that junior the one whom we encountered on the 25th planet? How did she become so strong?”

She wasn’t very familiar with Lin Ling but had met her a few times. Wasn’t she only at abstruse martial state previously?

In just over ten days, how did she jump to aperture opening state??

Were the freshmen this year all weirdos?

Nevermind Lu Ze, there is actually a second one??

This caused some panic in this top fourth-year student. She felt that if this continued, she might be replaced by the younger people.

Margaret’s words finally snapped everyone back to their senses.

Then, Ye Mu exclaimed, “d.a.m.n! Was that really Lin Ling??”

, he even patted Lu Ze’s shoulders and pointed at the figure flying over. He exclaimed again like he wanted to confirm once more. “It’s really Lin Ling??”

Everyone looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Lu Ze looked speechlessly at these people who couldn’t accept reality and said, “It is Lin Ling. Didn’t you guys see it for yourselves?”

When everyone heard that, their faces froze, and they clutched onto their chest in silence.

They suddenly felt an ache around their chest and couldn’t really breathe.

Just one Lu Ze had already given them a huge blow, and now, Lin Ling seemed to have gone through something and became so strong. This made them very uncomfortable.

At this moment, Lin Ling and that male student had landed from the skies in front of everyone.

As Lin Ling smiled happily, her bright eyes curved into a crescent while the male student behind seemed a little upset.

It was obvious that he didn’t expect to be defeated so quickly.

Lin ling smiled as she spoke to Nangong Jing. “Big sister Jing, I’m back.”

Nangong Jing nodded with a smile. “En.”

She wasn’t surprised at Lin Ling’s strength.

However, her emotions became complicated.

Seemed like that person wasn’t going to come back.

After saying h.e.l.lo, Lin Ling ignored many of the shocked students and turned to Lu Ze.

This time, she must take good revenge.

Let that guy know what it’s like to be crushed!

The thought of being crushed by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d each time she made a little progress made her so mad that her chest hurt.

Lin Ling was in a more pleasant mood when she saw that Lu Ze was still in shock.

She swept her spear, making an arc in the air, then raised her eyebrows and stared at Lu Ze. “Ze, I will not lose this time!”

When everyone heard that, they looked strangely at Lu Ze.

There were quite a number of people who had an impression of this short-haired girl, but she seemed like a freshman too?

Didn’t this girl stand in front of the severely injured Lu Ze on the battlefield previously?

Why were they fighting all of a sudden?

Their relations.h.i.+p broke down?

And this short-haired girl’s sudden rise in strength caused so many people to be in shock. This had simply refreshed their worldview.

They were all secretly guessing how this girl had improved.

Lu Ze’s lips twitched when he saw Lin Ling’s short hair dancing in the wind and her confident outlook.

He was even a little embarra.s.sed to make this person mad.

But she just had to be headstrong and came over asking for it so what else could he do?

He was also very helpless.

Lu Ze was somewhat hesitant and planned to give this person a last chance. “That uh, do you really want to fight? Why don’t we do it another time?”

When Lin Ling saw how hesitant Lu Ze was, she was even more elated.

This storm is settling!

I wouldn’t lose for sure!

She raised her brows and said, “We, martial artists, seize every minute. There’s no next time, so let’s fight!”

Everyone at the scene had a complex expression and there were some who were gloating over his misfortune.

Lu Ze was too popular, after all, and just the rewards he got from this battle alone had made them jealous. Having the opportunity to see Lu Ze get beaten up, they were naturally very happy.

Everyone was knowledgeable, and according to Lu Ze’s performance, he wouldn’t be a match to this short-haired girl.

Although they didn’t know why these two people would fight, it would be exciting!

Just at this moment, the male student behind suddenly said, “Wait, wait! First come, first serve, right? I’ve been standing here from the start waiting to challenge junior Lu Ze.”

The moment he said that, all the students from the elite cla.s.s turned to look.

Even Nangong Jing who was planning to watch a good show and the expressionless and silent Luo Bingqing had a tinge of excitement in his eyes and looked over.

Lu Ze went blank. He was planning to agree and tell Lin Ling not to get c.o.c.ky and let her know what being humble was.

He turned his head and sized up the male student who was smiling at him. He had black hair, his eyes were brownish-red and he looked very handsome, but he appeared very calm when he smiled.

He was somewhat suspicious. He didn’t know who this person was, so why did he want to challenge him?

At this moment, w.a.n.g Wenze laughed. “Oh, I was wondering who it was, so it’s Bo Yibo. You’re a third-year, why are you joining in the fun? You have completely embarra.s.sed Emperor Capital Academy, haven’t you? Junior Lu Ze is a freshman.”

When Bo Yibo heard that, he wasn’t mad at all and merely smiled. “Whoever said that a senior can’t challenge a newbie? The key is whether he wants to fight or not, and this decision lies with junior Lu Ze, so why are you b.u.t.ting in?”

All the freshmen were stunned.


What challenge?

So this male student is actually a third-year student from Emperor Capital Academy?

Seeing how Bo Yibo didn’t mind at all, the freshmen were shocked-his skin was too thick, huh?

A third-year challenging a freshman?

Then, Lin Ling glared at Bo Yibo. “The one who has suffered defeat in my hands, do you want to fight me again?”

At this moment, the smile on Bo Yibo’s face disappeared, and his expression turned nasty.

He had a big plan, and if it succeeds, he would reap great rewards; otherwise, he wouldn’t have resorted to challenging a freshman who was weaker than him.

However, he found out what time the Federal University team would be arriving and while waiting for Lu Ze, he b.u.mped into this short-haired girl.

He had watched Lu Ze’s 25th planet battlefield recording and could naturally recognize this short-haired girl instantly. He also knew that she had a good relations.h.i.+p with Lu Ze.

Although he didn’t know why she would arrive earlier, it was a good thing for him!

Hence, he walked over and struck up a conversation with this short-haired girl.

At first, this short-haired girl was cold and indifferent towards him, but she began to talk to him at the mention of Lu Ze.

Thus, he suggested asking her to help him convince Lu Ze to accept his challenge. Of course, he would return her favor with many academic credits.

In the end, he didn’t expect that this person would explode! She insisted on challenging him and said that Lu Ze can only be defeated in her hands.

At first, Bo Yibo didn’t want to agree to her request at all, but she said that if he won, she would help him.

When he heard that, he felt that it was appropriate!

Young people are reckless indeed.

Hence, he agreed without hesitation.

In the end, he regretted it immediately.

He thought that this short-haired girl merely looked pretty and wasn’t strong at all.

He didn’t think that she was much stronger than he expected.


As one of the top third-year students of Emperor Capital Academy’s elite cla.s.s, his cultivation was already at 23 apertures of the Aperture Opening State already, coupled with his G.o.d art, his power had broken through 60 apertures!

He never thought that he would lose to a freshman!

And he was defeated so horribly!

After he was defeated, his heart was all MMP.

There were quite a number of people saying that Lu Ze was the strongest freshman in this intake, and he didn’t understand what they meant!!

Who would have known that this short-haired girl by his side was the real boss huh!?

Which was why there was the scene that Lu Ze and the others witnessed just now.

And right now, being provoked by Lin Ling once again, he looked upset.

Just at this moment, his eyes lit up, and he suddenly had a whole new plan.

However, the new plan had a few loopholes, and it would damage his image so it could only be an alternative—he shall call it Plan 2!

If Lu Ze rejects his challenge, he will just proceed with Plan 2!

Hehe, he’s a genius indeed!

Bo Yibo turned to Lin Ling and smiled. “Junior, you’re very talented, but this is between me and junior Lu Ze-it doesn’t have anything to do with you, does it? Don’t worry, I will control my strength, and it will not affect your fight with him later!”

With that said, he didn’t wait for Lin Ling’s reply and looked at Lu Ze with a smile. “Junior Lu Ze, listen to my conditions before you decide whether you want to accept it or notas long as you agree to my challenge, I will transfer 5,000 academic credits to you.”

Bo Yibo was afraid something would go wrong, so he immediately stated his condition.


The second Bo Yibo said that, everyone’s eyes widened, and they gasped in disbelief.‘What’s happening here?’

Could it be that this chap whom they thought was shameless was actually a really nice person??

Isn’t this basically giving Lu Ze free money??

This was a little too good huh??

After that, everyone was green with envy as they looked at Lu Ze.

Indeed, being talented was awesome!

Just walk along the streets and people would even run over to offer you free money. There were many students whose face became unrecognizable, they were filled in jealousy.

This is 5,000 academic credits!